TotalBiscuit talks about living with stage-4 cancer

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H3 Podcast : TB wanted people to see this clip to encourage anyone out there with any concerning symptoms to see a doctor. We're extremely grateful for TotalBiscuit coming and sharing his time with us and being an inspiration. Appreciate your time on this planet my friends! Love you all.

dieserpan : Rest In Peace, TotalBiscuit. ❤

Simte : Rest in peace TB. You'll be missed.

Cathérine : ''We're killing the patient but hope that the cancer dies faster''. That hit me hard. Unfortunately it took John first :( R.I.P.

Contraband42 : Rest well, you magnificent British bastard. 😟

Random Whiterun Guard : I'll be a man and say it. Hearing of his passing has made me cry. I clicked on this video, not knowing about it, and reading the comments is how i found out. TotalBiscuit, I hope you are able to rest and enjoy where ever you may be. And to the family of TotalBiscuit, i am truly sorry for your loss, he was a good man

AntVenom : Rest easy John.

Skelld : John, the first video you made about the whole cancer ordeal made me go to the doctor and they discovered cancer at an early stage. Luckily I went through surgery and chemo and i am symptom free today. It was not the kind of cancer that you had but because of that video it was discovered early. RIP, you will be missed.

Shredmaster : "My name's been Totalbiscuit. And I'll see you next time." I can't think of anyone who was a more important voice in gaming and had so much influence. I cant think of anyone who provided such meaningful, original, insightful, and enriching content to gamers (PC especially). From his large booming voice in shoutcasting, to his witty commentary and brutal takedowns of AAA games, TB was the best. Gamers trusted him. Publishers feared him. He gave us so much content that we can enjoy re-watching. From his WTF's, co-optional podcasts, startcraft content, and his cultural commentaries, I will probably be re-watching a lot of it when I miss him the most. And it will make me miss him more. Where will we be with gaming at the end of 2018? 2019? 2025? All that time, I will be wondering - what would TB have to say about all this? Will we still be fighting for our rights of 60FPS and FOV sliders? Or will it be some other silly trend? Some other scandal with EA? Some other gamer controversy? I will wonder. And we'll never know what TB would say because he's no longer around to tell us. But I'm confident.... Others will rise up in his memory. I'm encouraged by seeing all these small channels with just a few thousand subscribers give their farewell videos, telling us how much TB was an influence for them to get started in YT content creation. Not another TB, but some other personality, character, will rise up, and give us content we can't wait to come home and watch. Rest in Peace bro.

Bassmint : I'm willing to bet TB has saved multiple lives with his message of getting symptoms checked out, when he first got diagnosed he mentioned he waited too long. So when i got some blood in my stools he convinced me not to be embarrassed and get it checked as soon as possible, turns out i have ulcerative colitis but even that could have got a lot worse if i didn't heed the message of this once great man, RIP.

Adam Whitehead : I watched my mum go through cancer, it destroyed me metally, seeing her go from fine, to being unable to look after herself within 3 years was heartnreaking & then when she died? I didn't know what to do with myself, I just lost myself, BUT what I remember is she faught, the Doctors gave her 3 months, she faught for 3 years until it finally took her, it got too much and she past, thankfully it was peacefully, I hope she wasn't in pain, I'm not ashamed to say this video made me cry it reminded me of my mum, she passed on the 25th December 2016, I will always remember that beautiful women & I will miss her every day. Rest in peace my man, you made an impact on this community.

Kyle Long : Rest in Peace TB, you've inspired millions and we will carry on your beacon of light into the future and your influence on the industry will never be forgotten.

Martin Bodger : I remember having a cancer scare a couple years ago, Just casually popping to the loo, dropping a bomb, getting up looking down and the water was BLACK. A cold feeling set in all over my skin, my heart felt heavy, I checked myself with some toilet paper and there was blood all over it. I freaked out and immediately went to the doctor the next day... They told me I essentially just tore the skin on my anus and I was So Fucking Relieved. Always See Your Doctor, you never know.

KBBF3 : I also have cancer. I've also been in remission for a while, and also seem to have a good prognosis. But it's been determined that I have a genetic predisposition for cancer so... it might come back. And I can say everything TB said about how shitty it was, how dim the light gets at the end of the tunnel, how the only thing you can grasp for is 1 good day, and how cliche the mental battle sounds... It's all true. I watched my friend, a 24 yr old navy cadet die from the same thing I have. I don't wish everyone had cancer, but I wish everyone could feel what TB, my friend, and I felt about fragile and precious our lives are.

Brighton Till I Fly : R.I.P Totalbiscuit you make me thankful I've got Crohn's disease, something I thought I'd never say but at least I'm not dying quickly I'll appreciate my time just that bit more.

RussianCommissar : Why is the world so unfair.

Myotic Tesseract : Rest in peace. The man fought the good fight.

Daniel C. Bush : This is extremely upsetting. I didn't know about TotalBiscuit until I heard he died but seeing him here, explain this... what a man. What a brave, optimistic man. Rest in Peace

Chuck Reynolds : Had to come back and watch this. RIP sir.

Jayman69 : RIP TotalBiscuit. I wish I'd watched more of you while you were alive, but I'll commemerate you by binge watching you now.

NegativeProof : The poise, the dignity, the fortitude and drive, it's all so impressive. He even had the presence of mind in the last months of his life to use his platform to elevate awareness and continue helping others. I can't help but think I'd become a selfish recluse if I ever learned I was terminal, but TB gave me hope that maybe I won't be, that maybe I'll face my end with courage and grace. He most definitely did. I can't feel sorry for this man, because I respect him too damn much.

Арман Айкенов : Rest in Peace TB

Chris Ballew : I had leukemia and survived. It was hell, but TB is right. You have to keep pushing forward, and you really do need help. It's okay to ask for help, and it's best to have someone push you to keep going, no matter how tired you are.

J Ryan : "You don't look like a person who has cancer" Unfortunately I have to disagree with that. I only just found out he even had cancer along with finding out about his passing. Compared to how I'm used to seeing him he looks extremely ill. He'd lost a LOT of weight and his voice is extremely week. Kind of like Steve Jobs towards the end. His positive attitude is inspiring however, considering he knew at this point that he was living on borrowed time. It shows an amazing strength that I don't think i'd be able to have.

Colin Kerwin : When bad things happen to good people, I am reminded that there is no such thing as the concept of 'fair' in this world. Be at rest John.

Thekasher : John Bain has given me more reason to pursue the research and treatment of the devil..i.e. cancer

Pixel Dragon : Hi I am writing this comment a day after TotalBuiscet died of cancer. And I think this is very sad for everyone the YouTube community his family and his friends all miss him and mainly his family deserve so much respect right now and I only hope his name may live on as a great man who did so many great thing's.

ares106 : He seems so healthy and ready to fight, but his end is only a few months away :(

Carlos 11220 : You would think by now we would've made something to stop cancer completely

Leroy Jenkins : R.I.P. CB. You were my childhood , legends never die.

EXE-Edits : Rest easy TB.

Memnon : Miss you loads and loads bro. Rest In Peace, there are literally millions of people who miss you so goddamn much. I've lost a few people close to me from cancer too and it is never something you can ever get used to nor be desensitized to. Some day we'll find a cure, for now we'll fondly remember those who were so tragically lost and remember the good times. I never knew you personally bro but you still made me laugh and smile even when I was feeling very low and I still watch your critiques to this day. You may be gone from this world but your legacy lives on strongly and vibrantly within those of us whom you have affected. Again, RIP John Peter Bain.

Missie : RIP John. You fought a long hard battle and tried your best. I admire your courage and optimism through the years of fighting this horrible disease. Condolences to family and friends.

ProMrLecoq01 : He sounds so clever and nice and just like he knows a lot about the world and things in general. I really like his personality and this is the first ever video I’ve seen from him. RIP TotalBiscuit. You were a good person, I hope you can get some rest and peace now.

Matt Attack : Been watching TB and co optional cast for 5 years now and the news yesterday just really sucks. I credit TB for getting me into PC gaming, I didn't even have a PC suitable for gaming when I started watching WTF is. I watch his videos when I want to buy a game and I need to know if it's well optimized & all that. You left us way too young, you will be missed & I will think of you every time I launch steam. Love ya TB <3 R.I.P.

The Ethical Pixel : rip tb

Passage : How did he fight it and work so bravely? i'm petrified of death.. I don't want this to end.

N8DE : Never really watched his videos, but DAMN he is an excellent speaker! I am glad I watched this video. This with no doubt changed my perspective on the whole progress.

Chris Hendriks : Rest peacefully, you fought with strength and honor. Thank you for all your contributions to the world of gaming and internet in general. You will be sorely missed, but your brutal honesty, courage in the face of death and refusal to let this horrible illness destroy you is a strong inspiration to me. You'll be remembered by all of us, I hope you are painfree and in a better place now. :( way too young

lildickgirl777 : Sleep tight, John...

Brian Turner : TB is a champion for being a positive bastard about all of this! Love it :)

Kira : It's still hard to belive he's gone like damn that poor guy. I always looked up tb's wtf is on a steam game before i bought it if he made one on it. Sorry to see you go so soon man, Rest In Piece.

Juice Moose : Damn. What a broken world we live in. Hopefully you’ll be somewhere better, TB. Rest in peace.

billy fr : This video taught me to always live for the good days rip tb

Gamer Gwynne : His strength ... an inspiration. I am heartbroken at his passing. I was praying, at his last posting, that he’d have a lot more time with his family. My husband and I started played WoW over a decade ago. It wasn’t too long after that I discovered TotalBiscuit. He will forever be woven within the fabric of the heart of so many of us and all the games that were important to him and all of us.

Lexyvil : Rest in peace, brave warrior.

King Kazuya : R.I.P TB It sucks to see you gone. You were great. Thank you

TheBeamingSoul : I really needed to watch this again. We should reflect in life more often. We tend to get drown into routine and pretty much forget ourselves .

T D Lew : RIP John. Loved your Shoutcraft Kings and I suck at Starcraft 2. You are missed. Badly.

Foreign User : I didn't always agree with TB, but I always respected him. He's a real human in a world of drones.