A Zebra Shark Wont' Let This Diver Work

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Nate White : I NEED THAT JOB!!!!!!

Madison Elaine : Lil puppy awww

Cinnamon : g u d b o y e

Elijah Swift : It’s probably my imagination. But it looks like the Shark is actually smiling! One of the sweetest videos I’ve ever seen!

Randi Higginbotham : Did I just watch a shark become a water dog?

Kaila Lynch : This is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen

cjkrupa24 : I'm going to the beach tomorrow to try this on the first shark I see

Thao Land : that's a weird looking dog

ProfineDoesStuff :/ : So cute. I would love to see him try with a great white

Gretta Clarkson : I never thought of a shark as squishy 😆

PitLord777 : Other fish in the aquarium: The hell...?

Dylan Yee : It's more like the diver won't let the shark swim, which is fine because I think the shark wants that.

Marion Smith : The Shape of Water, 2018

zoeee : Look at it's little smile I can't even 😭😍😍

thatallredheadude 1 : this is the side of Jaws fake new doesnt show the public

CarnivorousCowMan : it looks like it's smiling

Night Sky Studios : THE CUTENESS

Joshua Delia : He came up to him like " Hello Fren, Tummy Rubs Plz ????"

ohokok : i thought sharks needed to keep moving in order for oxygen to pass through their gills?

Ismook : The shark wants a hug

Seve Hynes30 : “Hooman, wot doing, I halp?” “No water dog it’s fine I’m-“ “I HALP.”

Tracie Attword : Can't believe shark and fish love hugs and petting so cute.:-)

This guy : What a weird dog

Kay Skywalker : must've been a dog in a previous life.

Pandia bee : Does anyone else wonder why the diver has the smallest sponge possible for cleaning that large area of glass???

rakkrisr123 : I did that to a tiger shark while snorkeling now he's my water puppy

Crystal Walker : Fish are friend, not food

flame pelt : so cute

Mara Naomi : Big Baby

yoshibfc : What if jaws only wanted a belly rub and they just blew him up instead

Infinity : That's a dog.

The Shiny Shinx : He put the shark in a trance like stage, it's called tonic immobility

maliciousheart : Diver: I'm gonna give you a nice belly rub! Shark: Oh cool! A free jerk off <3

Satirical : The shark went all limp, letting the guy pet it however xD

IIAXOTIGG : 50 shades of blue

John Dunaway : Spoiled

Sally : Splish splash doggo

digitalXmage : More like: diver decides to slack off and belly rub shark instead

Nasreen Fathima : Even fish want scoochi....mooochi!😰 that's New, but looks cute😄

Wendy Muir : Listen very closely, and you can hear the diver singing "I love my job!... I love my job!..."

Troian Kate : Lizza was right, they’re sea dogs

Autumn Moon : Awww~! It wants belly rubs! It's like a dog in friendly Shark form...

srirsarz ıı : *Its a water doggo.*

GulagForAll : The other fish are so jealous

Cyndee Kuttler : This is the best!

101Binary Ray101 : which aquarium is this?

Dan Jacob : So! Who said fish have no feelings?!

oldfrend : imagine living with fins your whole life when suddenly... you get an itch on your belly. yeah.

Brooke B : Should be called a cheetah shark..

Daviona Clemons : I expected something a little more sinister..