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Comments from Youtube

M a r g e : 1:02 did this dude just do a behind the back punch?? Bruh chill

GodlyLow : This makes me wanna get into boxing

Serg Iv : His hand are fast, but what about footwork? He’s doing all this standing at the same spot , what happens when his target will move?


Zachary Deacon : the things he is doing may look easy,but its not !

drumcovers : He is so skiny that only his speed brings power to his hands😂😂

xdErsin : 4:40 me vs my meat

Sodaney Ky : So funny everyone hating on him lol ! I can smell the jealousy

The Chino : Good. But Needs to stop blinking so much

Howard Jackson : Aye they should put him against josh Kelley that man has ultra instinct in real life...either him or lemanchinko

Adams Daily Drive : Mayweather where u at??? Savage!!

juan salgado348 : This makes me wanna stop boxing

Ari shkr : i cant take seriously a boxer that closes his eyes when he punches. as soon as he will face a real opponent its game over

Eric Barton : Anybody know what kinda bag that is he hitting

BoxingSphere : was gonna added commentary over the video but i think we can tell from the video that the kid is fast as hell, definitely one of the fastest out there today

Kadisha Malachie Renick : Good going kid. Great slips. Very focused during slips. A good quality.

ObamaSaidHeLikesMe : Does he do the sound effects for dragon ball z punches?

James Martinez : Very Good boxer the things he does may look easy but its hard it takes time & much practice

Jaden the savage : Wow Ryan Garcia has fast hands when he is boxing.

Hollow Bagel : He’s actually crazy imagine how easy he’d wreck someone on the street if they tried to fight him. Noooo thanks 😂🤘🏻

Knoxville Anyce : Very nice Brother keep doing what you are doing, amazing.

AnotherDayToday : Smh. He is fast, but is dad has to tap his hands to his face cause one of those next opponents will tap his chin.

Leftover Scraps : I'm 17 training since 13 and I can say that I'm as fast as him but it's in the ring where u see if u have fast hands

T C : Idk how you can say fastest hands against a ball.

zhod : he's getting some very bad habits doing this training

Clint Collins : What the....kid is super human or something.

fernando gomez : I'm seeing a lot of comments talking about all speed but no power. Y'all are some hating mother lovers. Have y'all seen his fights. He be knocking fools out. Now I know how mayweather feels.

Renzo Loyola : Great speed... However am worried about the way he leaves his chin exposed. Might be the next Amir "glass chin" khan

Timothy Thomas : Bags don't hit back. Love the skill level though. Kid looks great.

Richard watz : Fast but too tense.

sokhorn pen : You will meet Manny Paocman Pacqiao if you with his generation

Black Cloak : Hmmm bout the same speed as me

Live Play9 : Well his guards not so good so a good boxer can probs make him the slowest hands while on the floor :)

HAJJEM:COM : Ryan has fast hands; but i've seen faster hands at the Mayweather boxing gym

Danny Legend : Imagine a JOI from this guy. I would NOT be able to keep up.

Skitfull Plays : Bruh, how much spit do he have to clean up?

PaperBoi YT : This is what I'm looking for

Christian : The only person faster than him, is his coach with the mit punching! Hahahaha XD XD

PUBG Quick Update : I can see that both the trainer and practicer are spectacularly fast

Jose rico : Me and my boy zay need to get back into boxing

Pheonix Fire : He's fast but not as much as vasyl lomachenko

Arturo Venegas : HOLY CRAP! He is up there with the fastest with Gary Russell Jr., bright future

Raymond Hernandez : I saw this video like a month ago and I really wanted to do it but my mom kept on saying no and I went behind her back and started training and I fell in love. My mom just found out today when I told her to pick me up and my coach said hi to her and she talked to me in the car just saying she doesn’t want me using this for bad things. Now I still train at boxing for real and I’m progressing quickly. #LONG LIVE BOXING 🥊

Vulnerable Son : He is good, but far away from being the next Tyson

Fcb Baller10 : Manny Pacquiao is faster

edgarxrare : Time beats speed. Yea but he is good he is 17 and 0 and he is doing good.

Kurt Vanhouten : He's really good, but he need way more head movements. If he goes pro with no head movements he would get K.O. but other than that very nice👍

ح ي : سبحان الله العظيم سبحان الله وبحمده

MiPrana : i'd be ready to give a way a few years to control my body like that