Falseface starring Will Forte and Brian Petsos

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Klunk234 : CLONE HIGH ABE!

Ultradude : HAHAHA! But Will Forte should've go along with it at the end!

Chris Lew : beard man might be ringo..in 1965..except with a beard.

TurnipTruckProd : Wait for it... Good stuff.

lbr218 : @SkillingFTW yes, and the guy with the beard is kristen wiig's (also from snl) boyfriend.

xxstealthyxx : You Guys Are Amazing! 5 Star's Dale

thedavidallen : I really like the solid acting and credit sequence in this.

iamsummahtime : hahahaha... ridiculous.

Adam Donovan : what does a holofractal universe have to do with video game references? Are you high?

Joey Di Franco : @SkillingFTW None of them has any bread, that I saw.

pumpkinpeye : haha, hilarious!

modechick101 : genius twist! oh Will Forte your eyes are so dreamy <333

Sierra Mist : He doesn't look like him, but Forte kind of reminds me of Michael Showalter.

Jonathan Salazar : that was heart breaking!!! i thought the mask was stupid till the music kicked un

Drmachin : Ha, the power of the masks we are wearing.

part2themovie : You know, obvious statements like "your strength is in your muscles" is funny because we're in a holofractal universe. it's kinda like Video game references.. somebody please understand me I'm losing my mutha fukin mind!!! ARGHHHHHH.... the pain No.. im cool

part2themovie : you can be a loser in both for starters... You can save this message, in 10 years you'll get a good laugh.

Joseph Scott : Falseface was a villain on the old Batman tv show, and I've jerked off to pictures in art books before too, so I could really relate to this.

neomikel : hahahaha

Brigada510 : rofl

smokelakes : @Spunky387 i know shiet