Train travels through narrow gap inbetween houses in Vietnam

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jca111 : "train literally passing through your living room"? No its not.

Dubious : what came first, the railroad or the houses..

sjtom57 : Rail fan's delight, home owners nightmare.

john smitty : this is what happens when you have no building code or city planning, and people can just put up houses when and where they want

Dimitrovich Kovalenko : USA in next 25 years

Samuel Heath : Not 'literally' in the living room is it though, it's not like someones got their couch and tv on the tracks

VincentTG : Great urban planning !

Arbitrator207 : Where's the kids? Oh, just playing out the front.

bimosalexandres : no need to rush to go to the train station, just open your front door and the passing train right there... just jump and go

Paul Quick : The train doesn't appear to be "litrully" passing through anyone's living room.

Railfan Center : OMG

flyonawndshield : Narrator, please learn what "literally" literally means.

MalcolmCooks : "rushes"

Malte B. : W   T   F   ?   !

John Benton : Some planning departments are easier to bribe than others!

Glitcher2000 : This is pretty much how I design Sim City....

sobojetty : "Does this train go to your street?" "You bet"

Jay Lookie : That looks so cool and interesting.

Phuc Bui : I live in Hanoi myself, and the trains do not run over "that" many people and pets. The residents are used to the trains and know of the schedules. Plus, the crossings on both ends of this pass give an early warning.


Willy Stroker : Nice job with the urban planning there

Theflying Fokker : good morning vietnam i guess

Abhinav Jauhari : It is so amazing to see these type of things

Sikander Khan : How people around this railway line sleep.

Hoàng Nguyễn : i'm vietnamese and i hate those comments

Elmware : I'd rather have a train passing my front door twice a day than a busy railway in my backyard with trains constantly speeding through, like when I lived by the CN tracks in Chilliwack, BC.

Andrew Bui : No wonder my parents moved out of Vietnam

akseli9 : Human beings never cease to show how absurdly stupidly sick they are, in every part of the world with an infinite creativity when it comes to act like mad laughable fools.

vincent : She needs to look up the meaning of "literally".

Gene Kinnick : One of their versions of population control.

Iris Sosa : I have one question to the Vietamese Goverment:What would happen if a train goes out of control and derails and hits one of the houses?

Netrooo : Location: 21.028768, 105.842221

MrSkypony : That's only one of the stupid things they have. I spent 2 years there and they are very screwed up and not to bright

Jason Smith : This is almost as bad as the video of the train through the market somewhere. Where the shops retract the roof and shout people to move in as the train passes... Then suddenly it's a market as if nothing happened... Why is there a track so close like this anyway?

oldjaguar : We have a stretch of railway just like that here in Riverhead, NY, United States. It's barely used but nonetheless very dangerous whenever the trains rolls through. 

dubtat : "Plus a train literally passing through your living room every day..."  British people really need to learn the definition of "literally."

YoshTG : there is something like this shit in germany, but im not talking about trains. Churches are creating loud noises and really annoying noises, too. its horrible. i moved here 2 months ago and i cant even sleep properly because this piece of irrationality and hypocrisy makes those awful noises near my current home. its reminds me of why irrationality and ignorance can lead to really bad things.

桝谷哲哉 : 某公園にて、guitar.08053400776桝谷哲哉

Rayarena : Unbelievable! Don't even want to think of how many adults, children and pets get runned over! 

Aventanario : If you want to live near the tracks. Be a train fan

Cris LeRose : o.k. kids time to go out and play....

ㅤ ㅤ : Literally doesn't mean what she thinks it does...

Doctor Dividend : Wow.....closer than my pick on portola

saif islam : Jio guru Jio Jio.

betotrono : A republican's wet dream.

Shamshair Baloch : OMG.

MrBeaux : That's awesome! I wouldn't want to live in those houses, but I would want to ride that train.

zawzero : This is not remotely as narrow and close as in Thailand.

Diego Rodríguez : El futuro metro de Bogotá :v

Paulie Harrow : How did spot become a stain?? He. ran out as the 2:15 passed...