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DaDerp Bunny : I pick my nose and eat it, and sometimes I even slop around in the mud.

Elliot Ps 2 : This video is sponsored by *D E M O N E T I Z A T I O N*

mrcomp : IHE: The kiteman returns.

Michi Yaslana : Speaking of old people, my grandpa has discovered YT recently. He watches music videos, opera and westerns here. He has no idea who the Paul brothers are. ...my grandpa is a lucky bastard.

Retro Gaming : I'm from Germany and its not different here :(

TheUKNutter : Seriously, you don't understand. I lived with my grandparents for a month - who watch the BBC News twice a day every day - and there's always a YouTube news report/article EVERY 3 DAYS. The funny thing is that not only are these reports hilarious in that the writers have no clue what they're writing about, they indirectly tell anyone under 18 to never use YouTube at all, which is completely stupid. When will they ever stop talking about it?

Brilliant : The way I see YouTube is lots of people want to be heard. Lots of people have nothing to say

Matnetic564 : *5 seconds later* Youtube star "I hate everything" has been arrested this morning for murdering literally the entire UK population.

Elvar Snær Ágústson : Love❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jacob K. : Count Dancula is the guy who taught his girlfriend’s pug to do Nazi salutes. Hilarious guy. He even prefaces the video with how it’s a joke done just to annoy his girlfriend. He is in absolutely no way a Nazi, and I hope he can beat the charges when his case finally gets to court. Check him out. He is hilarious, but also Scottish so...might need a minute to understand what the f*ck he is actually saying.

Alec Denston : I hate hunt down the Freeman.


no : What about zedge? That cancerous ringtone app

Magicman205 : I work in the discharge unit of my city's largest hospital. Every day, I'm met with the grateful, happy smiles of patients that have been deemed well enough to finally check out and go home. Yet the TV in the discharge area is perpetually set to 24 hour news channels. It breaks my heart to see such happy people being forced to hear the angry, politically biased rants from news anchors on both sides about whatever gun control issue is happening or whatever Trump is up to.

Max Gregy : I hate Fortnite

Wofler : Make an I hate Mars Bars episode

Reckno64 : If anyone were smart they'd take everything the media says with a grain of salt. Media is always biased to cover the interesting stuff, and for the most part, the good side of Youtube isn't "interesting" compared to Logan Paul who filmed a dead body. I'd like to think most people knew not to make such rash assumptions, but you know.....the real world is stupid. :( I'll continue pushing for the great content on Youtube and point out the good side of this platform for the masses to see. :)

king Xeno8956 : 588 people from the news dislike the video

Wrong Think inc : Wonder who's doing the acid attacks? Idk, guess it's just part and parcel of living in a big city.

CaptainAceyTV : *C H I L D C A R E W O R K E R*

Bin Child : Thank God a Shape Of Water ad came on before I got pissed at that berry video

candiigurl7893 : Celery causes Cancer. Socks cause Cancer. Cancer causes Cancer.

ThatOneTails : I was just thinking as I clicked on the video, "What if the characters like Kiteman came back?" Then I shat myself

Platinum Viper : You should do the vid on on the fortnite community

Dylan Kennedy : I hate the news in YouTube

Connor S : ok we need more sketches like the army part

Some Guy : exactly. more of ''the many are being punished for the few'' 'n' all that. Pewdiepie and Logan Paul, anyone? btw, don't get me wrong. I'm not ripping on Felix (he lost tons o' money *and* he apologized), I'm just saying it happened...jesus

Kian Mctierney : A YouTuber called Rags made a video on your last Jedi video, it is a waste of time and he got upset that you Liked it, while saying you got upset because people didn't like it. He says you have no points on why it's good, but his fans in the comments are saying that he destroyed you without points on how he did. I usually like his vids but I'd like to see your response on it to put the narcissistic prick in his place for once

The Weird Part of Gaming : *a generic IHE comment*

Donkeyamazing : Nr. 19 Trending in Norway

Fellow Content Creator : The news/TV hates youtube because youtube is it's direct competitor

BenBen Gaming : Fake News

Player Juan : 11:11 wait does Alex like gorillaz

omgitsMeerkatChris : Hey, I know that old guy at 3:17! He used to come into the Pub I used to work at practically every day, here in the UK.

Alisdair Kennedy : I'm still waiting for 'I HATED 2017'

Matt Spicer : When IHE posts, it's always a treat ^_^

Virtual Kissing : When my mom comes into my room and is like "Do you know the YouTube guy in the news?"

Anime Problem : He wasn't arrested count dankula is still in court for that nazi pug joke

Zealot Shipmaster : Hey IHE i found someone whos just like every other person who says the same thing(hating things they like) but this guy has about 200,000 subs...have fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBvvp80eWR4&t=62s

stickysoap : Why do you have a copy of Destiny on your desk? 13:03

JedDraws : 0:12 Almost all the news is about ducks or dying... Seems accurate to me. BBC news in a nutshell.

Area51 Studios : *this is fake news.*

Seabiscuit : The dude at 8:17 has a YT channel called Count Dankula, he's been on that trial for almost two years

Chumpy the Anteater : I head banged so hard to Motörhead that my nose started bleeding I kept head banging but I gotta clean up otherwise people will think i murdered someone My room looks like a crime scene

Elvar Snær Ágústson : I love you

BanditRants : As a content creator here on this platform, I've seen and collabed with some of the most underrated channels ever. So much talent on this site, and so much great potential for high quality entertainment just like IHE. Sad that our cover girls had to be the Paul brothers.

Brad HD Gaming : No wonder theres alot of ads in this vid

Weaboo Dark Souls Player : The only good pieces of news I've seen about youtube may be the unjustifiably few reports on the Yogscast's Jingle Jam, and how much money it made for charities.

SUPARSAM25 : Where is Gordon? Where is the Freeman!