Those people that always treat your electronics as rough as possible.

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Jay Rich Edits : Lmfaoooo he dismantled ur phone by unlocking it 💀

KJ Setser : This is accurate

TzRhY : "all I did was unlock it bro".. best viner out 😂😂

Jose Ortiz : I laughed when he grabbed his chest as he was beating up his laptop 😂


xen : all i did was unlock it bro 💀

chrisdlln : I let my homeboy borrow my GTA vice city in middle school.... tell me how he returned it with the case looking like it went through a blender

YoungOne_x : He beat that laptop like it was a runaway slave 😂😂😂😂

GamingWithUno : The sound the laptop made after it hit the floor 😂😂😂😂

Mr. AlWaYsHuNgRy : "Yo all i did was unlock it bro" "How did you get it like dat?"

Gamer Godz : How did did you get it like that?💔

Procsetor : 0:37 people be typing like that in my class and it's hella annoying lol

Tyler E : this is literally my mom she throws my phone

ItzPanduh : The way he was typing had me weak

llcrazymonkeyll : today is the day Caleb replys

pink wixard : THIS IS MY COUSIN

Sundiata Williamson : Dude I dont know how you have me cryin after every skit. You're amazing dude. You have found a comedic route & platform that really works for you &the way you tell your stories/thoughts. I really appreciate your vids & humor

deadly playz : 0:43 is he beating his meat or the computer

ryann45 : "how did you get it like that" LOL

Ddude 789 : Yooo this guy deserves way more cred den he gets

Gabe glover : Augh man I could feel the pain of that poor laptop

Marcobeast666 _ : H...How... How did you get it like that? Got me weak.

Concord Boi : 0:23 that face had me dying bruh 😂😂😂😂

Maki-risu : He really acted like he did *NOTHING WRONG!*

Philosophe27 : All too real and the people who do this still have the audacity to put salt on the wound by asking if anything's wrong and keeping a straight face. Hahaha, great video.

Gothic Orphan : He literally *"unlocked"* his phone screws.

Alphus : Bruh computer abuse Computer lives matter! 😂

SKYSDALIMIT : I just unlocked it bro

Gloria Lee : today is my birthday, tysm❤❤

Hayden Amarantes : OMFG the minute he started bashing the shit outta that laptop I lost it 😂

Nomad : the punching sounds bruh

Rahul Krishna : Calebcity vs longbeachgriffy :)

Amaterasu Master : tht last one he so stupid😂😂

FartingCheese1 : Reminds me of my step brother, dude was getting all mad at a game he was playing on MY Xbox 360 and with my controller, so every time he lost he would start hitting the controller on the floor, eventually the case of the controller kinda broke on the left handle

Cold Prince : sup cabe......shout out please

Lil FishStick : Name of the songs?

Siphon : What's the song that starts at 1:05

Craig Ballo-allo : All I did was unlock it bro

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : I'm the person who treats my electrons as rough as possible

Finest Finesser : so original in his content. I respect that.

Lou Armistead : I saw this on instagram

Sophie Filo : Those people who insist on picking up your laptop by the screen... >_>

Yung Eli : can i get a shout out

UnrealUploads : That tennyson at the end, great taste

anoja31 : Bro when he was slamming on that keyboard I actually had a stroke damn

Hunter S : Reminds me of any time I lend someone a pencil with an eraser on it

David Tanner : Broke too laptops. When you’re working on a project and you’re computer freezes, that computer got its ass beat.

MegaRock Plays : this video speaks to me soooooooooo much because i do have friends like that

Black Cat Tres : This is the kind of tech abuse that ends relationships 😆😅😂😣😐😲😖😢😭😧😬😡😠😵

2ToTheDome : *tears* how did you get it like tht lol