Frank Sinatra - New York, New York in minor key

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David Boucard : Ah yes, the lesser-known recording "Blue York, Blue York" by Frank Sinistera

Oleg Berg : Guys, thanks a lot for your feedback! Indeed, it's been a while/ I was busy surviving, actually, since it's not easy here in my hometown. But I'm back in the project! (And of course this rework is from major to minor, we made a mistake in titles)

Yomarz : This is what you hear in a seedy mob-run NYC casino

ANGUSRAZE : it sounds like a Disney villains theme tune now lmao

mazzak : This feels like a bond theme now

misterjakester : Sounds like a rising in power mob boss maliciously planning his evil deeds looking down at the city out of his high class apartment

RICHIEMKW : Post 9/11 New York

ItsTheAOK : Your major to minor conversions make such inspiringly villainous music - I always picture it accompanying the reveal of a villain in a film, or a tragic ending, or a pessimistic art feature.

Nathan Gatten : I hope things are getting better in the Ukraine. Stay well

Koen G : Start spreading the blues

☢Kalle🚀 : When Trump walks through NY.

James Mazur : Isn't this in a minor key now? And the original song was in a major key?

sydney l : This sounds like the theme song of a super villain who just moved to Manhattan.

Willmo Rolfe : Where have you been, dude?

Nick E. Doom : Been a while

Richard Price : This should be played at Yankee Stadium whenever the Yankees lose instead of the regular version :(

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : New York, the city of crippling insomnia.

DellDuckfan313 : I'm just dying to have you do the James Bond theme after this. Hope things are better in Ukraine, by the way!

Devin Colborn : He's back! Where ya been, Oleg? It's been like, 900 years since we heard from you! I love Major/Minor key transpositions (my favorite song of yours is "Be Worry, Don't Happy." That song cracks me up!) Anyway, thank you for posting this & all your amazing content. :)


Ben Mackenzie : This song is Nick leaving New York at the end of The Great Gatsby

PaintraSeaPea : when gremlins have taken over the whole town

Original_Username 45 : I was expecting frank to start maniacally laughing at the end

Jontin Murfee : God has come back to us.

dpazavalos : Oh man I forgot I was still subbed. Great to see y’all back!

Kor O'Connell : Annndd the video isn't available... great

elazarn2 : sounds minor to me.

Mat Montgomery : Welcome back! Hope things are getting better in your area!

Brandon Guzman : I sincerely love how putting any good song in minor key instantly makes it at least 5 times more threatening

peacelord : A more realistic sounding song about moving to New York.


Panis Angelicus : This sounds really badass!

decentradical : “The past is a gaping hole. You try to run from it, but the more you run, the deeper, more terrible it grows behind you, its edges yawning at your heels. Your only chance is to turn around and face it. But it’s like looking down into the grave of your love, or kissing the mouth of a gun, a bullet trembling in its dark nest, ready to blow your head off.”

BarrCode674 : The Yankees lose.

iuretz : с возвращением в информационное пространство

devogaliano : What a coincidence...I just randomly thought of this channel again and it turns out you uploaded today.

Gigidag77 : as sung on 10/11

ApocOfWind : This is definitely minor.

mandel94 : Good to have you back!

Азар Явед : C возвращением!

t : Not major!!

pharmavenom2 : Where have you been lately???

Unsweet Tea & Mozzarella Sticks : Welcome back.

298hep23879asb845 : Welcome back Oleg, glad you're okay!

Inspector Javert : Can you do the full song in minor key please

Armadyllo : holy shit he's bacl

Frosty Mac : Hell’s Kitchen, Hell’s Kitchen

Caleb Verdu : This guy is insanely good either way, but I think some of the chords are a bit off on this one. Granted it's a difficult song.

Kevin Coleman : I feel like this could be used in a film montage where the lead character moves to New York City from a small town but ends up in a rough neighborhood. Great video!

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