Those people that always treat your electronics as rough as possible.

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Jay Rich Edits : Lmfaoooo he dismantled ur phone by unlocking it 💀


KJ Setser : This is accurate

Jose Ortiz : I laughed when he grabbed his chest as he was beating up his laptop 😂

TzRhY : "all I did was unlock it bro".. best viner out 😂😂

xen : all i did was unlock it bro 💀

Chrisdlln : I let my homeboy borrow my GTA vice city in middle school.... tell me how he returned it with the case looking like it went through a blender

Tyler E : this is literally my mom she throws my phone

Elizabeth : Fucking lost it when he threw the laptop

crazymonkey : today is the day Caleb replys

NessGod : He beat tf outta that laptop..😞

Unoeth : The sound the laptop made after it hit the floor 😂😂😂😂

pink wixard : THIS IS MY COUSIN

Gloria Lee : today is my birthday, tysm❤❤

deadly playz : 0:43 is he beating his meat or the computer

gboy420blzit : should do a video about someone leaving the door open knowing the door was closed when he and or she came in this happens to me all the time

ItzPanduh : The way he was typing had me weak

Procsetor : 0:37 people be typing like that in my class and it's hella annoying lol

A A Ron Tha 1 : 0:23 that face had me dying bruh 😂😂😂😂

Lou Armistead : I saw this on instagram

Aaron Mcnair : How did did you get it like that?💔

SKYSDALIMIT : I just unlocked it bro

Weirdo Egg : Name of the songs?

JJ Johnson : Those grunts while hitting shit 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

alexswift2k : shout me out please please

Ddude 789 : Yooo this guy deserves way more cred den he gets

Gabe glover : Augh man I could feel the pain of that poor laptop

Amaterasu Master : tht last one he so stupid😂😂

Siphon : What's the song that starts at 1:05

Johsiah Luciano : the punching sounds bruh

mecca6801 : BRUH!!! LMAO

Queen.Savage132 : "Yo all i did was unlock it bro" "How did you get it like dat?"

LIL PR!NC3 : ayyeeee tennyson for the outro

Philosophe27 : All too real and the people who do this still have the audacity to put salt on the wound by asking if anything's wrong and keeping a straight face. Hahaha, great video.

gboy420blzit : sometimes i let my brother play 2k on my xbox and one time when i got it back my wire was bout torn apart and the the same thing to my controller.

Rahul Krishna : Calebcity vs longbeachgriffy :)

TytheGod : He beat that laptop like it was a runaway slave 😂😂😂😂

Marco beast : H...How... How did you get it like that? Got me weak.

Jelani Mays-Smith : He most def had his own fone too, ain't even offer it

Aaron Mcnair : 👊🔥😨😭

Misael Suarez : omg 🤣🤣

Cassidy Murphy : lol 😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂

Retrospektiv : Yooo the Tennyson outro though 👌

Warrior's Vids : This describes my lil sister so well

Cold Prince : sup cabe......shout out please

yammmuru is the on3 : Lmfao

Khalil Archer : What is the sad piano song?

tio del sicario jit : My cousin does that

Jesse Nicholls : “All i did was unlock it” XD

Wyatt Cusick : 0:43 *B L A C K* D A D