4 Steps To Make People Instantly Like You

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goodgirl140 : I've been waiting for you guys to do Graham Norton for a while now! He is the most witty and likable person I know. Love him!

RapperGeekTV : I'm gonna watch these videos often

Deiku : Can you make a video on how to cheer people up? thanks

Pop Land : I think a LOT of Irish people are naturally friendly, complimentary and seek out humour and therefore are widely liked. The accents of Ireland are also very musical so he changes his pitch a lot

Mitch Parker : Or just buy someone food and or booze to get someone to like you. I'm terrible at making videos, Do you like me? - Self Deprecation

Kazakh Gamer : no the first step Graham does is gets his guests drunk.

Rafa Avila : We're interested in others when they're interested in us

WhirlwindSkies : I'd like to see a video about someone doing the exact opposite of charisma and breaking apart how they could have improved. Whether that be a character from a movie or an actual interview.

Gumersindo Cebollero : this channel is a great tool for robots

Raluca Sandu : When you don't even need a notification cause you're on youtube all the time anyway 😂

Conor Casey : You forgot his Irish charm. ;)

here for the milk tea : Can you do more videos on charismatic women, please? A lot of your videos focus on male speakers/personalities and some of the humour or techniques that they use work better in a 'bro' setting or don't always come across well when delivered by a woman - there's something in that society also likes women to be refined and polite. There's a lot of women who don't necessarily use humour all the time, but manage to command respect and have that sense of magnetism around them - some of the TED speakers come to mind as an easy example.

Benjamin Grimm : Learning to socialize is like learning a foreign language from scratch.

Renata Almeida : I would LOVE to watch a video that gives tips of how to reject somebody without creating tension and keeping a playful mood, especially in social situations. For example, I'm a woman and I always turn down guys in a club saying sorry with a big smile, I dont know if this is the best way possible but is the only one I came up with

CollinsPages : One of the hardest things about self deprecating jokes I experience, is that people sometimes don't get that you're making a joke. One time after an intense group workout, one of the participants told the rest he wasn't as fatigued as he hoped, so he was considering going for a 10K run. To which I responded (with the intention of making a joke): "That's crazy! I can barely walk anymore, let alone go for a 10K run." Some thought I was being dead serious, even though they saw me walking 10 seconds earlier. So in stead of laughing, people thought there was something wrong with my legs. Any advice on how to make sure others take it as a joke?

Alice # : If you wanna improve your relationships this is the only channel in the world that makes you feel like you REALLY learnt something at the end of the video. Thank you soooo much!

Callum Dineeno : Did this guy call Robbie Williams a rockstar? 😂😂😂

Corey : Great job and excellent tips. Watching this helped me realize that for the past 2 weeks I've been overly serious about life. I will now take the time to smile and laugh as cultivating happiness within me equals happiness around me. Thanks for sharing:)

Tobo McLukewarm : Best talk show host by a mile

Ale Ale : Make a video about Bill Burr

Software Man : I read something very interesting during my psychology class. It's a technique to make people like you. If you want someone to like you, borrow something from them and then return it back. This makes them like you. But, i my tested thing is to be rude to people (to set the bar low) and then apologize which makes them think you are really nice lol and they like you 🙃

Sage Hornet : Can you make a video about, how to make friends at university orientations!!!! As a freshman in university

here for the milk tea : Would like to add that in the bit about reading body language, in both cases Graham approaches with his hand held slightly out to be ready for a handshake. He notices Josh Widdicombe coming in with shoulders slightly more forward (more awkward) and with his hand outstretched, therefore he uses the handshake + back pat (caveat - back patting doesn't work so well if you're female). Jeremy Renner enters with his shoulders set back and open body language, which might indicate being open to a hug.

LotusStream OceanMermaid : Who wants a breakdown video on Heath Ledger's Joker?

SoulCasper : I love Graham so much, he always make me laugh. Ben, you ROCK! I'm glad you're doing this videos too. Thank you so much.

E D G E master : Me: *watches a try not to laugh challenge like it says I should* Also me: *gets cancer instead of humor*

:-p :-D : Graham Norton is definitely the best talk show host in the world.

Jonic_P : I've been lobbying for this episode for SOOOO LONG Constantly seeing celebrities that don't usually open up or even do interviews go on Graham Norton's and show and just love it has made me deeply interested in how the man does it!!!!

Animegal6 : i would love to see a video about how to talk about yourself!

Pechna : So basically overreacting to everything makes you likeable? I disagree. Real life is not a TV show with fake audience, people will see through your fake reaction and you will end up awkward. Anyways, if you need to act in a specific way for someone to like you, maybe, just maybe they are not the ideal buddy. Just saying. Just be yourself and if someone doesn't like you, their problem. Then find someone else who is worth talking to, without any pretense.

ConspiracyJuice : I'm glad y'all finally made a video about Graham Norton, we've been asking for this for a while.

Tyler Knight : step 1: Don't listen to this video and just hang around people who resonate with u. If u follow stuff like this you'll just be surrounded by fake people and never actually have a friend or people u can trust. How can u truly fit in with people if u have to try to do it? Point being just be urself and if ur not happy with that, the problem lies within u and u need to search urself. Ur welcome ;)

Christian Ball : The positive scenarios are great, I'd like to see more examples of people failing to use these methods though 🙌

Dance God : I feel like talk shows aren't a great thing to study for interpersonal communication, given there's a whole audience and all parties are focused on looking friendly/likable for the camera/audience.

Brasse 3 kyZ 3 : Make a video about Marlon Brando...... or 10 videos about Marlon Brando!! He knew every type of bodylanguage and knew how to hook everyone, a pure genius! You can make a or more videos about HIM, the person, and you can make videos of his bodylanguage, influense, confidence etc from the characters he was and himself. Marlon Brando is the best actor ever, no doubts, and how he excpressed his characters is amazing. If there is someone you should multiple videos about is it Marlon Brando! Watch his movies and you will understand.

mannelshah : to be fair, that mark ruffalo joke caught us all off gard in it was RELLY hillarious i don't think anyone would not LOL at it, it still make me laugh even tho i watched it alot of times.

L. Willis : jimmy fallon seems to be the master of cultivated laughter...

swaroopa Rajpurohit : One of the things I've noticed about Graham Norton (and I was very surprised that I noticed it in the first place since I'm usually laughing my butt off from the jokes thrown from everywhere) was when he notices that when a guest feels left out, he will cut right in to who's speaking (also depends on whether the person he's cutting is saying something important or not) and ask the left out guest something and make him feel closed in the circle. It's an amazing skill and my respect for him multiplied tenfold after I saw that. Basically he calls so many guests at the same time, is because he can, he knows how to manage those many personalities well.

Esteban Mamba : By the way, Matt Damon said it because of his bromance with Jimmy Kimmel. Not because he actually is having his best time in a talk show. 😂

Truthat : Interviewer doesn't understand the show is heavily rehearsed and edited afterwards. It's staged!

HT : But these aren't real conversations. These are mutually beneficial exchanges of information between paid professionals who I am sure have gone over what they are going to say. I'm pretty sure the actors are drilled by their PR and image people about what to and what not to say and how to comes across as likeable and sincere. Can't mistake this for a real convo.

Ilyass El Hilali : He reminds me of that over the top interviewer from the hunger games

TooOverrated : Great advice, Ben . I am excited for this on site videos to see how your personalities differ when showing your own charisma.

Luis C : I must say there is still another line to that "Don't tease people about something that is unchangeable" - I myself am fairly short and my friends definitely tease me about it, crack some jokes, and it is pretty hilarious more often than not! I am not too self conscious about it so it's really not an issue, but I suppose one still has to be careful about how to approach those issues depending on the person

Nolan Bunyaviroch : Can you make a video on working with others? How do you become the ideal working partner? How do you encourage people to work? How do you work well with others? How do you become efficient with your working partners?

Matt : Ok, I've decided, I like Charlie 2.0

Akshay Jadhav : I don't like this narrator's voice

◢KiwiOfficial◣ : You quote Carnegie, I subscribe.

SJNaka101 : Notification squad

Troglodyte Tim : 2nd