Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Desert

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WE WENT TO A DESERT AND SPENT 24 HOURS IN IT New Merch - SUBSCRIBE OR I TAKE YOUR DOG ---------------------------------------------------------------- ► FOLLOW BOTH THESE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR KIDS! • Twitter - • Instagram - --------------------------------------------------------------------


LOLSflint : I've had MREs, some are delicious, some suck.

IrishDude : His name is chandler and he has a Friends shirt Think about it

Andrew he : Mr Beast, next time you use MRE’s, they don’t need hot water, just cold water. That will also heat up the chemicals inside the packet to make it equally hot if you poured hot water in.

Violet Hunt : no one: plot twist: *they actually are playing in their daycare’s sand box*

fry playz : Mrbeast: *The brains* Chris: *the provider* Jake the viking: *the strong one* Chandler: *the complainer* Edit: oh my gosh, thanks for the likes!

Mr. Furious : 24 hour challenge in 0 gravity Also, golden ticket?? What’s that?

F34R_ poppy : My uncle is in the military and I had that and it’s good

Cäptain CJ : Chandler: already pooped twice Chandler: keeps pooping everywhere Chandler: pooped 7 times 😂😂😂😆😆 Chandler: pooped 33 times😱😱😱

Mr.Apple Bapple : I remember back in the day when Mr beast did Minecraft videos lol

The Orange Guy : "The key elememts for fire, are flame, fuel, and oxygen." *Blows carbon dioxide* Ps I promise I didn't purposely steal this comment I barely looked at the comment section when writing this.

GoodGachaGamer37 : Next up: Survived in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle for 24 hours

JEFF GAMING 9 : Its really hot in the dessert Philippines = hold my beer

Not a piece of art : Chris: Key elements for fire is flame, fuel and oxygen **blows on fire** Me: you do know that’s carbon dioxide right?

inferno huskeyboy9621 : Why didn't Chandler bring gushers

1000 subscribers without any Video : Mr.beast survives 24 hours in desert People who lives in desert: am i joke to you

Rab Obingayan : I can't believe Chris has survival skills I'm proud of you and keep being cool

SilasPQ : who else got thirsty after seeing the desert and went to get a drink?

Apple_ chan : 1:29 "The key to fire is flame, fuel and oxygen." *gives out cardon dioxide*

Dachi Kapanadze : Chandler: the fatass The Viking/Jake: The guy who kinda does something? Mr.Beast: The Host Chris: The Guy who ACTUALLY helps Tareq: The cameraman/The most important character

A Commenter : Did you find a desert pyramid. I heard they’re chests are filled with enderpearls, but are also trapped.

StarYamaka : Chris: WHAT DID YOU DO?!?! MrBeast: I ATE YOUR FOOD!!! Jake: I came...

Guecco : 8:29 Have you ever gone to Brazil?

LilyAndPetsLov e : 13:49 foRNite* account or fortnite account? Lol

Jacob Kirkpatrick : 440 more subscribers till 17 million!

Jake DesRosiers : Lets see how much food Chandler ate thru this challenge. (Measured in Tons) ⬇️ Edit: WOW Thanks for the likes everybody! I appreciate your kindness! 😉

MagicalMillie7 :P : You should do a 24 hours friend controls my life vid (please do Chris or chandler)

Kiera Thomas : We all know that the only reason Chandler "stormed" off was to secretly poop again

SpaChula : did anyone see that Chris was breathing smoke in the background? 8:45

Taha life dive : I think he should have brought the guy from man vs wild

Vibeless : This is how much packets of food chandler ate 👇🏻


Ann Connery : You should do Mrs. Beast then get girlfriends and wives to run it

SAMUAL! : 2030 me: Hmmmmm I wonder what memes there are *looks on YouTube and sees chandler* 2030 me: *Takes deep breath* 2030 me: *yes*

Cyber Cable : Chris said you need oxygen for a fire then he blew Carbon Dioxide on it

RalphJohnGaming : MrBeast Pewdiepie is losing the game We must help him

David ROMD : Me:*watching Chandler have drama with Chris*You know what I will use code Chris. Me:*watches more* well you know what I will use code Tareq

Brian Reaves : It's a war between Chandler and Chris 👌

kitty cat Liza peffer : Surviving 24 hours in a desert I only have 24% on my iPad 😂


Jey Johnson : I'm realizing if this survival scenario was real...Chandler would be kicked out the tribe or be sacrificed as the meal when true starvation hits everyone.

The SNES Man : Surviving in the amazon rainforest for 24 hours. Surviving underwater in a reef for 24 hours.

family first _24/7 : 5:55 Me when something doesn't have logic...👌👌👌

Jassz Storms : end of da vid I don't even play Fortnite. My brudder does doh. Besides, I already subbed.

Nhel Vids : When everytime Mr Beast says "does someone have a question" Me: is chandler gonna say "can i throw my poop

Kuramashi : This is t-series 👳🏾‍♂️ 👕 🦵🏻 He has one thousand health This is how much damage he’s taken Help defeat him for pewdiepie ⬇️

Galaxy Gacha : Chris: the key elements for fire are flame, fuel, and oxygen ** blows carbon dioxide on it**

Gh4731ost : jokes on you i dont have a fortnite account

Jackaboy Ice : Flame,fuel,and oxygen Causally blows carbon dioxide on fire

Alessandro Andreatti : Is the golden ticket contest worldwide? Cause I'm in Italy 🇮🇹 😢