A Zebra Shark Wont' Let This Diver Work

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Nate White : I NEED THAT JOB!!!!!!

Madison Brooke : Lil puppy awww

Randi Higginbotham : Did I just watch a shark become a water dog?

Kaila Lynch : This is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen

cjkrupa24 : I'm going to the beach tomorrow to try this on the first shark I see

ProfineDoesStuff :/ : So cute. I would love to see him try with a great white

Cinnamon : g u d b o y e

Dylan Yee : It's more like the diver won't let the shark swim, which is fine because I think the shark wants that.

Thao Land : that's a weird looking dog

PitLord777 : Other fish in the aquarium: The hell...?

Night Sky Studios : THE CUTENESS

CarnivorousCowMan : it looks like it's smiling

ohokok : i thought sharks needed to keep moving in order for oxygen to pass through their gills?

zoeee : Look at it's little smile I can't even 😭😍😍

Ismook : The shark wants a hug

Kay Skywalker : must've been a dog in a previous life.

Tracie Attword : Can't believe shark and fish love hugs and petting so cute.:-)

Joshua Delia : He came up to him like " Hello Fren, Tummy Rubs Plz ????"

This guy : What a weird dog

flame pelt : so cute

Gretta Clarkson : I never thought of a shark as squishy 😆

Infinity : That's a dog.

Autumn Moon : Awww~! It wants belly rubs! It's like a dog in friendly Shark form...

The Shiny Shinx : He put the shark in a trance like stage, it's called tonic immobility

maliciousheart : Diver: I'm gonna give you a nice belly rub! Shark: Oh cool! A free jerk off <3

Sally : Splish splash doggo

111Bionary Ray111 : which aquarium is this?

Crystal Walker : Fish are friend, not food

Cyndee Kuttler : This is the best!

IIAXOTIGG : 50 shades of blue

Satirical : The shark went all limp, letting the guy pet it however xD

tantaluss68 : turn your camera sideways

Alexandra Bayer : Don't sharks need to be constantly moving in order to get oxygen? When the diver was holding it, was it just not breathing?

srirsarz ıı : *Its a water doggo.*

yoshibfc : What if jaws only wanted a belly rub and they just blew him up instead

iBlyat : The other fish are so jealous

familyguymeg : good water doggo

Troian Kate : Lizza was right, they’re sea dogs

Gingerbread00d : and then the shark subsequently died, the end

Cassiopia B : Good dogo

Rosalyn B : Awwwww scratchin his tummyblike he's a water dog lol!

Blitzy : Should be called a cheetah shark..

Tracy Sault : Shark puppy

Toobula : It seems like the upside down tummy rub runs across fish and amphibians. Toads and frogs, lizards (from small to aligator) love it to, or at last look like they do as they go still. Among mammals, it's the head rub, from rats to dolphins and all in-between, we all love to have our head scritched.

Wendy Muir : Listen very closely, and you can hear the diver singing "I love my job!... I love my job!..."

MyLynn Rose : I expected something a little more sinister..

Sammy K. : so its a sea puppy

Damien McDallydally : Diver holding shark against its will.

Seve Hynes30 : “Hooman, wot doing, I halp?” “No water dog it’s fine I’m-“ “I HALP.”

hecc uwu : *Such a good boy :'3*