New Zealand Today - Guy Goes to Japan to apologize to Sonny Bill Williams
Heres Guy Williams for the one last time

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From the final episode of Jono and Ben


Te Arks Hunta : WHen She Points th the SONY SIgn lol SONY BILL WILLIAMS!!!!

bart : Guy needs to make NZT into a standalone series!

phenning67 : Guy williams is a goddamn international treasure

TenaciousDealer : Guy please find a way to continue doing New Zealand Today. This is the funniest thing on the internet.

Hamish2405 : RIP New Zealand Today

Justin Waltzer : I just discovered this series last week and found it insanely hilarious, so of course it’s over now ):

Elisa H : Omg when they were at Sony πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ligands : So when does the Guy Williams Show start? :D

Te Arks Hunta : Thanks for the Laughs Guy, You're the Man Chur to the Chur Bro.

TheSilent006 : Im literally only subscribed for Guy :p

Drew Llewellyn : "As you know, Jono and Ben is cancelled" IT'S WHAT?!?!?!? I only just discovered new Zealand Today. Guy, do a Patreon or something and keep it going, please! Do whatever it takes, rob a bank, ransom a baby, whatever (other than compromising your journalistic integrity of course).

Grandmaster : I was hoping you would propose

UnkindlyRiver24 : That was a good way to end New Zealand Today


Ziad : Did he unblock u on Twitter?

sockebobish : 100% they end up having an internet series....dudes are blowing up

Dokta Jay : #RIP Jono & Ben

Isabelle McKenzie : Jono and ben just need a netflix show and they'll be sweet

TranscendentMoose : Kieran Reed's face lmao

amber kingsbeer : I’m gonna miss guy

Bryce Walburn : NZT is amazing.

Biggie Smalls : How can Sonny Bill do that to his own flesh and blood?

Leo McKay : Perfect send-off

sammieplays : I cried :'(

RhiannonJane Κ•β€’α΄₯β€’Κ” : This was a satisfying end to the series

Marshall Bruce Mathers lll : Nobody there knows sonny guy πŸ˜‚

John Degenstein : B R O M A N C E W A V E

Sarina Mahani : is jono and ben actulley over😍😍

Fergus Nix : Much better than the notebook

Jazzaconda : Time for a Disclaimer!

Damien Christensen : いまどこですか?私もニγƒ₯ージランド人です!

Proto Onii : I hope this isn't the end of you Guy.

Tobias Handcock : Ryan Crotty is such a legend.

Lou Cootes : 2019 anyone? I am so sad jono and ben are finishing πŸ˜₯😭

Ratel.H Badger : Man, retro 90's BlackCaps shirt... did you steal it from Dan Vettori?


Alice Andrews : we love a queen soundtrack

king chicken : i cryed

Jasminb101 : I think hes in love <3

Jordan W : That was painfully awkward

Gavin M : Guy! Please come to the US and do some stories! Your humor and delivery is top notch. We need more of it here!

Apple Pie : He's a good sport man

Jesse Davidson : I’m gonna miss this

Jayda Tiananga : *Bloody legend*

unknown cobra : guy Williams is my idol

Kimemes : Why didn't you go to the hospital

greylynnjr : He made it funny this episode

i cant decide : How tall are!!!?

Leon Verrall : Sonny bill will run away if he thinks things are going bad so his name is not on a loss.