Steven Ho Hits Conan With Bruce Lee's One Inch Punch - CONAN on TBS

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Unyt : *Im not gonna go full power*

VIPKID Vault : That's not how Bruce Lee used to do it. Bruce Lee sprang forward from his rear foot. That was the first part. Then twisted his torso at the waist, adding acceleration. Next he punched his fist forward as most people do, but in a straight line. Finally, he rocked his fist *upward*, so that his ring finger and little finger knuckles moved forward as well. A bit like cracking a whip. Bruce had toughened his ring and little finger knuckles especially as you can see in photographs of his fists. These knuckles were clearly prominent from the callouses. So it was not merely throwing your fist forward, but a combination of several points in the body added together sequentially. The outcome is that those knuckles accelerate very quickly.

MrAlexTuan : In the last minute,that wasn't Bruce Lee!That's Nicholas 赵四.😂😂Any Chinese here?

Joshua Lagrimas : "You can have full power in 1 inch" I think we are saved guys :D

yababy : What was that, Balsa Wood!?

Agomon Hossain : This is fake the wood is a paid actor

MaveNik Chords : Noy even close to Bruce lee one punch.

Kobaspire : And.... down to the comments section, to glean the knowledge from the martial arts experts and Bruce Lee historians.... 🧐

Ron Volz : "You can cause my heart to stop beating?" "We can try" XD

Joe G. : alot of power out of 1' lol

AFK : it would've been hilarious if Conan also accidentally punched the guy holding the board lmao!

Karate Cow : “Idk I can try.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ethan Hernandez : 2:34 the voice crack

Vineyard -GHS- : Completely doing the one-inch punch wrong starts with the lifting of your heels whipping your entire body to create a ripple affect that snaps your shoulders and sends kinetic energy through your arm this imposters just pushing him

BC 23 : Looks like Conan and the other guy switched shoes 😂

Akram Safirul : That ho seems eager to actually kill conan lol

Nadji Fadel : *Boards don't hit back*

jackson sparrow : "You can get alot of power outta one inch, I know that" lol

TexasGTO : 0:54 Conan genuinely pissed lol

Savate Dragon : I already have the punch. I need the tracksuit. Anybody know where l can get one.😁💪👊👏👏

Outed : Everybody can Do 1 Inch Punch on a Old Wood board

Mr Skill- : 2:14 Obviously using fake boards made of foam listen to the snap sound it makes.

behinderteleberwurst : Just make sure you twerk.

Russell Sykes : BUT can he do the HALF INCH Punch

TheDarKnight 45 : Reminds me of that dbz movie called ressirection F where Goku did that to👍

Shelby Seelbach : Steven Ho hits Conan with Steven Ho's one inch punch. Only Bruce Lee could hit Conan work Bruce Lee's one inch punch.

SsilenceTv : Im going full power in my bed if you now what i mean XD

shadapakap : "You can get a lot of power out of one inch...I know that."

youngrasheed314 : That description is hilarious.

Kentonthelucario : That's what Sandy cheeks wore

Potato Quality : Title is misleading. I thought it was Bruce Lee

Jasper Moore : Lol Who just hits someone in the solar plexus without warning?

Franco Fallone : what an exaggeration to call it a 1 inch punch

Mohammed Shakkir : He was running around bcoz of the pain

hhh 555 : if u slowed to 0.25 u can see the man holding the wood broke it just before he hit it

Noseefood : Conan looks like a giant yellow popcicle.

WMB TV : Now learn the 1 inch thrust

Afnan Rahman : It was crazy 😯😦😧👀

Elvie Chrissy : *Boards don't hit back*

SuperGaleford : Balsa wood

john bingham : A properly done 0 to 6 inch punch should generate almost as much energy as a sidekick. The power comes from the hips and the demonstrator did not have the proper stance or proper use of the body's leverage.

Planetar : I just predicting future. This running around gonna be gif.

Scott Caliguire : Yah but Bruce Lee had strength and sent the dude flying back 4 feet

Steve Fox Jr : Bruce Lee was a true martial artist and he invented his own martial art called Jeet Kune Do which is similar to MMA. He was not seen fighting in a professional match but he fought and defeated some Master, there is a footage where he owns his pupil in a real sparing Match and on set for Enter The Dragon he was challenged by some guys and he beat them all. So STFU haters if you know nothing. If Bruce Lee wasn't a fighter he would have not created his own martial art. It requires much more than being an actor.

Kuro : Bruce Lee's one inch can send you flying

wqad654 : In the world there is only one Bruce Lee. You cannot have the other. If someone wants to be Bruce Lee, it's impossible. I LOVE BRUCE LEE AND HIS STYLE JEET KUNE DO! WE LOVE YOU, BRUCE LEE. Bruce Lee, You are legend - in the world. Thank you, Bruce Lee!!!!! I LOVE YOU....

Teow Hai Way : Steven to his staffs: remember, we must make Conan looks strong.

ckeller 89 : Wow the moon in the backround looks different here

Ry Hartley : That's nothing. Bruce Lee put someone on their ass with the 1 inch punch. He didn't pull back at all, either, just went straight forward 😂

elpechu : Hahahaha