RCTESTFLIGHT - Huge RC Foam Cargo Plane 1st Flight

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PeterSripol : looks amazing! Make it bigger and get in it!

wunderkind : 2:53 proof that earth is a sphere and we are inside of it

BlackPixxelDE : Great job, the 360 camera shots look cool!

Isle of Mull FPV : Shed envy at level 10

BonzoRonzo : Is there any update from the SolarPlane?

idontcare80 : That music is cancer. Awesome shop, though.

Alpha Adhito : Rear cargo door?

Craig Bates : Now you have to test it for maximum payload capacity!

Pasi FPV : Build a fpv plane that can reach 40.000 feet, where is it alowed ofcourse

Dizy Tizy : I was a part of an initiative to build an anti poaching drone. We got quite far before the initiative was grounded. I developed the internet controls over 3G network. There was nobody in my group so I wasn't able to get a drone off the ground to test long range flights. Currently I'm still experimenting with a ground vehicle. But I've still been unable to get people to take a minute to login to it for a test drive. People in my Country are strange and its also incredibly unsafe for me to go to unoccupied test fields.

ray taylor : god everyone is using the same shit lvl music :|

Bringamosa : some awesome shots there man i liked it!

robsycko : I am more impressed by the camera shots.

Mike Sheahan : Love the fish eye effect.

L fly : Challenge : try to break the wing only by hard flying (pulling g's) Amazing video 👍

mistercohaagen : GoPro Fusion?

Fluburtur : wow, those were the most trippy shots ever taken from a rc plane, good job!

onjoFilms : 3:28 She's breaking up Captain!!

NoMercyFPV : Awesome stuff Daniel! Hows the job going at Freefly systems? So cool that you can now build, plan and test fly stuff their now :P

canned_ doughnuts_ : My proudest nut? maybe....

Third Nebula : At 1:39 you look way too much like idubbbz for me not to post this.

John Elliott : Super Amazing Video !!!!

Doug McPheters : Whoa, she's big enough for the entire family. Including mother-in-law!

qwerty : What camera did you use for 360 shots?

ᵛᵉᶰᵗᵃ : Nice Video :) Maybe you wanna add some Retracts (google translate) (the think to bring in the tires). Hope i can see some more like this ^^

wattage2007 : Looks like it may benefit from wider landing gear. Wicked plane though!

Dave Houghton : That was incredible

Daniel Skoog : Dang that 360 fish eye footage was epic! Also, great build!

DC smith : Outstanding, 360 view,really different.

Jacob Pagett : Hey I really like your solar plane, is there a wiring diagram anywhere?

BWX : Inverse dihedral?

Steve Fink : Looks so much like the big buran carrying antonov

Isaac Lyons : Awesome!

Pandacat 666 : just when i wanna ask where josh and his drone is or maybe peter sripol waddle around i realize you are testflight not FliteTest lol. now put solar panels on this one. or a jet turbine. amazing stuff here! you need to upload far more frequently.

ABMNS PRODUCTION : 3:26 Ooops, she got naked lol Great stuff! So cool to be able to work for a company which allows you to enjoy your passion to the fullest <3 Have a great weekend and keep on coolest looking builds :D

Dick Gibson : Brilliant!!

RMD Cade : Every 360 shot was solid gold. Love this video.

Flying Buzzard : well that was awesome and great editing

SweepwingsRC : Floats for days man, nice work space!

pauljs75 : Anymore solar plane work this year, or are there too many technical difficulties in working the bugs out and progressing?

Garrett Johnson : What kind of weight could you lift with this setup?

FPV Leo : Awesome!

wkdravenna : The Earth is round afterall

schmudge : Daniel, how about designing your best stealth wing for us ? Carbon, Kevlar, Balsa kit?

Pierre Mourier : Awesome as always :)

Dan Jindra : SICK!

MrFloneil : Looks like there is a negative dihedral, is it on purpose?

Daytona FPV : nice job

ERD Epoch : What ever happened to Quinn?

lucasko' : Nice vid! Could you please tell us more about your job ? I would love to hear more about what you’re doing now, and what you did, maybe it will also give ideas to people wondering about career .. 😉