Working Actor Now Homeless in Los Angeles

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Sandy Holliday : You already made him miss his bus, you should have given him a ride where he needed to go.

Rick James : Bro, you couldn’t give the man a ride after he missed his bus?

mrcumbria : I know this man, he is someone i have worked with. He is a beautiful human being. One the world should be very proud of. He is an amazing singer and actor but more importantly a friend. I am gutted i live on the other side of the world and only have enough money to get by on week to week myself. door is always open to you and i can get you weekly work over here. All my love X

Will Vandermeer : No one deserves this . I just became homeless about 2 weeks ago from a divorce at the age of 24, and I'm living in my car. Im not able to see my son, I was cheated on multiple times and came back to be there for him. At the end of the day she did what she wanted and screwed me over. No I don't do drugs etc. This is the worst. Praying for ever out there. I'm to embarrassed to ask for help

D.R. Cho : This man is not lying about being an actor! As already mentioned before, his name is Dennis Kyle, and he is an LA-based stage actor with more than 20 years of experience. You can find him on Facebook. If you look him up on Youtube, you can find his demo reel, as well as various clips of him performing. He has an amazing voice and great stage presence. Now that you at least know his name, you can go about helping him as you said you would. I hope he doesn’t read the cruel, disgusting, rude and immature comments people have written. By the way, if the moderator could pin this comment so that everyone could see it, that would be great.

SGTreport : Hey, here's an idea, how 'bout you include a link to a Paypal, or SOME WAY to help the people you interview. I'd like to try to help this guy, he seems genuine and in real need, and I don't know how. LINK???!!!!

TWDxKILL3R : Get out of California.

michaeldavis2585 : The world need to understand concept that just because your home less doesn't mean your a druggie or a bad person ,situations happen in life and u have no control over ,pay it forward make a difference

SKP SS : Did you give him 50 bucks to help him at least?

Milford Cubicle : Interview them, publish and monetize the video, and do nothing else. Great channel. Keep up the great work!

RenegadeTimes : I have a homeless friend living with me since November 2017. I saw him on the street emaciated and dirty. He was sleeping in a garage. I have a sun room back of my house so with a twin bed, a new shaver, food and a place to shower he is surviving and thriving now. He has a small job at a good restraunt here. It's not easy as my personal space has changed but I could not in good conscious left him where he was. Human beings were meant to demonstrate love and compassion, to love. Put your money where your mouths are folks. Stop talking a good game and live a good game. Help someone up. Sorry Dennis damn hard I know.

david aware : Unless you’re illegal or rich get out of California.

all4one together4all : Really feel sorry for this dude i hope he gets back on his feet , never live beyond your means .

Tommy Trump : Acting is very unsteady work snd a meat market. You have to blow Harvey Weinstein types. This is why following your passion can get you into trouble. You need another skill with reliable income. My wish is for him to get that skill.

aiM : So "working actor" is a bit of a misnomer. Acting is a hobby until you can afford to quit your main job.

DmY808 : Born and raised in LA. This city once was affordable to most but not anymore. My solution for this guy is move to a cheaper city and get a job so you can at least live off the street. Life is unfair so you better do something because in the end nobody cares.

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : He's a grown ass man who's healthy. He should be thankful and go do something productive.

Keven alvarado : What we do latins we rather live like 20 in one house and be with our families then be on the streets, The question is WHERE IS UR FAMILY

Wild Heart : "America, America, God shed his grace on thee!" If you're wealthy, that is, God help you if the wealth runs out and you can't get a job and you've no health insurance.. Every country has its issues, but we're told this is the "Greatest country on Earth?"

Henry Beltran : Sorry but most "actors" live only on dreams. Very unstable income do not save . Living like he said in apartments they can't afford. There you gooooooo

Waylon Jones : 3:11 don’t give up man, god damn it

yakub mahamud : I'm so sorry sir get out California

RedOctober2011 : MGTOW

Rob Anderson : I am about to be homeless because I have a treatable mental illness but there are no treatments in my state. Worked 14 years at the same place until I was diagnosed. Denied SS, denied unemployment, denied ebt, denied discrimination when I was kicked out of my job, yet the economy is so great. I have been proactive calling every agency to avoid being homeless and because I am draining my retirement to pay off my credit card debt and my current bills to survive I don’t qualify for help. There needs to be programs for people to avoid homelessness

yousaf yunes : Bro, I want to play the NFL....guess what I didn't make it, now I serve people at Starbucks

The House that Jack Built : Do you know how to get in touch with this man? I have a job i can offer him working with IATSE local 5 out of LA working with stagehands and show sets if he has a trade. I can even get him a ride to work to wherever he needs to go. We also have people working out of state here in LA who rent big houses for many workers while here and I can possibly find him a home there for temp. until he gets him own place. If you want to get in touch PM me here on youtube.

AllegedlyMike : Almost two years ago to the date, I was homeless and really had no idea what I was going to do. But I've always believed you have to see your life the way you want it to be and you really have to stop projecting what happens to you to circumstances and people. Ultimately, it's your life, no one can live/do it for you. Being homeless was a blessing, I had no where to go, but up. I don't view anything as "bad" that happens to you, it's experience happening to you. Change your mind and you change your life. If you see no hope, guess what, there is no hope. I have a place of my own and I'm feeling the best I've ever felt in my life, simply because I changed my thoughts.

MR GUPPY 101 : HE WASTED ALL HIS MONEY There is always something behind Mostly drugs.. 🌈🌈🌈🌈

Gabriel Alvarado : Just an idea Apply to full time and with that rent out a room....ton of listings on Craigslist...before you go apply to McDonalds and room you head to a thrift store and get yourself a suit....

PM Snowraven : I feel his pain. When things started to go bad after I was nearly killed in a store robbery and was unable to work, you find out who your friends and family really are. I lost everything and I do mean everything and there was only 2 people left in my life that we're there for me. They gave me a roof over my head and a bed to sleep on when I needed it. When you're homeless it really opens your eyes to how we are treated in mondern day society. The stigma of it and the sterotyping of us is beyond belief. We are not all drug and alcohol abusers. I was a Store Manager with a house, a disabled parent to take care of. I have to charities that help the needed and homeless. But when tides turned I was homeless and lumped into those sterotypes. I had $100 left and had to make that last an entire year. O was so embarrassed by me homelessness that I never used the help that was available here. I didn't go to food banks, shelters, churches etc... I didn't want to take it away from those even more needed than I was. I mean all the children and single moms on the streets. I would never take food away from a child in need. I blogged about it for 4 years and showed the world of homelessness to my followers. I would never wish homelessness on my worse enemy. I ask that you try and not judge those in need because that could be you one day. That could be a friend, a family member, a neighbor, even a co-worker. You just never know.

Jason Gates : My three wishes: A job for everyone, a house for everyone, empathy in everyone's heart. When he says this could be your brother, your cousin, etc., people need to remember that. And when he says people turned their back on him when he got down on his luck, that's the unfortunate part of human nature. They like you when you have money. They want nothing to do with you when you lose all of your money. It's sad and unfortunate.

Devin Peirce : Get a job at fast food or warehouse they usually are always hiring you lazy cracker

Blue Jay : 2 Thessalonians 3:10 : "if a man will not work, he shall not eat"

Zachary Allamby : It's tough man because you see these situations and a part of you wants to help and feels extreme empathy towards people who have gone through these things, on the other hand your life experiences have shown that usually in this world, people just want to use you and every time you are kind to someone they end up burting/using you. That's the conflict I feel alot of the time...can anyone relate?

Shane inTexas : Too bad he's not an illegal, he'd be set. Silly our American citizens are homeless but illegals are being pandered to. No matter if you're Republican or Democrat, it isn't right.

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : I donated, I hope the money goes towards helping him and others that are down on their luck.

Tracey Swanson : He has a beautiful smile and eyes.

GV Games : I always give food or a little cash to homeless people. I live in London in the UK and most homeless are nice people that simply cannot cope with the stress of the modern world. I tell you one thing you can do. Get a rack of drinks from the pound store. Ask them politiely for a discount (say.. $15 for 25 cartons of juice, sell them for $1 each). Clean yourself, clean your clothes and go on the direct sell. That is one way you can accumulate some cash!

Ponyo3816 : Low skillset, thought his looks would last and developed no real skills. Sounds like he made some bad life decisions. In California we will help educate and train him for a new profession. you just need to reach out to public services. But that's not normal across all of America so he may not know.

Mac x : He’s beautiful oh my god 😭😭😭

Hanapi Hamdan : Money is relative. When you have money, you will have a lot of relatives

Jon Anthony : A gay homeless guy in Hollywood..THATS something you don’t see often.. (He’s a leftist AND libtard)

ChezMusic : And now he is one of the gay characters from the show The walking dead. What a heartwarming story

Rick Stone : This is so sad to see.I have seen him on Tv.It can be worse though

somaliatheist # : Can we do gofundme for this guy

dachicagoan : It's sad that everyone in his life turned their backs to him. Meanwhile, the only person that can help (his mom) is in no position to help.

Seth France : Women are predators man stop getting married it s a women dream for a reason it mainly their ticket to make money instead of really work like men This sucks and makes me sick

Nathan .Star : is this guy telling us everything ?


Anna Bean : He has a wonderful smile.