Being a Motivational Speaker in the MCU Sucks
Being a Motivational Speaker in the MCU Sucks

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Subscribe: Twitter/Instagram: @TheRyanGeorge The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a pretty terrible place to be a motivational speaker. The Avengers pretty much have a monopoly on all cool sounding positive words, and a lot of negative ones too. How can you be motivational without evoking the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and the thousands of other superheroes flying around all over the place?! MORE VIDEOS: Don't You Dare Close Your Eyes (Aladdin Parody) Don't Talk To Me Till I've Had My Coffee If Movies Ended Like YouTube Videos


Zvonimir Tomac : Considering Thor is real I'm surprised there wasn't a global crisis of faith in that universe.

David Harris : Motivational speaking is tight 😊

Anish Poddar : "This universe is bullsh-" -Ryan George

Silver Comics : “Hell yeah!” You can’t say “hell yeah”, there are actual demons from hell now. “This seminar will transform yo-“ You can’t say transform, it’s insensitive to the Inhuman population. “What can’t I say?” Fire, shake, blind, thunder, shield, aim, tree, rocket, enhance, suit, iron, machine, invincible, strange, star, space...

מיכאל ברעם : 0:44 super easy barely an- oh f**, cant say super. And i just said super again. Woops. Woopsy!

I am a Porg : People getting sued over slogans is TIGHT!!!

Nova2512 : *So glad you have your own channel*

Doamna Rusa : You are the hero youtube needs, wait wrong franchise

Red Stick : Motivational speaking is not super easy, barely an inconvenience

Eoghan Foley : Have a good day random person in the comments.

Leon Shaju : Ur soo underrated my dude.

HypoDrive : Well This Is a *MARVEL*-ous Video Okay I’ll Leave Now

Toxic Touch Productions : This is the actual funniest video I've watched in days.

Mister Hatman : So is getting dusted going to be an issue? Nope super easy barley an inconvenience.

Nolan Stewart : Why am I so happy that Ryan liked my comment???? Seriously, I'm a little worried that my happiness depends on the acceptance of strangers.

Jay Garcia : Coming up with a motivational speech is not easy and very much an inconvience when super heroes are around

iRATON : Marvel is tight

Amazing Disgrace : Super-humans, Aliens, Gods, Wizards, Synthetic Beings, Secret Organisations, Secret Societies and the Multiverse... Yeah, the MCU really has gotten out of hand. Still love it though.

J M : Turning into dust is TIGHT

Ozzy Freeman : Being a Motivational Speaker in the MCU is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Neal Long : Dude you’re videos get better and better! Please due a Lord of the Rings trilogy Pitch Meeting!!!!!!

GroovierSpace : By far my favorite internet personality, keep up the great work!

Uncomfortable Cat : No Dislikes. That's how you know you are doing it right. Another good video brother.

pakwarrior 111 : Me: This day is so boring. (Sees the notification for Ryan's new video) Me: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

The Goat : Giving this motivational speech didn't seem super easy - more like an inconvenience.

AwesomePineapple : Man, being a motivational speaker in the mcu is really not super easy, in fact it's very much an inconvenience.

Eshaan Basu : I wonder what happened to religious institutions when thor came down in the mcu.

Thanos : I hope they remember you

Coded Blue : I wish you uploaded more often. In my eyes, you are the BEST Youtuber and you don’t even try that hard. Great vid.

Daniel Attrell : I imagine it's hard to be a motivational speaker in the MCU Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience

BeSo Official Music : 100k subs here we coming!! Love your skits!

Cameron Bearson : I want superpowers!

Nolan Stewart : "uploaded 1 minute ago". OK, here we go.

Lalo s : Only channel I’ve got notifications turned on for.

Christopher Longoria : Legal stuff is tight

Universall : Ryan George! Like My Comment Please?! You're one of my Favorite Youtubers!

Prashanth Dk : Q :Will it be easy to give motivation talks with superheroes around? SuperEasyBarelyAnInconvenience

Vandal Savage : Motivational Speaking in the MCU seems Super Hard, Very Much An Inconvenience.

Hex Hub Music : This channel is going to be Big. I can just see it..

Jai Garcia : Motivating people to tears 😂 is #tight Thank you Jonathan 😂🙈

Toppy Games : I was actually crying laughter. One of my favourite videos

Matt T. Julien : *starts disintegrating* "THIS UNIVERSE IS BULL-"

Shadowfox HD : The MCU is Tight!

J Elliott : oh man Ryan George is TIGHT!

lray801 : Will you be my friend?

Lauren Brown : Oh my gosh! This was hilarious! 😂

Lone Wolf : This video brought to you by Warner Bros. and the DCEU

Doctor infinite : Being A Motivational Speaker Is Super Hard, Supremely Inconveniate.

bryan regalado : Can't say super 😂😂😂 Loved this video Ryan The ending SURE DID PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE 😎