Piracy Should Always Be An Option
Piracy Should Always Be An Option

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ratatouille boy : Piracy is the only real way to preserve media you own.

Idiopathic Scoliosis : Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

Tom N : "Something as a service" is amusingly part of the reason why more dated mediums like CDs are still being bought.

Incel Mafioso : Somewhere out there Mother's Basement is triggered.

Suite Life of Dio Brando : For a lot of older games it seems to be the only plausible option to play them rather than paying +200$ for rare game.

Trash Person : Yarr harr fiddly dee, I'm not going to Epic for Borderlands 3. That cad Randy Shitford won't get one cent from me, I are a pirate!

Tounushi : Are you ready, kids?

TheAutistWhisperer : What's a pirates favourite subject? ARRRRRRRRRRT!

Dooker T : VPN and sail the high seas boys.

I only drink premium waifu juice : Piracy is a service problem. i get what i want someway the market always finds a way

Andy Richter : It’s not quite freedom vs security when security consists of being forced to pay outrageous prices for repair. Especially when device manufacturers attempt to lobby against 3rd party repairs and seize a monopoly over iPhone screen replacements.

buzzword buzzword slogan rhyme : Keep this up and Dankula might make a Mad Lad video about you in about you in 2037.

Andy Richter : It is a service problem. I don’t pirate games because steam makes it easy and affordable. You can also play most of them ‘offline’

Henry Carlson : Ethical piracy outside of a Robin Hood situation, interesting.

Crunchy Chicken : It is also impossible to enforce digital goods like music, TV, or even games "as a service" and only as a service. If you are watching a movie on your computer box of choice, the information of that movie is on your computer. Pirating it from there is just a matter of accessing the memory. Company's are getting around this by decreasing the standalone function of the devices you use in favor of web-based software that stream everything you do. Chances are the phone in your pocket runs just about every app in HTML5. It's the entire push for cloud service, always online, with 5G coverage and speeds to ensure the transition isn't noticable.

Pogocane : I was going to buy all the Adobe software I'm using once I'm stable financially. I updated from Premiere 2017 to 2018. Turns out the 2018 version doesn't support certain audio codecs on Win7 (it tells you to upgrade you OS, no joke) that 2017 version of premiere supported just fine. ALSO Once you open a premiere file created in 2017 in the newer version of the program, it alters a file in such a way that you cannot open the file in any version older than the newest one. So if I wanted to keep the progress I made on the project, I would need to upgrade my OS. I bit the bullet and... abandoned my 2 week progress on the project, downgraded to premiere 2017 and SWORE TO NEVER GIVE ADOBE A PENNY OF MY MONEY. If they are completely fine with fucking their customers over, then I'm fine with fucking over their bottom line. I hope their company burns to the ground.

Njul : If there is no mean to negotiate, there will be no legitimate purchases from smarter customers.

byzhiphop : This service-age is terrible. You're pretty much on point in this video, Dev. I skipped GoT's last season and now I want to binge-watch it from the start. There's basically no option to buy a 4K blu-ray set of the whole thing, even though I'd be willing to pay some pretty penny for it, yet, the only option is to either go with the inferior option or use HBO Go, a service with worse video quality than 1080p Netflix (an issue that was relevant just now as I've heard as their compression is so shit that their dark GoT episode was borderline unwatchable.). So what choice do I have here? P.S.: As far as Adobe goes, all their current-gen software on computers is a terribly optimised mess. Nothing goes further to demonstrate that than their presentation of Photoshop running on the iPad Pro at a performance that puts the computer versions of it to shame. And it's not because the iPad Pro is more powerful than a desktop PC. I loathe using Lightroom with all my heart on 24 megapixel images. P.P.S.: This service-only push is really terrible for gaming especially as it makes it all the more likely that we're just gonna lose out on the classics we cherish today the moment, say Sony, decides that the PS4 is no longer supported by their online services...

Rain Hoogensen : Piracy is a service problem

James Howard : You don't even have the right to repair your own tractor, which costs $100k or more. These companies are evil.

slightlytwistedagain : _"Because they understand that the underground community nourishes their brand"_ It's basically a stream of free advertising because genuine discoverability is hard and expensive.

Vinyl : If you haven't seen it already Ross over on Accursed Farms did a video a few days back talking about "Games as a service"

DaniFer7 VallaLez27 : Piracy was always the main option to me, until i finally got out of the third world but i keep it around just in case.

Angelofexecution : Man... I miss the days of Megaupload and Limewire.

David Chesterton : Jermey at the quartering also lost his whole magic collection on magic the gathering online They have also done this to numerous other people. It’s disgusting

Matt Horkan : Fake news. Top gear is the most pirated show in history. RIP Viper007Bond

Metalworks41190 : Ross Scott has a good long argument why game as a service might actually be illegal.

Ben Bernanke : >waiting for blizz to ban you heh kiddo I asked them to delete my account

Functional : Me: "Does that earring make you a pirate?" SFO: "Kiiiiiiinda"

MrDUneven : I was just thinking about this, I heard some one got copyright stike for their movie trailer review then the music company who happens to own the trailer music claimed it. If these music companies wont respect the fair use, what reason is there for us to respect the copyright if the talentless lawyer hacks don´t? Pirate away.

The Cult of the Jim : And after Mteallica took file sharing sites to court, the number one pirated band became Metallica, even non-fans jumped on to get a copy of everything they released, include rare and unreleased tracks, live shows- EVERYTHING for free. Just to spite Lars. Funny how that works.

Matheus Fernandes : A monopoly only works with state power and regulation. You can't really call it free market when there's state power on the mix

KamikazKid : Yeah I think piracy is really a symptom of an ailing industry rather than a problem in & of itself. Look at music piracy for example, music piracy has declined significantly from its hey-day why is that? In my opinion it's because songs are dirt cheap on the apple store, or free on soundcloud, youtube, or pandora and all that stuff just works & streams anywhere pretty easily & conveniently. If you can make a product easier & more convenient than pirating, people will flock to your product. Hell I have seen music artists with their full discography downloadable online who make a living off iTunes sales, concert tickets, and merchandise.

Angelofexecution : That's the problem of the tertiary sector of work. We've come to a point where most businesses are service based, neither industrial nor agricultural, and it's beginning to become more absurd. I work at a hotel. A guest asked me once if to watch the TV in his bedroom, he had to pay an extra fee. I told him no. But I wouldn't be surprised that some hotels would actually do that.

HT T : You contradict yourself a lot here and don’t tie many of these points together. You start by saying piracy actually helps corporations by generating hype, but then double back and say corporations dominating the market is a bad thing. The thing is, piracy harms small companies far more than it harms large corporations who can handle the losses. Also, I think the very reason companies are shifting to service-based systems rather than property-based systems is due to piracy issues. For example, someone buying a game and then sending copies of it to all their friends. Companies naturally are moving to counteract this.

Kodasa Sinclair : You know, I'm pretty sure I remember there being a study done, that said piracy barely made a dent in the profits of big corporations.

PastaCouch : 5:36 "You've never really bought the games. You bought the right to play them." Idk man but that sounds like downright communism to me

Godd Howard : Next thing you know you have "Life as a service", if the goverment/corporation don't like you they just pull your plug

Mariano Mazza : Have you seen GoT 8x3? I would have been REALLY pissed off had I payed to see it.

Papa Bones : This is why free as in freedom is so important. What you mentioned with Word and such instantly makes me think of Open Source.

The Blu Crocoduck : Does anyone remember demos? Those free slices of the game that the developer would give you to actually see whether you wanted the whole thing? I remember demos. It's why I pirate games, to see if they're worth buying. If I complete the game, it was worth buying and I'll go buy it (and most probably never play it again so I've got a lot of steam games with 0 hours played). If I never get around to completing the game, it clearly wasn't worth buying. Except fallout 4. I fucking refuse to purchase that because the only reason I had any fun was thanks to mods and I'm not paying bethesda when it was the modders work I enjoyed.

Mordewolt : I opt for the best experience and the most features i actually need every time. If i can get that AND i can get it for free, why in the world would i pay for an inferior product?

Nova Tortuosi : "You dont own your stuff, you just have the right to use it" is communism in a nutshell.

Bonjour : *Gets video recommended right in the middle of downloading a pirated game* Hi Mr FBI agent ;)

lvl99gamer : this is not new. this is the reason the psn was hacked and dropped for months in the early 2010's. the dude modded his ps3, and sony took him to court arguing that he didn't actually *own* the console, but instead purchased a license to use it. now they're just adding a lease time to the license.

Weirdo : This happens (for streaming companies) because each individual ip is a monopoly, by definition, it's called a legal monopoly, used to encourage the creation of new things which are hard to think of, but easy to copy the videos "The Netflix problem" or "Why you should pirate anime" (both 1 and 2) explain this best

RescueHornet : FatShortOtaku: I pirate stuff sometimes Me a weeb: Yeah bro we all pirate anime, CrunchyRoll sucks.

Cuul froog : Companies are implementing policies where essentially they own their media products and consumers simply "borrow" them? That is Common Ownership of the Communist doctrine. Now media companies have been hit with this socialist/communist manifesto and a lot of us have to resort to pirating. This is truly a clown world.

Elricson : Thanks for reminding me how much I hate corporations. They're just a bunch of thieves posing as honest people. Like wtf!!! Taking back the games I bought and watching my behaviour somewhere else Big Brother like so they can ban me. What kind of greedy corporate moral puritan controlling cocksucker must you be to think of that? The state taking complete control is fucking worse. This is why I want capitalism with regulations, though not too much of either. I don't want either to have so much control over what I do. Is moderation and balance really that hard? Is not being a controlling piece of shit really so difficult?