finally meeting my VRchat friend from Korea in real life

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Syrmor : If you'd like to keep up with my adventures and updates about the channel drop a follow at

Jinsoul : Friendship entered the chat

Lil Boom : I CRIED


Katstroph TV : This is so cool. I'm from Brazil, watching your videos right now drunk and high as hell, just came from work, i work every single day carrying heavy boxes... i hope one day, i get to be like you and your friend, my dream is to travel the world, but i need the money for it. It is really great what the internet can provide us, i'm watching you guys, from Brazil, one from EUA another one from Korea, later i'm going to play with some german friends... this is so crazy and cool... just, thanks. thanks for this video, it opened my mind to some points. I WILL DO IT, I WILL MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE.

milujemplechy : he looks exactly how he sounds

GoHerping : Your videos are not supposed to be this cinematically wholesome but oh baby it was a nice surprise

metric ton : the best friendships are the most unexpected ones

NoamNemo : I'm not even kidding right now, this video gave me hope

Maloree : Why are all of your videos so freaking beautiful? They’re art.

ZiNTiS : *Bring me that Taxi Driver!*

Jerjer King : This is so wholesome in all levels

hunter steele : how holds a mic like that and says a burrito tastes like pizza

Azure Pyro : Oh man! That taxi story happened to me in times Square too. JFK airport has sketchy AF people that aren't taxi drivers that pretend and steal from unknowing people.

Javier Flores : Felt like a documentary tbh.

Austin's Challenges N Gaming : I actually like his kareoke XD Its really good!

skypie 700 : That's so cool and sweet that you met him! I hope y'all had fun!

Jack Wills : Some one make a go fund me for 540$

Sanitary Horseplay : This humans of VRchat series is the purest most wholesome thing I've seen on this website. It's amazing how you show the pure connection this platform makes, you never wouldve made these friendships without vrchat, and I want to see more of these heartmelting experiences please

Yellow Child : i used to just scroll passed your vr videos because i didnt think this stuff was serious as other vr youtubers showed. then i saw a few of your videos and realized how wholesome and nice you were lol

Brandon : i havent made a new real life friend in over 7 years since i graduated high school. your right its very hard to meet new people, i work 6 days a week and i just dont have the time. in the last 2 years though i have made very close friends online. some of the closest friends i have ever had, i am so thankful for the internet.

VR Trapman : Loved it.

Misfortune Follows : I'm suddenly really warm and happy

egg tart : Bro he’s actually cute lamaaoaoaooaaoao

Necro Lord : I've known this guy online for 5 years now, we talk each other every day, I watch his hockey games through duo and he does the same for my curling. If it was up to me I would go visit him immediately. But I'm in Canada and he's in Nebraska and were both 15 so there is almost no chance. Long story short glad to see you finally met him irl

kawako : this made me so happy and warm

NewHorizons : This was the only YouTube video I've ever cried at...

LIQUIDMETAL : I met my best friend on CSGO then about a year and a half later, I took the risk and went to go and visit him! It was the very first time going to a different country and it was definitely Best experience of my life, We're brothers now! I love stories like this! Gaming brings people together and it makes beautiful friendships.

Zucc fishman : thank god u didn't kidnap him n sell his kidneys

TheBeastLegend : It really hit me when you said "Nobody tells you how hard it is to make friends when you become an adult." I graduated earlier this year and oh man, It's just been work sleep eat repeat, and I've progressively lost every one of my high school friends over the months. Along the lines of what you said with how you "Have to plan everything weeks in advanced." and these people just didn't understand that. People would cancel plans we had or expect me to be somewhere with a Day's notice when I'd literally be halfway across the state working on a scope job. I got angry that they could just expect me to do that, and dropped them, or they dropped me. Now I only have two "friends" from high school, one lives upstate and we rarely keep in contact, the other just sends me memes and we never really talk outside of that. This video touched me, I'll try to manage if I can meet some of my close internet friends so they'll no longer be considered internet friends.

Versaucey : This comment section is as wholesome as the video.

Mostafa Ali : This video is fucking amazing, They always taught us that Strangers are Danger, but in fact, this and The channel under the name of Yes Theory changed the whole concept, Strangers are friends, and they could be best friends and even families. Thanks for bringing the bright smile back to my face the whole video man.

mia!mia!mia! : i miss jae and i’ve never even met him

Gustavo. G : Purest of the pure.

Littleman 123 : I had a felling you lived in Toronto since you went to the ripples aquarium yea I know where those jellyfish are. (little note aren't the big long tunnel type thing with all the sharks, turtles, fish etc?)

Simon when he fell on his face : I want friendships like this :)

Ariel plankinton : he’s so cute

Piper Karrenbrock : *friendship and God has entered the chat*

Jhonel Ola : That ending... *feels man*

Aman Ocampo : <3 this is *real* content.

taj wehbe : See I don't want to do this because you don't know if the guy like is married to doritos or something.

Venus Yeung : Wait so Kim's Convenience is actually a store?!?! I live in NYC btw. I love the show. And I love your stories Syrmor

Danny Hoffman : I really believe that no one else can make videos that give the feels as well as you can my dude. Everyone of them is a masterpiece that echos a lot farther and touches more people than most could ever dream about doing. I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do!


Qwonk : Woah this is really cool i'ma meet some Japanese friends soon ❤️❤️

DxT Khajiit : Oh god yes I love you, Jae. Come back safe.

Jake Grillo : making connections with a language barrier is an amazing experience

David Cho :’re in Toronto! Welcome! Just went down a huge rabbit hole in your channel. Lemme know if you need any good Toronto recommendations!

SortaA FortniteAddict : Wow... Just showing you that you can have pedophiles and then you can have people like Jae on the internet.. Jae should be protected at all costs.. He just seems so humble.

riaxelizabeth._ : dont know why this is in my recommended but i love it