Falseface starring Will Forte and Brian Petsos

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Falseface is the all too common tale of a friendship on the rocks. Victor (a man with a grotesquely long beard) offers Nathan a relaxing weekend respite at a cottage on Seneca Lake. Nathan can't go. No, he won't go! Victor must make some major changes in order for their friendship to continue. credits: Starring Will Forte and Brian Petsos. Directed by Will Carlough. Story by Brian Petsos. Shot by Matt Elkind and Jennifer Johnson. Edited by Kramer O'Neill. Sound by Peter Fonda. Produced by Meredith Saunders and Liz Gallagher. Special thanks to Kristen Wiig.

Comments from Youtube

Joey Di Franco : @SkillingFTW None of them has any bread, that I saw.

Chris Lew : beard man might be ringo..in 1965..except with a beard.

Sierra Mist : He doesn't look like him, but Forte kind of reminds me of Michael Showalter.

modechick101 : genius twist! oh Will Forte your eyes are so dreamy <333

lbr218 : @SkillingFTW yes, and the guy with the beard is kristen wiig's (also from snl) boyfriend.

Klunk234 : CLONE HIGH ABE!

part2themovie : you can be a loser in both for starters... You can save this message, in 10 years you'll get a good laugh.

Adam Donovan : what does a holofractal universe have to do with video game references? Are you high?

part2themovie : You know, obvious statements like "your strength is in your muscles" is funny because we're in a holofractal universe. it's kinda like Video game references.. somebody please understand me I'm losing my mutha fukin mind!!! ARGHHHHHH.... the pain No.. im cool

Joseph Scott : Falseface was a villain on the old Batman tv show, and I've jerked off to pictures in art books before too, so I could really relate to this.

thedavidallen : I really like the solid acting and credit sequence in this.

neomikel : hahahaha

Jonathan Salazar : that was heart breaking!!! i thought the mask was stupid till the music kicked un

TurnipTruckProd : Wait for it... Good stuff.

xxstealthyxx : You Guys Are Amazing! 5 Star's Dale

Ultradude : HAHAHA! But Will Forte should've go along with it at the end!

Drmachin : Ha, the power of the masks we are wearing.

Brigada510 : rofl

iamsummahtime : hahahaha... ridiculous.

pumpkinpeye : haha, hilarious!