Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight

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revelink potatoe girl : How did they make this effect though

Danial Martial : And when the day comes when it really cracks. The person who came up with that idea be saying " it's just a prank bro "

BluzGuitar Guy Fishing Antics : Yep, there went the lunch !

hashbrown yumyum15 : you gonna know if the glass REALLY cracks...

zincink : happy whistling while man walks happily with his little flag, sudden death, man down!

LIGHTNING CURSE : "Workers check the glass panels daily..." why would you do this to yourself?! Omg just imagine going on this glass way daily and hanging down from it to look under it...shhiiiiit dude!

ando1135 : how is it now, everyone that visits it or plans to should know about the effect....unless you live in the year 1995 where 0 socia media existed

Fnb694501 : Doesn't matter how good the design it: what if it's really cracking? You're training people to ignore.

Thomas Aiello : I would have done worse. I mean it! Thumbs up!

Catfish Overlord : its honestly an asshole type of move

Jinx Flames : Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Tin Biển Đông : Visit the channel you support your channel. thanks you

TNuts : Classic case of boy who cried wolf....what stupid idea!

Ernst Lustig : It is China, what could go wrong?

grah55 : Since this is China, we should be afraid of the glass exploding, not breaking.

ayush mourya : Made in China What do you expect

Bambino : Imagine the glass shattering for real and people just to keep walking over it.

Brief & Useful : 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

bluebanana : The glass holds but people still die of a heart attacks =D

Fifa 14 Fifa 15 : The children are so badass

Rui Qiang zeng : Did he faked or he didn't know yet?

nelsona779 : What happens when it really cracks

HemmuliX : It's just a prank bro

Nadya'sDIY : No wonder the person at the start of the vid freaked out... The glass was made in china...

shiningcross : I bet someone could freak out and jump the rail as a bad reaction. Good thing they made it high enough.

Derek aka Derek : Yeah thing is one of these Chinese glass bridges has broken before. There's a video of it around.

WarLord Era : That poor man! And holy cow that bridge looks terrifying already. :|

Yalonda24 : Whats horrible is.. what if it actually does start to crack.. and they are just like " haha so funny lets keep walking haha" They wouldn't know!! -____-

Enrique Cortez : Another testament to never use anything built in China... junk!

The Siberian Husky : Their government are building crazy stuff like this to reduce the population of China.

Rosanna Miranda : if was three i would have pantic attacks. dont like highest

jjboon 01 : An engineering marvel. There used to be a time America could do this but now we can't get anything done. Lol

Buck5kinmanx8 : What if Someone rolled some bowling balls down the mountain onto the bridge?

Chinese Pranks : Very cute and very interesting animals, watching a thousand times is still funny!

Haziq Rahman : woah.. im sorry but this could be great for final destination next movie idea.. i just can't wait !!

Seth Larcomb : So what happens when it actually breaks? They will be like hahahaaaaaahhhhhhh splat

taegucci : what if it actually cracks rip

PainBupi : It must be so amazing walking there :D and also funny if people react like him :P

flowgiston : God i want to go there so bad.

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chris corny : No thanks to many people

BLUE MOXIE : A very Stupid special effect, very dumb

DustinJJ98 : This can be very dangerous. what if there is a real crack and the person who walks on it thinks it is fake? sad sad sad... They wouldn't even be able to sue.

Amanda : sigh stop being so negative. If you’re smart enough you can see if the cracking is layered or actually genuine

Wicked Sugar : Wow that's seriously messed WTF China, making people scared that might die...yea so fun!

Sanctus Vianney : It says the glass is checked regularly for safety, but I say when have the Chinese ever been concerned about safety.

rob kazinsky : that's really assinine special effect since if it was cracking, no one would be able to tell the difference so no warning. asshole design

Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell : By hi hoo yes you are correct ohhovobohvohvoohbo hg vovvvg vohbobohohhohohvov hobhohoobohoo

Multee : NOPE>!

Dangmang Carpenter : Did anyone throw him some asswipe?