Value Select's Seeing Eye Knife

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idempotency : Seeing Eye Recreational Nuke

Brooks : And the lord spoke and said, "This day shall end with a value select video." And it was good.

aphrosu : We're weeviling deeper into the core of Value Select pathos

Blood1erthanyou Gaming : This is gonna be a popular one I feel it in my bones. The dankest YouTube haiku.

Tazersguad : I hope this Value Select Knife can open up my T H I R D eye

lucaraimew : Knife!

Matthew McGown : seeing eye ford f-150

Derek Lowrie : Can I get this bundled with the shirt and Limited Edition NICE! 8track?

ZigFZ : I wish I was blind so I could use this

CrackerMilk : Holy shit this is pure gold.

talascio : Is there an option for the hearing impaired coming soon? I think something like "timed explosives for the deaf" would be helpful to people suffering from hearing loss.

Dongeluv : now THIS is BUSINESS

EpicDonutDude : Looks like the knife from cs 1.6

JindoUK : Seeing Eye Pen - For people who can't read

Spiked Blueshell : I watched this like 17 times already

Ralph Smit : *stabbing noises*

Jarvak : damn boy, is that some Brian Ellis?

libaral destroyear : anal beads

Nathan Crowell : Ahh jeez, a seeing eye gun... what's next, a seeing eye pitbull?

Janarik : I'm gonna order mine today!

Tom Griffiths : brilliant

close personal acquaintance : Does this come in crossbow?

FjfNStuff : With this knife you can see much sharper than before

CodexKnife : Can I get my seeing eye phone charger back? thanks

Lol That’s Epic : Yeah I think this is my new favorite video

Jwallison : " And now, poppy warlow brings you, twelve dead after blind man stabs infants after school releases"

shamz0rz : Version 2.0 needs to come equipped with a figure 8 to the face function in case of bankers

Some Random Edgy Guy : I don't even have a sharp pun for this comment section it!

Staudinka : Will the seeing eye knife allow my blind friend to enjoy your videos?

Guybrush Threepwood : Now I'm curious is the seeing eye gun great for kids to use or great for use on kids?

MX21 : When you shipping them t-shirts, boy?

Inside & Out : Genuine question... Are you real?

bringUrTowel : great video man! I really liked it~ <3

maxchutch : Always love the editing

Xezav : No more living in darkness, now you can live with sharpness.

Mateusz Magiera : I bless this channel with more subscribers

ivo bakovic : Im speechless.

Animal Mother : sweet mirth :)

Celeste Wechter : Prime

wombat supreme : I love you

thomas kovacs : Blind Jews can actually smell there way around town with their honking shnoz

LAMP - spookey edition : Seen *DARKNESS*