Frank Sinatra - New York, New York in minor key

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David Boucard : Ah yes, the lesser-known recording "Blue York, Blue York" by Frank Sinistera

Oleg Berg : Guys, thanks a lot for your feedback! Indeed, it's been a while/ I was busy surviving, actually, since it's not easy here in my hometown. But I'm back in the project! (And of course this rework is from major to minor, we made a mistake in titles)

Yomarz : This is what you hear in a seedy mob-run NYC casino

ANGUSRAZE : it sounds like a Disney villains theme tune now lmao

Nick E. Doom : Been a while

Willmo Rolfe : Where have you been, dude?

mazzak : This feels like a bond theme now

James Mazur : Isn't this in a minor key now? And the original song was in a major key?

Nathan Gatten : I hope things are getting better in the Ukraine. Stay well

ItsTheAOK : Your major to minor conversions make such inspiringly villainous music - I always picture it accompanying the reveal of a villain in a film, or a tragic ending, or a pessimistic art feature.

misterjakester : Sounds like a rising in power mob boss maliciously planning his evil deeds looking down at the city out of his high class apartment

Devin Colborn : He's back! Where ya been, Oleg? It's been like, 900 years since we heard from you! I love Major/Minor key transpositions (my favorite song of yours is "Be Worry, Don't Happy." That song cracks me up!) Anyway, thank you for posting this & all your amazing content. :)


dpazavalos : Oh man I forgot I was still subbed. Great to see y’all back!

elazarn2 : sounds minor to me.

PaintraSeaPea : when gremlins have taken over the whole town

DellDuckfan313 : I'm just dying to have you do the James Bond theme after this. Hope things are better in Ukraine, by the way!

Jontin Murfee : God has come back to us.

mandel94 : Good to have you back!

Ben Mackenzie : This song is Nick leaving New York at the end of The Great Gatsby

Kalle : When Trump walks through NY.

pharmavenom2 : Where have you been lately???

Gigidag77 : as sung on 10/11

t : Not major!!

298hep23879asb845 : Welcome back Oleg, glad you're okay!

devogaliano : What a coincidence...I just randomly thought of this channel again and it turns out you uploaded today.

ApocOfWind : This is definitely minor.

iuretz : с возвращением в информационное пространство


Азар Явед : C возвращением!

Panis Angelicus : This sounds really badass!

TOGYSE : Welcome back.

Richard Price : This should be played at Yankee Stadium whenever the Yankees lose instead of the regular version :(

RICHIEMKW : Post 9/11 New York

Kor O'Connell : Annndd the video isn't available... great

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : New York, the city of crippling insomnia.

Void of Space and Time : knifes open csgo

chiffmonkey : Isn't this major to minor?

Peter Hartley : Welcome back, Oleg! Keep em coming, if you can!

Koen G : Start spreading the blues

TheStockwell : Wow. Wow wow wow. You can quote me on that, too.

André Leonardo : I don't want to sleep in the city that never wakes up, thanks.

EitiHoly : It says this video isn't available :( Edit: on my phone at least, I'll have to check it out on my computer

Alex Winter : Orchestra spoils the mood. I'd leave only contrabass.

Jmac217 : Ooph

Rainbow Doodler209 : A year later, the legend comes back.

Daris Alfafa 2 : How do you actually do this? Did you just look up for the thirds, sixths, and sevenths and alter them or how?

Kizin : Honey are u ok

Matt the Terrier : Even in minor key, it doesn't sound bad.

blalo'u : You're alive!