Sonic Glitches 2 - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Greg

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Keeby : This is nowhere near long enough

Camad203 : This series can always keep going. Always.

Ansemthewise59 : Cool, a Sonic glitches video. When are parts 3, 4, and 5 coming?

symir547 : 7:21 ITS NO USE

Bill Fusion : I hope they do a full video on Sonic 06 glitches.

Crust Waters : The whole comment section is on fire!

ShinobiNintendo : lol a glitch in a 1-minute demo Sonic Team in a nutshell


RandomNPC : Uh guys, pretty sure you titled this wrong. These are *clearly* Dr. Robotnik's devious tricks and traps.

nupinoop296 : It was a bad idea to actually show the strobe effect...

watch me do something : this barely covers 5% of glitches in sonic games

Nitro Rad : That infinite Chao item glitch was a godsend when I was in elementary school. Had so many Chaos with level 99 everything (except stamina) because of it.

George Minton : Love Sonic the Hedgehog so much!

SoloBeans : *I T ‘ S N O U S E*

Knuckles Channel 3 & Knuckles : The level wrapping glitch looks like fun.

LS Mark : Hey because this is Sonic and Sonic was never good this series should be 1 million parts long cause all Sonk games are buggy messes. Haha XDXDXD

RudJohns' gaming channel : the level select glitch in Sonic 3D Blast is one of the most amazing things Ive seen in a videogame

Jim L : IT'S NO USE!

Bowser Zeki : That's why i love sonic games. I love glitches in games so it makes more fun to play.

DylanDude : Yes, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06, and Rise of Lyric are all monstrously broken. That doesn’t mean the rest of the series is.

Knight of the Wind : Sonic was never good after all

DCsonic : did you know every game has glitches?

Spunk McKullins : DID YOU KNOW: If you play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 up until Act 1 of Hill Top Zone, pause the game, press the buttons "A, B, C, C, A, C, B, Up, Down, Start," and swap out the cartridge for Vectorman 2, Sonic will stop working?

ElJackie : Please tell me part 3 will be called "Sonic Glitches 3 and Knuckles - Did You Know Gaming?"

NerdyKairi (誓い) : That strobe effect glitch, my eyes!

Thwamasome : 5:57 WHAT IS THIS?!

El Inconsecuente : Thank you for the warning

Cool Coyote : ha buggy as hell, this is why i cant really stand sonic adventure , just annoying really

William John Goodwater II : its not a bug, its a feature.

Madman Mario : where's a+start? he should be doing this

quenzmo : lets be honest though some of the best games have plenty of glitches so it wouldn't be fair to assume that because a game has a lot of glitches means its a bad game.

CodeCaden : Yes I did know

Red Hawk : You still can make 100 more videos on this topic

Vincent O'Brien : Seizure warning guys, wtf @ 8:21

Nabinani Neptuner : Gotta Love The Sonic Series! There are lots of possibilities because of Sonic’s Speed. Not only is it possible to break games easily, but it can also be really fun!

Jonathan Graham : WTF!!!

Spad : Sonic Adventures 1 AND 2 are super overrated. They are not great games.

Ultra Ghost : I was watching this with my epileptic son. Thanks for the seizure warning after the strobing lights. You'll be happy to know that he's currently recovering from the seizure that your video induced in him.

Christian Romero : That glitch in Sonic Lost World eviscerated my eyes.

rfseventeen : There is a warning for a seizure 8:18, for 8:25, that is a very short notice and I could not read it in time,: I suffer from an eye condition that forces me to read slower), so I thought I would warn anyone in the comments who might not notice this or finish reading it in time. Anyway, no worries, no seizure on my end.

Pulse80 : You guys should follow Jon Burton on YouTube, his channel's name is GameHut. He has a video where he talked about the cartridge thingy and also a bunch of other tidbits, if you're interested. Most of the time it's coding related, which I like.

IceCreamMan945 : *epilepsy trigger warning*

Alberto Productions : Sonic Forces You To Watch The Sonic Movie Next Year

Adrian Anderson : 6:33 I died hundreds of times to this thinking it was my fucking fault, this was my first and only game i bought on my Xbox. I couldn't see the rest of the game without beating this level. :-(

Emora Nightmare : I remember doing the chao level up glitch on the game cube

Poison Kiss : So this could easily be the longest series in DidYouKnowGaming if they tried.

Egg Card : Just get A+start on board and you can make this a new series

game4brains 123 : Something similar to the Level Select glitch in Sonic 3D Blast exists in Mickey Mania, where if the game crashes, you immediately get warped to another level.


Zuben : this video actually made me a bit sick with all the flashing lights and jumping about