Working Actor Now Homeless in Los Angeles

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Sandy Hickman-Holliday : You already made him miss his bus, you should have given him a ride where he needed to go.

SGTreport : Hey, here's an idea, how 'bout you include a link to a Paypal, or SOME WAY to help the people you interview. I'd like to try to help this guy, he seems genuine and in real need, and I don't know how. LINK???!!!!

Waylon Jones : 3:11 don’t give up man, god damn it

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : I donated, I hope the money goes towards helping him and others that are down on their luck.

CHKDG8 : I used to be a working actor in South Florida from the early 90s to about 8 years ago. It's a pipe dream. One of the villains who worked in Passenger 57 once told me on a commercial set that when he went out to LA for "meetings", he quickly realized that "LA is one big party that you're not invited to". Fast forward to what we know about Pedowood today and how that business REALLY works, I wouldn't touch it again for the life of me. Show business is for the rich, Hollywood elite families and the connected. No question. Everyone else is there to struggle and to get "tossed around" at parties. If you're fresh off the bus, sooner or later you're going to run into a brick wall and you're integrity and identity will be tested. I didn't want to hear the truth until I got out of the business. Good luck to all.

Sathish Kumar : AMERICAN DREAM ??? america great again??? Afford to build borders ?? etc... but cant help own citizen??? rich country with poor nation...

Denyse Esposito : He’s so sweet, he wished for things for the world, not himself. Wow! Very telling, has a good heart. I hope he finds his way. It’s not right

Eduard Caupa : A country like the US which is spending more $millions for the next useless war instead of the well-being for its own citizens and homeless people have not the right anymore to call themselves the greatest country on earth. AMEN!🇺🇸👎

RenegadeTimes : I have a homeless friend living with me since November 2017. I saw him on the street emaciated and dirty. He was sleeping in a garage. I have a sun room back of my house so with a twin bed, a new shaver, food and a place to shower he is surviving and thriving now. He has a small job at a good restraunt here. It's not easy as my personal space has changed but I could not in good conscious left him where he was. Human beings were meant to demonstrate love and compassion, to love. Put your money where your mouths are folks. Stop talking a good game and live a good game. Help someone up. Sorry Dennis damn hard I know.

Marsha Boling : Praying for you Dennis 🙏🏽

D Moneyz : I was homeless for a few years.. If you have depression (like me) it can make it 10x worse! But, you cannot lose faith. There were people young and old that didn't help, that were miserable and would try to drag you into their world. But I told myself I didn't want to be part of that cycle. They were comfortable in their situation... And I wasn't. I tried to utilize any little program I could! But, you must look for them. I did job programs that helped build my resume and had a clothes closet where they would fit you with a used suit for interviews. I took the first job offered.. saved up every dollar, bought a car, and eventually saved up for a room to rent (garage) and tried to not look back! But, I do know that everyone out on the streets just got a bad hand.. You just got to keep shuffling them until you get a 'good' hand. Stay up, God bless

Jdor D : Lord Jesus, please help the homeless of the world. I pray all the homeless receive full restoration in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

OGO : They need tractor trailer drivers now, companies will train you and will give you money during training for food, and a room while not out on the road during training usually you sign a contract for 1 year to work for them and the training is free, you'll pay back the food money from your earnings over a period of time, this will get you off the streets, food in your belly and a place to sleep, and a job that will pay you enough to get on your feet again, it's hard being homeless but if you really want to there is a way out.

The House that Jack Built : Do you know how to get in touch with this man? I have a job i can offer him working with IATSE local 5 out of LA working with stagehands and show sets if he has a trade. I can even get him a ride to work to wherever he needs to go. We also have people working out of state here in LA who rent big houses for many workers while here and I can possibly find him a home there for temp. until he gets him own place. If you want to get in touch PM me here on youtube.

Lowrider : OMG that's my uncle Dennis!!! How can I find my uncle or get in touch him ????? Please help

FatherBootyHands : How do u know hes not acting

Ray Schwarz : "A working actor"..I love it how the top four agencies in Hollywood: WME, CAA, UTA, & ICM all make a fortune along with management companies like Untitled Entertainment and 360 Management. Actors are told they need representation and it's essentially considered taboo to speak with producers, directors, and others in the industry without representation. Actors are also not taught how to negotiate and the only people "allowed" to do so are celebrities because they're a "known" name; the idiots who think this way must not understand the meaning of the words "has-been" and that building a buying audience trumps all the flash and hype in the world any day. Managers, agents...they're all a bunch of industry hacks and I for one am calling out bullshit on the "rules" of the industry.

Tribonacci : all the snowflakes cocooned by their families haven't met the real world yet, it's harsh af

damon818 : Born and raised in LA. This city once was affordable to most but not anymore. My solution for this guy is move to a cheaper city and get a job so you can at least live off the street. Life is unfair so you better do something because in the end nobody cares.

Kim Franks : Please contact Tyler Perry ... Please !!!! someone he was homeless and has a heart....I believe he would help him

Joey : “I moved into an apartment I couldn’t afford” “Sometimes it’s not your choice” Hm

Austina Marshall : He seems like such a nice, intelligent and honest man. I feel for him. I feel for everyone going through this and it could happen to anyone. But, if it did happen to me, I would not choose CA to homeless at! Too expensive to try and live there. What I do not think people understand many end up in this situation ( esp. now days ) because of bad circumstances beyond their control. There are NOT enough programs to help those in need, either. If you don't have a permanent address, a cell phone, transportation, how are you going to secure a job? You aren't....and if you do get on part time in a fast food joint...try paying the bills on that!!

Jack Ares : MGTOW is the only solution. Child support, alimony, divorce settlements, etc., all contribute to male homelessness and the rising male suicide rate. What is MGTOW? Finding out might save your life.

dachicagoan : It's sad that everyone in his life turned their backs to him. Meanwhile, the only person that can help (his mom) is in no position to help.

cynthia rouse : Only the wealthy can survive in California. Very sad. Someone should give the dude a gig. There is a good reason they call it 'the boulevard of broken dreams...' it is not what people think, at all. In reality, it is as difficult to merely earn a living as it is to become a 'star'. They have to leave California, it is prohibitively expensive. The poor cannot survive there and SF is even worse. It's a pave encrusted, glittering Venezuela. ; - )

Joshua Collins : Pray for the best. I hope you land on your feet. God bless

Ge0 Arc : Really REALLY!? I will never understand how a man and I use the word lightly with this one, In good shape handsome, Intelligent and articulate could end up and even more stay in that situation!? I am a 40 plus short chubby but still ok looking black man that started with NOTHING!!! No college no family that could help me and living in an area that could suck the life out of you by how depressing it is. I got a job (cleaning dumpsters in the summer heat in TEXAS)! lived in the cheapest room I could find and saved. No it was not easy but I kept moving forward from job to job until I got to the point I was doing so well I could reach back into that ghetto and start helping those I loved! I work 80 hrs a week now paid house cars and a Harley with close to 200k in the bank. Soon I will have enough to start a business all my own and have people working for me so I can relax. Yes life can be cruel I know that first hand but NO ONE OWES YOU SHIT! I feel bad for those who are homeless with mental or physical handicaps but not for people like him. You are the Master of you're life so make it as good as you can! Peace and Happiness to those who fight for it the rest tough tits!

MotownShaker : I once had a client. He was a self-made millionaire selling 2nd hand cars, built it up from nothing. However aged around 38, his company went broke after a divorce, he lost EVERYTHING. His house, business, car all gone. He had £600 (about $1,200 at the time) and suitcase of clothing. He said the day he went broke, not one of his millionaire friends would return his calls. He had to pay to stay in a hotel, that's what scumbags these people really were. Luckily, he had 1 kind friend who put him up. He was eventually able to loan £4,000 and started selling cars again. Fast forward 20 years and he's richer than before, and a LOT wiser from the experience. I can relate to what he says at 3:11. A lot of this ARE out of your control, but you don't realise it until you reach a place like the one Dennis is in. I think the thing that hurts the most (for him and me) is that in your time of need the people closest to you actually offer very little. The fact that none of his friends would offer him a roof is beyond me. Point I'm making is that no matter where you are, there's always hope. This bloke seems genuine, and I hope he finds his feet again (:

Bird Luger : We are all one life event away from homelessness

kreepykoopa : The constant snorting, the deep swallows and the eye twitches....cocaine head. "freinds" dont just steal ur rented car unless there crazy tweakers. You are the company you keep..

Thomas Simmons : He mentioned that an avalanche of bad things caused him to become homeless. I was hit by a tsunami of bad things and was forced onto the streets of Los Angeles. I was lucky and was rescued by a stranger I met on the internet. I'm still homeless but I now have an income and live in my car and in hotels. Being homeless on the streets is a living hell, you enter an alternate universe. Most don't escape from the streets, I was lucky but it can happen again.

Sherri Gilliam : What movie he played in good luck to him god bless

idklol : i took my friend in for a few months after his parents got divorced and his mom kicked him out because they just started to hate each other (we were 17-18 at the time). his other options were a homeless shelter or staying with acquaintances who all use drugs. now he's finishing up his degree in theoretical physics. i can't imagine what would have happened to him if he couldn't have stayed with me.

Jason Gates : My three wishes: A job for everyone, a house for everyone, empathy in everyone's heart. When he says this could be your brother, your cousin, etc., people need to remember that. And when he says people turned their back on him when he got down on his luck, that's the unfortunate part of human nature. They like you when you have money. They want nothing to do with you when you lose all of your money. It's sad and unfortunate.

Musti B.yazici : Trillions of dollars 💵 on war and rubish yet people sleep on the streets .

Dan Lord : LA is a hard city. Very severe on the less fortunate, and theres SO many homeless from what ive seen.I say dont quit. Dont give up. Keep hope alive.

FIRE SIGN : God Bless Him🙏....He should hook up with Ted Talks.... I know people seeing this will help🙏

Deathax : Never expect anything from anyone.

passtheBuck Canuck : i was homeless , and COMPLETLY embarrassed about it.....Today i own house and am a single dad who was asked by my child to live with me.....SO BLESSED

Cali Love Bug : Everybody wants to be a movie star, but instead some learned employable skills.

EnoughWithThe B S x100 : If you ever see this ...God bless you man. Love from The UK.

Sumwon Hill : Someone give him some sad❤️

Dianna Breedlove : No one should be homeless in this Country!

snoo333 : Hollywood give this guy a job. he has the looks and probably the acting talent.

Kieran Ryan : People who go through life and endure tough times deserve a happy ending, God be with them x

A K : Aw man this is sad. Makes me thinking how fortunate I am. Move to Alaska man, I think you still can get a fairly decent job here easily.

nikbnsn : "Can everyone agree that no one should be left alone?" -Filter

Daniel Garcia : Homelessness could happen to anyone it doesn't matter how you look, age, or income just be thankful for what you have

Wael Angel : My god he's so cute and good looking can I have his number ??????????

Maurice George : I do not know about other claims he made, but his claim about renting a car from Hertz for Lyft is a verifiable and legit claim...Hertz did have a program with Lyft.