Chuck - Earth Wind Fire and Rain.mpg
Never forget Earth Wind and Fires little known fourth member Rain

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Drex Binobo : I loved big mike more after this.

Elizabeth Baron : Idk how they function without rain.... lol

Rafael Mendoza Cuellar : I love this serie

Redim Music : Jeffster concert needs to happen

MarkerD2 : 0 people hates chuck :P If nobody hates him then every body love him :D

radoradicporada : i was rhhhain

larrylew1 : You have the hips of a six-year old girl - LOL!! My all time favorite show.

ZtoffeTheGreat : Lol I just saw this less than a minute ago on my TV

frdrcklim : i love this show

InsanityOnABunExtras : i love big mike

JRFP8 : @NightNinjaFox thanks a lot , m8 ! :D

JRFP8 : what's the name of the music in the background ?

kausmage25 : I cant were this anymore. But you have the hips of a six year old girl. LMAO

Ayeung : Is it just me, or do I hear the Captain Morgan jingle and :51? Anyways. EPIC.

SchoolSpirit9 : "where do i sign"

kobbenNINJA : aaaaaaaaaaaaah i love this moment :p