Barstool Pizza Review - Il Piccolo Bufalo with Special Guest Kevin Hart

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Dave and Kevin Hart review Il Piccolo Bufalo. Kevin is not happy with Dave's assessment of his score. Check out Barstool Sports for more: Follow Barstool Sports here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Comments from Youtube

Nick M : Part of his public rehabilitation, proving he’s not a homophobe, is to stand next to Pres whilst he wears his much maligned jacket. Smart

Jets613 : One super gay coat, everyone knows Pres is a queen

theendorsement : Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan reunited.. At least Prez didn't throw in an Oscar joke... Oh wait... My bad.

Tyler Mora : Portnoy thinks Kevin Hart is Chris Tucker #gopresgo

Brian : One comedian, everyone knows you never apologize.

The Hot & Fresh Podcast : I thought Prez would TOWER over Kevin Hart..... He did not!!! Lots of Questions regarding Dave’s height

Navin Narwani : one women's Kmart jacket everyone knows the rules

rofl0bot : Unlucky homeless guy. Any other episode and he would of walked away with a slice.

Barr : One racist jewish guy, everyone know the pres.

canada guy : One short special guest... Everybody knows pres is trying to look taller

NoBeaversHere : Aight Frankie, pizza review time. Little Italy, little guest. One rookie score everyone knows the insecurity

Tis Cayea : Someone finally called out Dave on his "rookie score" shade

Operaton Creation : cute coat pres... you go girl!

Scotty P : One 10 year old gay joke everyone knows the social justice warriors.

Indrid Cold : Never apologize to SJWs about jokes, everybody knows the rules

KingBash : You guys got permission to be on this video today ?

Ju Burn : Two can't pronounce Piccolo everybody knows the rules

Yo Jimbo : I need to try the places you've scored over a 9. I went to this restaurant when visiting NY over the summer and it was the best cheese pizza I've ever had. If this is only a 7.4, then those other places must be amazing.

fraser mcdonald : Jackie Chan has fallen on hard times πŸ˜‚

Alpea Alps : rush hour 4 everyone knows the rules

Luke cunningham : I literally said β€œthats a 7.4” in my head then he said it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ive been watching a lot of these i can tell πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Gamble : Lmao I love how kevin disputed for his rating. Most guests stay quiet being called a rookie xD

Aaron Smith : He’s just tired of pizza at this point, these can’t be reliable pres πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

fraser mcdonald : Little Italy with little Kevin Hart. How fitting πŸ˜‚.

M Dev : That CNN gay anchor will be *livid* Kevin is supporting the Pizza community....

taxidrivernwo : One gay joke, everyone knows the virtue signal.

Watch MrCuba : 2:45 Not even three minutes in and Kevin already figured him out.

X-pert Mastermind : all black and asian people look the same, everybody knows the rules

Richie D : Wow portnoy with the savage double "they all look alike" combo

Mario Jones : That Asian dude spit all over that pie πŸ₯§

Fraskie : Kevin Hart = Chris Tucker? Come on now.

HABRACADABRA : Lol why did they get rid of Jackie chan I wanted to see him more

123 456 : For some reason the fact Kevin took another slice made him very likeable in this clip

Mr Daddy Please Spank Me And : One Oscar host, everybody knows the rules!

Jae Starke : one dave bullying kevin, everyone knows the abuse

ronald mizrahi : Kevin Hart is awesome! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸΌ

Stan Smith : One Apology Everyone Knows The Rules

Tido Schulman : One perfect name for a Bills reference everyone knows still no shoutout

SBow311 : Screw you, Grits & Graybie.

CptCanada : I can't believe that I just found this series, its awesome!

Justin Thomas : Pres absolutely dwarfing this Manlet

Russ Ormrod : I'll be at Sally's in a few hours. 9.2 cant freaking wait

Scooby Doo Doo : One hyped comedian, everybody knows even the pizza is funnier.

Jojo Luciano : 141 mulberry st.. used to be a mob hangout where my uncles played cards

Aegon Targaryen : One coke addict in denial, everyone knows it’s Pres.

r3d_ti3_guy : One random bum rush, everyone knows the upside

vinceleto : Two things 1, Pres needs to take some Italian lessons 2, Guests should watch one or two of the past videos to get with the program

Benjamin Taylor : Dude with the anime hat is a multimillionaire playin up the stereotype. He's the real comedian.

LeBron James : I went back about 15 times and I swear that security guard appeared out of thin air.