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Yosuto : and it gets really exciting when the meat has lots of attached value to it and everybody starts to cry


The Admiral : I see ProZD is participating in no shave november with that sexy mustache

Daniel Sambar : - Hello. - Hi. - Ok. - Cool. - Bye. - bye.

kremit the frog : What if you're a _Cory in the House_ fan?

Jack diaz : I mean the eating is really the backbone of the show

killerkimm : "I'll go to the grocery store with you." "Cool, okay." *It's a date*

RavenCyarm : *cut back to panel of hosts* "EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!"

Handz 0n Trigger : You won't believe this, guys. Hear me out hear me out: They sometimes _breathe_


Dave P : but where’s the japanese panelists breaking down all the sexual tension in this scene

R JP : i actually went to japan year and a half ago and got my haircut with Tatsuya (Uchi) lol. I stayed in Shibuya and his salon was just down the street from where I stayed. We talked about the meat incident and tbh, I'd be freakin pissed too! It's more the principle of other people taking your shit without asking especially if it was a gift! I'd be mad if someone took my box of chocolates never mind an A grade wagyu steak! Anyway, he was a chill dude, hair cut was sweet.

KiddKoalaz : tbh that meat incident was freakin hilarious but I do understand why he got upset. Edit: if it was Wagyu beef I'd be pissed af too. Super expensive meat! add me on the Nintendo Switch! I feel lonely.. 2685-2100-0828 Let's Smash~

BOYancy Effect : I’m calling it. They’re going to be a couple by the end of this season

The Derp Chaos : And on rare occasions they pee.

Rebel Piggy : How about the secret idol/chef relationship reveal? That was intense for me.

Nomoreplayerz : You forgot the best part where every ten minutes they cut to a group of people reacting to it and judging them

RainaSamantha : Lmao its so true. They all do the same things, talk, ask each other out, decide what to eat. The thing that makes the show so great is the commentary throughout, they're hilarious.

Teach Better : Missing the intrusive commentary by the Japanese hosts who speculate about every little thing they all do. That's what takes the show to the top


Chara Dreemurr - Christopher Moon : Never heard of terrace house so I'll just assume it's an anime you know, like cory in the house

retromakoto : sometimes. they go on really bad dates

Christopher Jin : Judging by the fact that it is the 857th week, and the 8th meat incident, that means that every week has a nearly one percent chance of having a meat incident, and I don't think I'm ready to live in that kind of world

JesusChristVEVO : So early it was private

drposhpanda : I will never forget the meat incident

KiddKoalaz : Edit for all you haters: I think one of the main reasons why this show is entertaining (and very much successful) is because it shows how people behave in a specific setting/environment. It let's you know what's the norm, what isn't, etc. , and you can relate it back to yourself. Pretty much self-reflecting, which is why you have the hosts / commentators of the show there (that act as us, the audience) watching too and getting their questions answered through discussions (Also super entertaining because of the jokes they crack) which in turn gets our questions answered. Another thing I'd like to note is that we get an actual glimpse of what it's like in a true Japanese setting, I'll be it, in a filtered realistic way that's on Television. I hated on reality TV shows too, don't you worry! But I got off my high horse and actually gave this show a chance! You guys acting like you have lives, which I'm sure some of you do, but we're all humans in the end. Some people love watching others. We are a species of interaction. Excuse me for liking a show for that. Yes, I know I'm not too eloquent and articulate with words, but I'm sure my point is understood. Rant finished. lol Everyone, please do give Terrace House a chance and watch one episode on Netflix! I personally dislike reality tv shows but this Japanese show is definitely refreshing without all the challenges, games, etc. that other shows present! It's pretty much real life let's play to put it bluntly.

KiddKoalaz : ProZD is a love worth dying for~

HiMyNameIsMaurice : i didn't need to be personally attacked like this

Traversing Time : So for those of you that don’t know what terrace house is: Six strangers are invited to a house to live together, three guys and three girls. There is no script so they are free to live out their lives in the house however they wish. The way that they make the show interesting is by clipping together different interesting points and dramatic cinematic views. The strangers are free to leave at any time.

HK-47 : No idea what Terrace House is but hey, it's a ProZD video


Josiah H. : Okay, but the main reason to watch it is because of the panelists. They are hilarious

just a guy who likes anime : 0:29 describes my life

Cady Suppe : I feel so called out right now, but damn if that isn't accurate

GoliathOblivion : At first i had no idea what "Terrace House" is and I thought this video was about people that really likes terrace houses

Billy Bob : Terrace House is all I watched during summer, I feel attacked

THEANIMEGUY 31 : *Kowalski analysis*


William Jones : Trying to think of an original comment is hard

Smiley the Smile : Undertale fans be like: *breathes* Lmao, right?

Simon Reys : Ummm.... Whats the song?

olifromspace : i just finished an episode of terrace house and the first thing i see is that video......i feel attacked....

JEquisFilms : Nooo! Don't come after my Terrace House!

Artsy Scrub : When you're explaining sims to someone whos never seen sims.

Inigo : that Rhythm Heaven shirt gives me life

Bill Nye The Cipher Guy videos : RHYTHM HEAVEN MERCH :OOOOO

Slayer11 #slay : I mean if you think about it , the eating part is bloody intense .. Last episode one of them lifted a whole cow in the air and swallowed it whole !

Hunter : “Well, I’m out.” “Alright, see you later!” Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhh.

Grace Stone : I’m ashamed bc this is me lol.. I cried when tsubasa and shion left the show

Avery Lopez-Baines : Super Mario Bros is the best anime