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DaDerp Bunny : I pick my nose and eat it, and sometimes I even slop around in the mud.

candiigurl7893 : Celery causes Cancer. Socks cause Cancer. Cancer causes Cancer.

Sirpalmtree : The news hates YouTube because they're taking over and other types of media are becoming obsolete.

AG Productions : The media acts like society is so progressive but in reality we really are resistant to change. If we see something we don't understand, we demean it until overall it's rejected by the masses or seen as unfavorable. This can be applied to many things in modern society, which is why Millennials get backlash from the media to. YouTube is strange to those in "traditional media", so they pick out the worst of it while ignoring the fact that there are still good people. Good video and keep up the good work.

Hunters Codex : Not going to lie... Mr Corgi is actually adorable.

Retro Gaming : I'm from Germany and its not different here :(

Elliot Ps : This video is sponsored by *D E M O N E T I Z A T I O N*

justin W : "he was murdered and then set on fire while celebrating his birthday"

Richard S. : 8:20 you laughed ----> now you go to prison

Max Gregy : Make a video: I hate Fortnite

ThatOneTails : I was just thinking as I clicked on the video, "What if the characters like Kiteman came back?" Then I shat myself

There's a starman waiting in the sky : A Ralphthemoviemaker video and an IHE video on the same day? Now all we need is for YMS to upload to complete the circle.

Dylan Kennedy : I hate the news in YouTube

Platinum Viper : You should do the vid on on the fortnite community

slautrx : When my mom comes into my room and is like "Do you know the YouTube guy in the news?"

Connor S : ok we need more sketches like the army part

QuestionedTurkey : It's an absolute treat when you upload, always makes my day a lot better :)

Kian Mctierney : A YouTuber called Rags made a video on your last Jedi video, it is a waste of time and he got upset that you Liked it, while saying you got upset because people didn't like it. He says you have no points on why it's good, but his fans in the comments are saying that he destroyed you without points on how he did. I usually like his vids but I'd like to see your response on it to put the narcissistic prick in his place for once

Alec Denston : I hate hunt down the Freeman.

The Weird Part of Gaming : *a generic IHE comment*

Max Von Britannia : 11:10, Proof IHE does secretly love Cool Cat

logic Xeno8956 : 588 people from the news dislike the video

Channel 4 : *this is fake news.*

Lazar : 0:11 BREAKING: Ducks Cause Cancer

Elvar Snær Ágústsson : Love❤️❤️❤️❤️

SyntheticKill : I hate the news in general. It constantly reminds me how much i dislike humanity. I mean, you know my country is doomed for failure when a chicken shortage for KFC causes more outcry than what the current government has done to our NHS, economy, housing/poverty problem. Or the very future of this country which we still have no clue or idea what to do about. But yeah, let's just watch some guy chuck water in peoples faces, i'm sure that will go swimmingly with ever increasing acid attacks here as well.

Артур Чугай : Acually, the story about Russian bloger playing PG in church and getting arrested is 100% true. It is actually illegal to do this in Russia. But he was like "They will not REALY arrest me, it is stupid"

Eternal Reality : 6:06 Not unless you go to my school where that's basically the entire damn staff.

Hansbald : To be fair tho YouTube IS 97% total garbage Oh and brb I'm gonna buy a dog and teach it to Hitler salute

ineedtoyell : I hear you. You Tube has changed a lot since my brother and I started here in 2007. I still "watch" You Tube, but I don't make silly videos any more. My brother's channel was a basic tutorial on DIY 3D graphics. Don't look at mine unless you are very masochistic and in need of a verbal flogging. Since that time You Tube isn't the like the old community any more, too much commercialized with paid videos. Even CBS sells Stephen Colbert on You Tube. I never sold commercial spots on mine... although I image "they" are selling them now. I agree with you, I hate how the media abuses and disrespects You Tube. I also miss the way it was 10 years ago, long before Google got its claws into it.

Dr Shaym : Fun fact: we're at the point that more Americans trust Fox News to be unbiased than CNN. According to a study by Gallup and the Knight Foundation, only 13% of Americans trust CNN to be impartial, and it's even lower for NPR (10%), BBC (5%), MSNBC (4%), the New York Times (3%), and ABC (3%). For Fox News, it's 24%, which is still low, but that just goes to show how little Americans trust the media now.

dshaynie : Why is it i get stacks of comments telling me to die or go f myself but when i check the automated spam filter it only takes out comments that say wow great video and hey you’re awesome. At this point I think youtube makes their Algorithms like this on purpose

Espetuber / Natsuki FG : On that berry clip, I got a ad for Hangman. Couldn't be more ironic


Ladondorf : Sick Netflix list, Alex.

Drizzle Animations : “If I don’t understand how something works it’s horrible and it shouldn’t exist!” - The media

Mr.Loophole : Dude, this is the first video I've seen of this guy and.... I FREAKING LOVE THIS GUY!

Some Guy : exactly. more of ''the many are being punished for the few'' 'n' all that. Pewdiepie and Logan Paul, anyone? btw, don't get me wrong. I'm not ripping on Felix (he lost tons o' money *and* he apologized), I'm just saying it happened...jesus

Marshmallow Dragon : The only good pieces of news I've seen about youtube may be the unjustifiably few reports on the Yogscast's Jingle Jam, and how much money it made for charities.

Some Guy : haven't heard that name - Evalion in a while. glad Onision and Leafy took her down or YouTube would be Deep Webbed by now or something.

Fellow Content Creator : The news/TV hates youtube because youtube is it's direct competitor

Ray Bloody Purchase : It makes me very happy that you hate the Big Bang Theory 😏 10:57

SUPARSAM25 : Where is Gordon? Where is the Freeman!

Meerkat Chris : Hey, I know that old guy at 3:17! He used to come into the Pub I used to work at practically every day, here in the UK.

ANightDazingZoroark : I hate political correctness

That Guy In Green : Of course, they don't show how markiplier has raised a million dollars for charity Not monetioning how ihe has called bullshit on a lot of movies, and has made the movie industry a better place None of that Nah

KingCarrr : I might be wrong but are you voicing a character in Hunt Down The Freeman on Steam? watched the trailer and a guy sounded like you.

Brandon Hollingsworth : I don't have a fax machine, so how can I get it in a twist?


Arnob H : Who else heard Koreas instead of careers?