Hurricane Matthew at the Frying Pan Tower NC Coast 10-8-2016

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WB Boaz : lOVE THE CONCEPT, Let's put the flag on a monthly repair list. No need to fly old Glory in a tattered condition.

SML 2K18 : Kevin lives on

Crasher360 : SAVE THE FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!

J Tay : Nature at its wildest moments!

Crasher360 : this is so cool

Katie Batton : This is just crazy I would be so scared you know that thing is moving like crazy.

Gerald Chesnut :

Janell Minton : Wish you had a camera in Gulf Of Mexico like this, I live in Louisiana and would love to see, what is heading our way in hurricane season.🇺🇸

keep calm and call me the king games : Rip from blabla to 2016

SzefMlynu : Bad ass!