Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight

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mariel ivana : That bridge is gonna end up giving someone a heart attack

XanderDoesStuff : Imagine that it actually started cracking and the dude on top was like “Haha” and then he just fell through

Mauree Golden : First of all ,you wont catch me walking that "skywalk" 💀💀

KK EAZY : The fact that it's made in China would scare the life out of me

꧁ღуѕт꧂ wee : lol that would be hard to determine if the glass really cracks. : They probably have to clean a lot of poop off of that walkway from everybody crapping themselves

Anastasia Smith : Why i have trust issues

Mr. Bond : The architect of this structure is a godly troll. 😂

Anthony YT : *made in China*

Chill Frost : Cracks me up 😂

Eva Mari : But..if the glass actually shatters, people will just think it's fake

Wilson Featherstone : What if it actually cracked and everyone was like “Ha, not falling for it”

Dr.Prof.Dipl.Psychiatrist Ektersetski Sekteretski : It will finally really crack one day and let someone unlucky fall to sure death...Mark my words folks...This will be on the news in the future.

Chromatic45 : It's guaranteed safe until a "unforseen horrific tragedy" takes place. Humans. Smh.

Meela234 : Everybody crying about how unsafe this man made bridge is are the same people going on man made roller coasters every year. Compare the numbers of injuries and deaths of both and see which has proven deadlier.

Ryan Smith : daily vloggers would find a way to break the glass for a video

Gaurav Kargutkar : I can’t trust these cuz it’s made in China

Kavish Algoo : i heard that one of them actually broke

Andrew Markus : Someone is going to have an actual heart attack one day...

Mimi : All fun and games,....until someone has heart attack😳🤔🙄

Authentik : I'm scared to fall off my bed so I'll be okay without this in my life thank you

eXampL : So what happens when the glass actually starts cracking and everybody thinks its just effect...

Verrückte Tierwelt TV : Nothing better then prank chinese people

Big Eric : Kilometer high glass bridge LETS MAKE IT LOOK LIKE ITS BREAKING!

Lou Xiaofang : It actually cracked me up to see all the ignorant comments from people who never been to China:D Your out of date criticism is what made China better and better.

Not Politically Correct : That moment the glass actually starts to crack.

Олег Ижбулдин : Hi Inglend!!! I from Russia!!! I love you!!!! Super video! Out of the most important thing is that the company. We will not only is it a little more than a few weeks, so if you are looking to get the best of luck with that said I should say, the only way I see it in a few days! Good Bay!

BPJ John : Troll level: *9000*

Struggling Carrot : I wonder how it would feels for someone who's on drugs

FRISHR : I thought Youtube is blocked in China

Ly An : But how would they know if the glass really cracks?

Dennis Shih : Throw a 250 lb Western feminist whale on there, and then we’ll see if it’s still fake cracking.

sheeza Ashraf : How was made bridge in dangerous mountains ohh.

agori hum : They have that special effect because they know one day it will crack for real 👍👍👍

Metal Jacket : That's a cruel and sadistic prank. Not funny in the least, except to other sadists.

J A : It's all fun and games till the glass actually cracks.

Pez : *That is actually not good. What if someone is so scared, they fall over the railings?*

6977warrior1 : Made in China? thanks.

Iliana : And then the glass actually cracks and everyone thinks it's just the effect...

wave 34 : chinese : this is one of the most amazing things i have ever seen. good Idea. seriously. since zen/buddhism was "invented" in china, i Think this should give people a satori Experience. their mind stops thinking and they get a idea of enlightement. i mean when you face Death there is nothing to Think only pure presence. that's because Why nobody has a real Problem in their lifes, if they are in true danger. the mind stops. this is Why people like extreme Sports. Facing Death. mind stops. pure presence. no Problem anymore with wife, money, children ...

emiilyshe : Whoever thought to add that to an already terrifying walkway is one messed up piece of work.

Cherry Berry : And we thought Americans were crazy look at this shid

Sal S : The stuff nightmares are made of. Who remembers this one ?? You wake up just before impact if you're lucky.

Will Cipher : I would die..walking on that..not because of my weight..because I’m terrified of heights..

FireyDeath4 : Why do you think Mum doesn't like glass floors?

Haslo : But what if it actually did crack?

Neal Smith : What satanist designed that, almost gave that guy a heart attack

insta musiclover69 : Imagine if it actually shattered and people kept on thinking "ha, thats just a special effe.....AHHHHHHHHHHHH"

bobinobaker : Meanwhile, this effect is very well known. I think all these movies about supposedly frightened visitors are almost all played frightening so you can show the family and friends something "funny" .....

HeyitsCindyPlay : Imagine if that glass break for real everybody will be like haha its just a sound effect *falls*