The Nostalgia of HOME's Resonance, Explained

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Nisco G : You forgot the main part of what makes it nostalgic: cutting off high frequency content so it sounds like it’s an old recording

Doggo Nation : I like the music.

Nathan Craig : Someday I’m gonna be able to understand this without pausing every 5 seconds

Arthronius : In case you wanna hear more songs like Resonance, here's a small list i've made: A.L.I.S.O.N - Passenger oDDling - Ascend VOYAGER & A.L.I.S.O.N - Echo Chamber Unfound - Without Zane Alexander - At Dusk Emil Rottmayer - Descend (the whole album is a nostalgic masterpiece)

James Ohlson : Am I the only one who feels like Resonance is a really not upbeat song? Whenever I listen to it I feel like It’s the middle of the night on a road trip, everyone’s asleep, and I’m all alone.

Strelok Audio Design : your editing is awesome

RaidyIDK : Bet you vox is crying to have you as a employee

Linkedius : But I’m still wondering why it’s nostalgic even though I was born in the 2000s. When I listen to Home - Resonance I get false memories that make me feel really nostalgic.

Aidan Thornbury : Never knew how ignorant I was of how complex music theory is...

Christian VS. The World : I'm supposed to be doing homework

Artzie Music : great explanation, misteramazing. resonance will always be a magical track. <3

Morten Andre : Im only [insert age under 18] and i feel nostalgia from this song$$$

CamKabob : I'm an early 2000s kid, so ytf am I felling the nostalgia?


asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw : This might as well have been in Chinese for what I understand from it

FutbolVinotinto21 : I discovered this song during my first year of college. I instantly fell in love with it and began listening to it a lot, especially whenever I would drive back to my university after visiting home. After a while, I began assimilating that drive back with the song, and the scenery and sunsets (I usually drove back in the late afternoon) became even more beautiful. Now whenever I hear this song, it brings back memories of that drive and of all my wonderful first year memories. I'd say this is the song that brings the most nostalgia to me.

sai shashank : Donno what is A flat and B flat All I know is cute girls are flat

BLITZN00DLE : I'm only 13 years old and this song gives me nostalgia.

Herman Sherman : I think it’s cool that the songs name is Resonance. like this song is resonating with listeners and making them nostalgic because of all the media from their childhoods that it’s incorporating in the music.

KokuDjinn : so despacito really is perfect?

Scruffy Robot : Home is such a good composer

Deep Luck : 2:15 what’s the background music?

cutcleaned_exe : Best song in the world

SilentFatNeck : Who else was just paying attention to the music in the background

FlyingYak ________________ : Yea ima give up composing till I learn music theory

Øcean øf Madnesszzz : I’m only 12 but it still gives me that retro feeling where I’m just sitting outside a neon lighted fast food restaurant and I’m sitting on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette looking at the stars. And then I close my eyes and everything goes trippy and I get trapped in my imagination. Idk what I’m saying but that’s what I imagine

Stephen : I think you over-complicated the analysis. From the bassline, the basic chord progression is: Fm7 Abmaj7 Cm7, Fm7 Bbm7 Abmaj7. Or vi-I-iii, vi-ii-I.

Vince Pi : Without having watched the Video: 80s synth lead and bass sounds, slow bpm, some reverb and cuttoff. Apply this formula to any song youre writing and it will sound nostalgic, neither hard nor genius.

NELS : 10:50 "moog" is pronounced /mo:g/, not /mu:g/

Fergzillar : Actual quote from Randy aka HOME: "Someone made a 12 minute analysis of Resonance on youtube and i feel like they put more effort into the video than i did the song"

CoolDudeClem : when i hear this I long to be a kid again, live in a world where summer never ends and I stay young forever.

please unsubscribe : Am I the only one who thinks that this kind of music doesn't really sound like 80's music and it really just sounds like modern music trying desparately to sound like 80's music?

Luke Fraczek : I found out about this song from a Krab Borg remix comp. I regret nothing.

TABBY : I’ve learnt the chords and playing it has made me a more powerful being.

SummerWave : "Someone made a 12 minute analysis of Resonance on youtube and i feel like they put more effort into the video than i did the song" - Home


triangle. : Vaporwave is kinda the aesthetic built around this kind of music

Miss Keisha : My ex boyfriend showed me this song and said it should help me with my anxiety because it’s did the same for him. It made me feel special because he was sharing this with me, then I find out he had given the song to all his past girlfriends aswell.

Zenducc _ : Anyone else think pogo by digitalism is such a nostalgic song? idk I was born in the early 2000s and I feel like i'm in the late 90s

Mignonne : life without music would haha Bb lolololololol

Oc Boi : Honestly I don't really understand any of these... But I feel smart enough

Evelin Mel : Could you perhaps explain runaway by galantis?? There's just a feeling to that song that I can't explain just like this one

Kasper : thumbs up if you're nostalgic and born after 1995

Matt Smith : Holy shit so happy to have found this channel.

Ethan Alfonso : music theeeeoryyyy bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghghghghhhhhhhhhhhhghggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

Aeregon Cricket : 6:36 D e s p a c i t o

Magic Morgan : I've gone from watching jesus christ skating for our sins on a holy cross to this, what.

generic username : 0:19 because it's vaporwave

Noval : This song has made me love HOME more. I guess I'm HOMosexual

linux750 : I see...because of my days playing the Nintendo Gameboy, the Sega Genesis, and the Sony PlayStation I love "Resonance" ...because that song sounds like all the music of the games I played on those systems ...because those systems were limited to just 3 chord progression music or favored using synthpop and techno music for their soundtracks. Wow. Thanks Home for making a music track that...resonates with my generation. Thank you. Oh, and thank you too mister amazing for explaining all this to us.