Huge RC Foam Cargo Plane 1st Flight - RCTESTFLIGHT -

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PeterSripol : looks amazing! Make it bigger and get in it!

BonzoRonzo : Is there any update from the SolarPlane?

wunderkind : 2:53 proof that earth is a sphere and we are inside of it

BlackPixxelDE : Great job, the 360 camera shots look cool!

idontcare80 : That music is cancer. Awesome shop, though.

Craig Bates : Now you have to test it for maximum payload capacity!

Pasi FPV : Build a fpv plane that can reach 40.000 feet, where is it alowed ofcourse

Isle of Mull FPV : Shed envy at level 10

Alpha Adhito : Rear cargo door?

ray taylor : god everyone is using the same shit lvl music :|

Mike Sheahan : Love the fish eye effect.

Dizy Tizy : I was a part of an initiative to build an anti poaching drone. We got quite far before the initiative was grounded. I developed the internet controls over 3G network. There was nobody in my group so I wasn't able to get a drone off the ground to test long range flights. Currently I'm still experimenting with a ground vehicle. But I've still been unable to get people to take a minute to login to it for a test drive. People in my Country are strange and its also incredibly unsafe for me to go to unoccupied test fields.

Bringamosa : some awesome shots there man i liked it!

L fly : Challenge : try to break the wing only by hard flying (pulling g's) Amazing video 👍

onjoFilms : 3:28 She's breaking up Captain!!

robsycko : I am more impressed by the camera shots.

ᵛᵉᶰᵗᵃ : Nice Video :) Maybe you wanna add some Retracts (google translate) (the think to bring in the tires). Hope i can see some more like this ^^

NoMercyFPV : Awesome stuff Daniel! Hows the job going at Freefly systems? So cool that you can now build, plan and test fly stuff their now :P

Daniel Skoog : Dang that 360 fish eye footage was epic! Also, great build!

wattage2007 : Looks like it may benefit from wider landing gear. Wicked plane though!

qwerty : What camera did you use for 360 shots?

DC smith : Outstanding, 360 view,really different.

John Elliott : Super Amazing Video !!!!

canned_ doughnuts_ : My proudest nut? maybe....

Fluburtur : wow, those were the most trippy shots ever taken from a rc plane, good job!

Dave Houghton : That was incredible

Doug McPheters : Whoa, she's big enough for the entire family. Including mother-in-law!

Third Nebula : At 1:39 you look way too much like idubbbz for me not to post this.

mistercohaagen : GoPro Fusion?

Jacob Pagett : Hey I really like your solar plane, is there a wiring diagram anywhere?

Steve Fink : Looks so much like the big buran carrying antonov

Pandacat 666 : just when i wanna ask where josh and his drone is or maybe peter sripol waddle around i realize you are testflight not FliteTest lol. now put solar panels on this one. or a jet turbine. amazing stuff here! you need to upload far more frequently.

Isaac Lyons : Awesome!

Brigzy FPV : Dude, that is a masterpiece, fantastic video well done. I'm probably the thousandth person to ask but how does the camera appear to be separate from the plane/pole? Is that just an illusion it looks like it's being filmed from something not attached to the plane at all, unreal. The fact that you (no pun intended) Winged It with the design is even more fascinating, you could put a couple of Guinea Pigs with helmets made from Ping Pong Balls cut out, strap them in and take them for a blat. You could put a small Hedgehog in the back with a parachute, the ideas are endless, lol. Have a look at 2min 23secs into my old RC Heli Vid, groovy helmets made from Ping Pong Balls, hehe.

confuseatronica : @rctestflight: I guess the metallic film on the insulation board wasn't a problem? I haven't used that stuff yet, partially because I wonder about the film blocking the radio. Sure the antennas will be mounted outside of the film, but I just worry about angles where one or both antennas from the control or the video feed are being completely shaded by 2 layers of foil or mylar or whatever- especially when you have a big fat wing and a big fat fuse. Have you had a chance to fly longer distances yet?

Vitaliy Khomenko : З поверненням, Даніель!!!

Dr Aguilar Aguilar : Amazing job and amazing airplane. Congratulations! Do you have any building log? Thank you.

pauljs75 : Anymore solar plane work this year, or are there too many technical difficulties in working the bugs out and progressing?

EVIL ANON : Which airfoil type is it? Only a regular Clark Y airfoil? Because I see that it has really great lift characteristics compared to its size (or maybe weight) and not very aerodynamical fuselage. Great job!

Brian Courtice : Workshop: 10/10. Video production and editing. A++, Music: F. Aircraft: It's an airplane. It can fly. :)

Eurobeat : put an rc car in and make film idk and dropthe car with a parachute and drive away

Jose R Martinez : You're a pretty industrious plane builder... plywood, insulation foam... amazing

DepronX : I expected the comments to be filled with things like "that cargo condor 2.0!" Or something like that but not even one comment

Rafael Reis : Hey @rctestflight, did you drop the solar project?

Jttv : It looks like the wing tips sag down not up which looks weird in flight. Anyway nice work.

lucasko' : Nice vid! Could you please tell us more about your job ? I would love to hear more about what you’re doing now, and what you did, maybe it will also give ideas to people wondering about career .. 😉

H KJ : Glad to see your back to building planes again. Cool cargo plane!

Mike Harris : nice camera work with the fisheye that on a drone? very trippy

schmudge : Daniel, how about designing your best stealth wing for us ? Carbon, Kevlar, Balsa kit?

Ben B : Differential thrust for yaw control? (Maybe you mentioned it and I missed it.)