NBA PLAYOFFS: Drazen Press Conference
One of the great post match press conferences LA Lakers Drazen

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Siddeek Jamal and Drazen Krestovozdhenovich share their thoughts after the game. Subscribe: Website: Twitter: Facebook:


BTS&Army Rock : When I seen hasan I dieddd😂🤣

yamsnz : hahaha you guys never fail me

Raptorel : Hodor

jojotanify : i can see where superwoman gets her inspiration from

hamooon : yes

Dr. Steven Brule : I'm sad this is so under appreciated.

ATLegends 10 : This is hilarious dude... You guys are the best

Joey L : lol he makes a vid about racism with ashton, this is offensive to NBA players, rofl

Estevan Garcia : Ovechkin?

Sanjay Manaktala : This. Is. Amazing. 

Goonie Versity : LMAO IM DEAD