Starsky & Hutch - meeting Huggy Bear

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UNSUBOXINGTV : so much knowledge

Tyler Anderson : 'Right.' 'So we're cool.' 'We're always cool, breeze. Lower your pieces.'

CreativeMcwritold : I read it in a magazine..

NaughtyBoyCutler : Guy with the beret looks and sounds like a black vin diesel.

Hunter Pence : "I don't got it" lmao

OfficialFrizzo : They're inside a private residence. They can carry as many weapons as they want. Bitch ass Starsky.

mukandy23 : Haha I like how their gangsters but smart as hell!

Just Ask : Luxembourgian here Love that scene xD

Izayah Luna-Goddard : Oh HELL yeah... 1:52

MrCoffeemugman : I read it in a magazine...

JackRabbit819 : deez niggas is educated as hell

Martin Gangas : Shoot him in da ass. Same thing :)

Kat Karsecs : Snoop Dog is so genius in this movie!

tmoney0728 : the dude with the glasses is hilarious

Ruth-Elizabeth Page : I thought Snoop was brilliant as Huggy! This was SUCH a fun film. x

baddmanaz : you can learn a great deal by hanging out with huggy bear and his boys.

juandhaltrich : 'no i dont DIG'

Avada Kedavra : Best scene in the movie lmao

Marcell Less : 01:35 "Hell naw"

James Roberts : fo' shizzle

MilitantPoet : "...I read it in a magazine..."

Rick Phan : corky's tail got shot off? LOL this is my favorite part of the movie

steeb : Luxembourg, terrariums, defense mechanisms of iguanas... You never know what you'll learn at a meeting with violent, well-educated gangsters. And now I know! Thanks Huggy Bear! :D

jpb11380 : "yea, its true, i read it in a magazine" :D

Jerrell : na na na na na

Lobo tomy' : Best scene of the movie, I've always loved this scene.

4u2luvvvv : i wish they cud make a second versian of this movie its fkn funny as

Spencer Long : Lmao

ZHEER : Haha 2:12 "So,him shooting Korkie's tail off and us shooting him in the ass,it really ain't the same thing"

IzRyu : lol wut? 2:07

James Valentine : The sunglass guy was a really well knowledge's fella.

keyboardcommando : huggy bear is one cool cat ya dig?

Omar Abdullah : @crazymrlee its a independent sovereign state established after the treaty of vienna. Thats the difference. Eurpoean law doesnt apply only the laws set by the constitutional monarchy

Ajay Srinivaasan : Me Too

TheGodParticle : Murdering thugs are now employed by film studios, just great.

Bill Bright : Woe,, you guys got guns? What's da word on da street hug?

Lions 88 : huggy bears boys are like the bottom of a snapple lid

afrohoofd12 : @aridogg2 or pull out his nails:P they grow back xD

afrohoofd12 : i dont got it xD owned

Eli : lol

vidhead85 : what What's the song that plays when they go to meet him? I've heard it but never got the name of it

juandhaltrich : @hotterthanshit " or not. it's cool. im good "

KevinRCFree28 : You DIG?

WHOTHAFUCK : nope. false. ass

KerrBox : thijk of us uh,luxenberg!

KerrBox : ya dig? no i donnt "dig"

Solinger Türken : the man of Huggy know so much like a professor xD

DragonFireAML : Vinny and Astroid sent me.

Long Poker : thanks for uploading this. I lvoe this scene.

kaptenrobert : papa snoop