The Nostalgia of HOME's Resonance, Explained
The Nostalgia of HOMEs Resonance Explained

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Robert Mieta's Channel: PATREON: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: SECOND CHANNEL: EMAIL: Also a thank you to FrankJavCee, who was kind enough to link me to information about 8 bit computing and sound synthesis. and yes that is me playing mario and metroid


YoDailySpazz : Before watching: seems like this could be an interesting video After watching: what is music tho

MrCerebellum2 : You lost me after the first time you said the word “chord”

triangle. : Vaporwave is kinda the aesthetic built around this kind of music

Ben Hodson : ''Electronic music is so brainless, anyone can write those songs.''

Kano : I was expecting a psychological dispute, not... notes.

kyro : I didnt understand a single word in this video

Landing Mallards : *when you have knowledge of music theory but no one else around you does*

CamKabob : I'm an early 2000s kid, so ytf am I felling the nostalgia?

Akira Leelarapin : I've seen a meme about a physics professor saying, "C'mon, this is not a music theory." I never understood it until now...


SilentFatNeck : Who else was just paying attention to the music in the background


Mr. Apollo : Me: This video's pretty cool Also me: *I have no f@%king idea what this guy is saying to me*


Tom M : Even though I have no idea what you're talking about I love this Video

TABBY : I’ve learnt the chords and playing it has made me a more powerful being.

Windows Plays : This man can communicate with music. Teach me your ways

maxisteax : I feel “peace” while listening to it.

stillbeatthough : The 90210 x Resonance mash up is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard

kambinoxwins : I'm not gonna lie, I was feeling a bit lost at points as I'm not a classically trained musician. Despite that, I was familiar enough with certain terminology to keep me in and I learned a LOT with this video. The non-stop barrage of information is a welcome change of pace from most content I've seen on the 'Tube. Thank you for that.

Arthronius : In case you wanna hear more songs like Resonance, here's a small list i've made: A.L.I.S.O.N - Passenger oDDling - Ascend VOYAGER & A.L.I.S.O.N - Echo Chamber Unfound - Without Zane Alexander - At Dusk Emil Rottmayer - Descend (the whole album is a nostalgic masterpiece)

Account_Breach : I’m glad I have music class to understand this

Vince Pi : Without having watched the Video: 80s synth lead and bass sounds, slow bpm, some reverb and cuttoff. Apply this formula to any song youre writing and it will sound nostalgic, neither hard nor genius.

Houdini : I have no clue what any of this means but I do know that this is an amazing video, keep up the good work!

Hxtheadzz : 1980: flying cars 2019(even better):

Nathan Craig : Someday I’m gonna be able to understand this without pausing every 5 seconds

Zenducc _ : Anyone else think pogo by digitalism is such a nostalgic song? idk I was born in the early 2000s and I feel like i'm in the late 90s

trash : You sound like Patrick Bateman to me for some reason haha

Ultra Pear : I don't know what you just said but yes <3

Stigma Awareness : I got half way before I started getting lost in the jargon - so compliments to you for maintaining my attention - I've adhd and autism with little to no music theory background - just sound design. I actually don't feel too overwhelmed by your explanations. You're a good teacher thank you.

Strelok Audio Design : your editing is awesome

nara : i think i only kept watching this video because its so well made... but i didnt understand shit

Yolo : the music in the backround with him talking just relaxes me

Kruise Films : This video is absolutely unreal, keep up the good work

calvin huddleston : Welp, you probably got copyright claimed

Nisco G : You forgot the main part of what makes it nostalgic: cutting off high frequency content so it sounds like it’s an old recording

Kasper : thumbs up if you're nostalgic and born after 1995

Akashinda : i didnt understand a word you said but your editing is nice

PyroBlitzPlays : I didn't understand a lot of the musical Jargon, but this was still super interesting, and the editing on the video was amazing. Well done.

Akram Jerab : I never knew I was interested in music theory until today. Thank you misteramazing, great video/analysis!

rin : didn’t understand shit but i feel so smart

Despotic Waffle : almost 2 years past, thanks for introducing me to HOME- resonance and even the entire vapor/synthwave genre.

LenyNyce37 : Wow, this guy knows his stuff... And great editing by the way!

SEAGULLmoon : the helped me with my band practice edit; I played despacito for our schools prize day. it was torture and they changed it up for our band.

MEME WARRIOR : I have absolutely no knowledge of music, and listening/watching this video is like entering a totally different realm of reality. I think I've been missing out.

Brahoo : I don't understand half the words said in this video but it sounded smart so I'll leave a like

Anthony Verde : I always come back to this video as my inspiration for creating Synthwave. Music theory is something special

anonymous ramon : I like retrowave more but their both great

DerGerät:D : So it's easy and pure But isn't