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seinfeld is the best anime : Lyrics *Pinned this comment so you can actually see it without sorting by new JERRY: I'm Jerry Seinfeld, I'm sooo good-looking Do you smell something? I'm the one cooking ...up some mad rhymes, that's right, and I tell you what You got a problem with that? Kiss my butt "Uromysitisis" means I really have to pee I had a dream a hamburger was eating me I want that rye, lady! Enough, you're making me mad I take what I want, shut up you old bag And I'll call in a bomb threat just to get a fitted hat I swear I'm not gay...not that there's anything wrong with that And I like my coffee black and my omelettes egg white And you know what? I am not an anti-dentite I hate anyone that ever had a pony I'll break your thumbs if you call me a phony So if you mess with me, you'll never be the same Lord of the Manor, Master of my Domain GEORGE: My name is George, I'm unemployed, I live with my parents I drive Jon Voight's '89 LeBaron I am unstoppable, what are you gonna do? The jerk store called, they're running outta you Pastrami on Rye is the key to great sex Vandelay Industries manufactures latex (Woo hah) Kung Pow, George likes spicy chicken We have no deal! I'll stomp you just like those pigeons You think I'm kidding? Where did Susan Ross go? I killed her because we were all out of Bosco Only Bosco, I don't drink Ovaltine I'll switch the tapes on your answering machine I only date women with a hue that's pinkish It's normally bigger, there was significant shrinkage Get out of my way, you're going down George is gettin' upset, SERENITY NOW! KRAMER: I'm Cosmo Kramer, I like golfing on beaches Kenny Rogers chicken and Mackinaw peaches I'll test drive your car all the way to New Jersey Is it these pretzels or my girl making you thirsty Heads up! I'm going to get lyrical If you beat me, it'd be a Festivus Miracle When it starts to go down I get ruthless I don't back off until it's- ELAINE: ...You doofus! Get out, this is supposed to be my verse I could drop you like a bag o' dirt You're ugly, slow-witted, you smell like B.O. I could kill you and no one would know You're not spongeworthy, you've got nothin' I'll pop your head off like the top of the muffin You know it, Vegetable Lasagna here knows it This song's so good...'cause I wrote it

Clint Yeastwood : Your channel is the best thing I have ever seen.

Princess Tylie : Can you please post the lyrics in the description?

Ben 10 : (yadda yadda yadda - yadda yadda - yadda yadda yadda - yadda yadda) Man, do you know "The Cut Ups", by W. S. Burroughs? I don't want to tell you what to do, but this gem made me think about a Seinfeld Cut-Up, it would be disastrous! (in a good way). I'm really happy for the vid, I was wondering when the next was coming. Thanks for the good shit

Kahzu : sein la feld

BDRCADE : great job man.

Josh Plays Drums : This is beautiful.

Accesserised : 0:31 Jerry 1:34 George 2:57 Kramer 3:17 Elaine 😎👌🔥💯

Leon Springs Boys TV : I came ... BTW selling a Chrysler LeBaron. Owned by Jon Voit

Geoff G. : This is the single best YouTube video EVER made. Great work. OMFG!! 👍👍😎😎👏👏

Geoff G. : Why can't I stop watching this?

cattycats4 : 10/10 bravo sir