Being a Motivational Speaker in the MCU Sucks

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Ryan George : I'm SUPER into posting stuff on Twitter/Insta too. You'll MARVEL at all the stuff that I STANLEECAMEO on there.

David Harris : Motivational speaking is tight 😊

Zvonimir Tomac : Considering Thor is real I'm surprised there wasn't a global crisis of faith in that universe.

מיכאל ברעם : 0:44 super easy barely an- oh f**, cant say super. And i just said super again. Woops. Woopsy!

Eoghan Foley : Have a good day random person in the comments.

Nova2512 : *So glad you have your own channel*

Toxic Touch Productions : This is the actual funniest video I've watched in days.

Amazing Disgrace : Super-humans, Aliens, Gods, Wizards, Synthetic Beings, Secret Organisations, Secret Societies and the Multiverse... Yeah, the MCU really has gotten out of hand. Still love it though.

Red Stick : Motivational speaking is not super easy, barely an inconvenience

Uncomfortable Cat : No Dislikes. That's how you know you are doing it right. Another good video brother.

HypoDrive : Well This Is a *MARVEL*-ous Video Okay I’ll Leave Now

Silver Comics : “Hell yeah!” You can’t say “hell yeah”, there are actual demons from hell now. “This seminar will transform yo-“ You can’t say transform, it’s insensitive to the Inhuman population. “What can’t I say?” Fire, shake, blind, thunder, shield, aim, tree, rocket, enhance, suit, iron, machine, invincible, strange, star, space...

ya boi skinny penis : Thats strange Oh wait...

Anish Poddar : "This universe is bullsh-" -Ryan George

I am a Porg : People getting sued over slogans is TIGHT!!!

Reginald Marson : *this universe is bullshi*

Leon Shaju : Ur soo underrated my dude.

Nolan Stewart : Why am I so happy that Ryan liked my comment???? Seriously, I'm a little worried that my happiness depends on the acceptance of strangers.

Doamna Rusa : You are the hero youtube needs, wait wrong franchise

Jay Garcia : Coming up with a motivational speech is not easy and very much an inconvience when super heroes are around

Hex Hub Music : This channel is going to be Big. I can just see it..

The Goat : Giving this motivational speech didn't seem super easy - more like an inconvenience.

Mister Hatman : So is getting dusted going to be an issue? Nope super easy barley an inconvenience.

Ozzy Freeman : Being a Motivational Speaker in the MCU is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

iRATON : Marvel is tight

Eshaan Basu : I wonder what happened to religious institutions when thor came down in the mcu.

EnderSlayer : By far my favorite internet personality, keep up the great work!

J M : Turning into dust is TIGHT

pakwarrior 111 : Me: This day is so boring. (Sees the notification for Ryan's new video) Me: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

AwesomePineapple : Man, being a motivational speaker in the mcu is really not super easy, in fact it's very much an inconvenience.

Cameron Bearson : I want superpowers!

Daniel Attrell : I imagine it's hard to be a motivational speaker in the MCU Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience

Neal Long : Dude you’re videos get better and better! Please due a Lord of the Rings trilogy Pitch Meeting!!!!!!

Coded Blue : I wish you uploaded more often. In my eyes, you are the BEST Youtuber and you don’t even try that hard. Great vid.

Thanos : I hope they remember you

Vandal Savage : Motivational Speaking in the MCU seems Super Hard, Very Much An Inconvenience.

Universall : Ryan George! Like My Comment Please?! You're one of my Favorite Youtubers!

Prashanth Dk : Q :Will it be easy to give motivation talks with superheroes around? SuperEasyBarelyAnInconvenience

Lauren Brown : Oh my gosh! This was hilarious! 😂

BeSo Official Music : 100k subs here we coming!! Love your skits!

Nolan Stewart : "uploaded 1 minute ago". OK, here we go.

Lalo s : Only channel I’ve got notifications turned on for.

Christopher Longoria : Legal stuff is tight

Lone Wolf : This video brought to you by Warner Bros. and the DCEU

Shadowfox HD : The MCU is Tight!

Taycool : I bet it does

Jai Garcia : Motivating people to tears 😂 is #tight Thank you Jonathan 😂🙈

J Elliott : oh man Ryan George is TIGHT!

lray801 : Will you be my friend?

Toppy Games [Developer] : I was actually crying laughter. One of my favourite videos