Train travels through narrow gap inbetween houses in Vietnam

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A train travels through the middle of a narrow street in Vietnam everyday making residents retreat into their homes. The train passes twice a day and there have been some close calls and unfortunate accidents in the past. Some residents move their scooters from outside when the train comes through as there are only inches between the train and the wall. Report by Genelle Aldred. Subscribe to ITN News! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our homepage: More stories from ITN: KFC worker captures stunning power of the Oklahoma tornado: Oklahoma tornado survivors speak out: Giant spider terrorizes M3? North Korea missile tests: Is this the world's longest demolition? Fried scorpions on the menu: Google Glass privacy concerns: David Beckham retires: CCTV of mobile phone thief hit by bus right after robbing victim: KFC fried chicken smuggled into Gaza: Syrian bomber unleashes devastating air strike: Lunar meteor explosion: Baby in stroller falls on train tracks: Super quick theft outside London restaurant: Fast and Furious 6 car stunts: Blonde driver struggles behind the wheel: Check out Truthloader, the new home of citizen journalism on YouTube. Subscribe now at See 2013's Most Watched Videos: See our Top 20 Most Watched Videos: See 2012's Most Watched Videos:

Comments from Youtube

jca111 : "train literally passing through your living room"? No its not.

Samuel Heath : Not 'literally' in the living room is it though, it's not like someones got their couch and tv on the tracks

dubtat : "Plus a train literally passing through your living room every day..."  British people really need to learn the definition of "literally."

sjtom57 : Rail fan's delight, home owners nightmare.

Arbitrator207 : Where's the kids? Oh, just playing out the front.

john smitty : this is what happens when you have no building code or city planning, and people can just put up houses when and where they want

flyonawndshield : Narrator, please learn what "literally" literally means.

ㅤㅤ : Literally doesn't mean what she thinks it does...

Phuc Bui : I live in Hanoi myself, and the trains do not run over "that" many people and pets. The residents are used to the trains and know of the schedules. Plus, the crossings on both ends of this pass give an early warning.

Cris LeRose : o.k. kids time to go out and play....

sobojetty : "Does this train go to your street?" "You bet"

Theflying Fokker : good morning vietnam i guess

Jay Lookie : That looks so cool and interesting.

MalcolmCooks : "rushes"

Dimitrovich Kovalenko : USA in next 25 years

Steve Kapschock : "It costs HOW MUCH?! I'll take it!" "Great! Oh yeah, now that you've already signed the contract, there's one more thing I have to tell you..."

Willy Stroker : Nice job with the urban planning there

John Benton : Some planning departments are easier to bribe than others!

bimosalexandres : no need to rush to go to the train station, just open your front door and the passing train right there... just jump and go

Paul Quick : The train doesn't appear to be "litrully" passing through anyone's living room.

Gene Kinnick : One of their versions of population control.

VincentTG : Great urban planning !


Aventanario : If you want to live near the tracks. Be a train fan

Elmware : I'd rather have a train passing my front door twice a day than a busy railway in my backyard with trains constantly speeding through, like when I lived by the CN tracks in Chilliwack, BC.

Douglas Skaalrud : The epitome of first-class track work.

Barb at Loose nut productions : I absolutely love trains!💖😍 But that's a "little too close" for comfort. 😯 I guess, it could be worse. Imagine if it was an old steam driven locomotive! Yikes!

Com Dickinson : I guess you could say Vietnam "Capitalized" on the *sunglasses* "Polar Express"........ [dead joke 2014, 11:42 through 2014, 11:43 PM]

Choua Lor : well.....they know how it feels like to be Mr. Rogers.

Eye Candy : How in the hell do the people in those houses sleep when a train blows it's horn right outside their door?

GreenCanvasInteriorscape : coming soon to Saint Louis Park Minnesota Light Rail just the way the Met Council says it should be

Glitcher2000 : This is pretty much how I design Sim City....

Dean PD : Communism functioning at it's best.

Mary Stroughton : You can get on the train from your house and go to work. 🤣!

A Heimdahl : No.Just. No. Sleepwalking would be a recipe for disaster. Forget that noise

Terry McGeary : "Almost" or "Passing close to.." would have done, but she got literally carried away carried away. ;)

xx Hamburgboy : absoultely hilarious!! loool

Bravo Lazz : I used to have a train drive through my living room... It was called my first train set

gunner6084 : so if anyonw wants a free ride just jumps in!

Soviet Salad : "rushing through" the train is going like 15-20mph, what you on about "rushing"!?

Анатолий Сергеевич : охуенная маршрутка !

Jarurote Tippayachai : It is also similar to Local Market of Mae-klong Railway Station in Thailand. :D

David Stokes : "Literally" meaning "not actually".

malcolm marshall : And we complain about tickets cost!

Spontainiouz 1000 : never mind crossing da street......LOOK both ways B4 you step out da front door

Theban Ned Greenman : It does not "literally pass through (their) living room".

Jackandmel : They couldn't have built the houses a further yard out 😞

Richard Huntington : Wow, that's crazy!

Varun reddy : they will go deaf after 5 years