The Nostalgia of HOME's Resonance, Explained

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Nisco R : You forgot the main part of what makes it nostalgic: cutting off high frequency content so it sounds like it’s an old recording

FlyingYak ________________ : Yea ima give up composing till I learn music theory

Hazy : The editing made me cum thanks

Dustin Black : Killer: "Any last words?" Me: "Alexa, play Africa by Toto"

Strelok Audio Design : your editing is awesome

Katy DelMonte : What I don't understand is how it can sound nostalgic to someone who didn't grow up on this 80s media? Like, I've played super mario and listened to some of these songs, and a few, like Toto's Africa, do give me some nostalgia, but I wasn't born in that era, so I don't understand why 80s media as a collective kind of tends to have a nostalgic feel? Is it just the 'haziness' of the sound that was described in this video that makes us think of sound limitations on technology from our childhoods, even if we grew up in the 90s/early 2000s?

video : if you guys liked HOME - Resonance then you guys should really search up "retrowave playlist". there's a bunch of videos with music like this that give off this nostalgic feel.

Bratty Princess : This is very confusing but I love this

Nathan Craig : Someday I’m gonna be able to understand this without pausing every 5 seconds

Artzie Music : great explanation, misteramazing. resonance will always be a magical track. <3

OddlyFine : Anything that is vaporwave chillwave synthwave ect is gonna give you nostalgia fr and that is why I love it so much,But it makes me cry lol.

Butt-head : You lost me when you mentioned despacito, I'm sorry.

Arpeggius : In case you wanna hear more songs like Resonance, here's a small list i've made: A.L.I.S.O.N - Passenger oDDling - Ascend VOYAGER & A.L.I.S.O.N - Echo Chamber Unfound - Without Zane Alexander - At Dusk Emil Rottmayer - Descend (the whole album is a nostalgic masterpiece)

Noun Verber : I legit believe this video alone best represents the whole Idea of YouTube. Transcendental, meta, informative, relevant, and derivative. I hope it inspires and spawns the next wave of content creators to achieve something more than views, perhaps something timeless. Bravo.

FutbolVinotinto21 : I discovered this song during my first year of college. I instantly fell in love with it and began listening to it a lot, especially whenever I would drive back to my university after visiting home. After a while, I began assimilating that drive back with the song, and the scenery and sunsets (I usually drove back in the late afternoon) became even more beautiful. Now whenever I hear this song, it brings back memories of that drive and of all my wonderful first year memories. I'd say this is the song that brings the most nostalgia to me.

Deadly Cookies : CYBERPUNK. BLADERUNNER. 80S. What more can you want?

Doggo Nation : I like the music.

jon3s115 : I have listened to Resonance well over a thousand times now... and yet EVERY SINGLE TIME chills go down my spine from that gorgeous synth...

rinhasaproblem : didn’t understand shit but i feel so smart

SummerWave : "Someone made a 12 minute analysis of Resonance on youtube and i feel like they put more effort into the video than i did the song" - Home

Dr_ Feelgood : does this guy watch rick and morty

José Miguel : Like for Toto Great video tho

RandomStuff : Yeah, what he said

sai shashank : Donno what is A flat and B flat All I know is cute girls are flat

Noval : This song has made me love HOME more. I guess I'm HOMosexual

Deep Luck : 2:15 what’s the background music?

Peter Voss : For early 80s Nickelodeon viewers, does anyone recall that instrumental played on a show similar to Sesame Street? Hocus Focus I believe. Music played with animated geometric shapes and changing patterns. Evoked a very similar response for me. :)

lalas147 : I think it's misleading that you say it's a Bb chord (major) when it's actually Bb- (minor). It makes sense because the whole song is in Ab (major), hence the second step (II) of the scale makes a Bb- (minor) chord. But you already mention that. About those G's, F's and C's that are added to the chords. These are called tensions (9, 11, 13) and give chords a certain (sound) color, dependent on which ones you use. And ultimately, Eb is the dominant (chord) of Ab, because it's on the fifth (V) step of an Ab major scale (ionian). What this means is that Eb(7) resolves directly into Ab. Otherwise good video, and good animations. I really like this song from Home.

TwistedFireX : And the way the song bleeds together feels almost like waves with each consecutive chord. Which perfectly synergizes with that "neon beach" feel you mentioned.

Fergzillar : Actual quote from Randy aka HOME: "Someone made a 12 minute analysis of Resonance on youtube and i feel like they put more effort into the video than i did the song"

Miss Keisha : My ex boyfriend showed me this song and said it should help me with my anxiety because it’s did the same for him. It made me feel special because he was sharing this with me, then I find out he had given the song to all his past girlfriends aswell.

KokuDjinn : so despacito really is perfect?

Vance Flippin : who DOESNT like resonance by home, its just simply great, i play it at work all the time and everyone just shuts up and listens when it comes on

Jean-Patrick De La Sainte-Bite : This song is relaxing and gives a nostalgic feeling... But you know what could be added to make it better ?... *d e a t h g r i p s*

Matt Smith : Holy shit so happy to have found this channel.

AlmostMLG SKRUBS : I accidentaly discovered it in a WEBM called "v a p o r n i b b a"

rotting viscera : I like your voice. You got my subscription.

Manu H : I always felt nostalgic when I heard this song. But I never even thought why. Yeah, I had a basic idea. But now I have the explanation. Also this video is amazing. I really like your style of editing, and enjoy whatching your vids (even if this is just my second). Your voice and style just has something relaxing, and I really feel that you put effort into your vids. That makes me appreciate them even more. That is just a incredible video. Keep it on!

RaidyIDK : Bet you vox is crying to have you as a employee

DerpyDosh : *"The music theory behind this song is actually pretty simple"*

TheJumboBurrito : a couple of the theory things were iffy but for the most part you were spot on nice vid!

Lauren Suter : I lost all respecct for this video once it used despacito as an example

ammaar zeeb khan : 190,700th subscriber

Gary Schwartz : it makes me feel sentimental for something that I have no experience of

Nic : I'm so shocked that this video exists!!!! Oh my gosh! But this song does not remind me of beaches. I think of driving through the Great Basin and Range of the southwest!

S. : I LOOOVVEEE 'Reasonance'. It's amazing!

Stephen : I think you over-complicated the analysis. From the bassline, the basic chord progression is: Fm7 Abmaj7 Cm7, Fm7 Bbm7 Abmaj7. Or vi-I-III, vi-ii-I.

Ethan Alfonso : music theeeeoryyyy bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghghghghhhhhhhhhhhhghggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ben Hodson : ''Electronic music is so brainless, anyone can write those songs.''

linux750 : I see...because of my days playing the Nintendo Gameboy, the Sega Genesis, and the Sony PlayStation I love "Resonance" ...because that song sounds like all the music of the games I played on those systems ...because those systems were limited to just 3 chord progression music or favored using synthpop and techno music for their soundtracks. Wow. Thanks Home for making a music track that...resonates with my generation. Thank you. Oh, and thank you too mister amazing for explaining all this to us.