finally meeting my VRchat friend from Korea in real life

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Syrmor : If you'd like to keep up with my adventures and updates about the channel drop a follow at

Jinsoul : Friendship entered the chat

Versaucey : This comment section is as wholesome as the video.

Simon when he fell on his face : I want friendships like this :)

riaxelizabeth._ : dont know why this is in my recommended but i love it

Maritza Reyes : jae is so cute uwu

GoHerping : Your videos are not supposed to be this cinematically wholesome but oh baby it was a nice surprise

Doukz : "So when you're in the military, there's no women right?" "So like, you have a bunch of guys, who are like early twenties." _"ya"_ "and you're not allowed to use the internet, and you have no women." "So you know what I'm getting at." _"ya ya ya"_ "What am I getting at?" _"... I don't know."_

JK : Now you have to go to korea.

Bobbicorn : When you making your first feature length, m8?

specku : *Watches this video* Don't say it Don't Say it Don't Say it Don't Say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it me: "This is wholesome"

skypie 700 : That's so cool and sweet that you met him! I hope y'all had fun!

A.R.M.Y 4 EVER!! : I’m still stuck on the fact that a guy went to jail for saying another guys peepee was huge

Victoria : “You know what I’m getting at” “Ya ya ya” “What am I getting at?” “Hmm” “i don’t know” He’s so -PRECIOUS-

emanandchill : 10:07 $540 wtf. We need to get this man some money back.

Peach bootyhoe : Jae is so cute tf even

Jerjer King : This is so wholesome in all levels

Wyatt Fritz : This was like an emotional movie that no one wants to end.

Falkor YT : I have one thing to say.... *That we are very fucking good at karaoke*

jimbon x : 3:20 _im friends with that hotdog vendor and the others on that street... my dad knows all of them.. so they want to* give me free hotdogs.._ IM SO SHOOK

satan lives : And people think video games make us anti social

Cat Poke : You made a real friend on VRchat. My goodness, this channel is excellent

Upsetto Speghetto : This was so wholesome and honestly I ended up crying at the end when you guys had to say goodbye to him. The friendship between you guys is honestly... wholesome.

Rakenessa : The taxi driver story makes me angry. >:( :(

Tamatoa is glam : i came here for laughs not tears

VR Trapman : Loved it.


gabino alonso : The editing on this video is crazy you have true talent

Vladimir Hernandez : I wish jae's karaoke solo was on Spotify

namaeless : i didn't even notice the video was 20 minutes because i was having so much fun watching y'all have fun

Nayeonnie : no i didn’t cry what are you talking about

Elizabeth Ka : This story about friendship is so sweet.

Joinsideke : The rare, good side of the internet.

Sweet Nightmare Gaming : It's incredible the people and stories you find, Syrmor.

Qwonk : Woah this is really cool i'ma meet some Japanese friends soon ❤️❤️

Stackin ENT : That shit was one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen

mary alice nova : a couple of months ago i watched your vr videos and i enjoyed them, this video came up in my recommended and i decided to watch it. i’m sobbing right now and i don’t know why. this genuinely made me feel so much love and warmth in my heart. thank you for this

kpopgarbage : this is too cute for words.

Frosty-Ozzie : thank you for the smiles that i had looking at this:]

RODNIE TAYLOR : is that the birb

Alejandro Correa : I have no idea who you are but I am so glad that this was in my recommended

Jake Bertram : This is the most wholesome thing on youtube, ever.

jimbon x : I can’t believe we live in Toronto .-. And u even went to my kind of friends hotdog stand

Alvin Ryell Prada : This video made my day!! I wish to sing along with everyone too!! 🎶 *I SAID HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. WHAT"S GOING ON????!!!!!!!!!* 🎶

Dead Mac : What a beautiful journey and friendship I’ve found through recommended.

red cherry : this is... how you say... the best thing I've ever laid my eyes on...

Mistake Ridden : Why am I crying in the club?

Tanya Hernandez : 3:52 isn't that store from that one netflix show?

Jimbust : ;((( so wholesome and I’m in my feels from watching this video and and and just ;(

MAHADIMASAO : When peoples say friends on internet are not real, You show this video!