Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight

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Mastapoole : That would scare the shit outta me also. Lol

Y B : the chinese have a real fucked up sense of humor

•Roger W • : I'd probably develop PTSD from stepping on that stuff

Mauree Golden : First of all ,you wont catch me walking that "skywalk" 💀💀

Bob Bob : "Oh, hur, hur hur hur, hur, hur hur, hur, hur, shanamana!"

Rman Nayr : NO THANK YOU!

DIRT RIDER : That's just fucked up

SamPlushyFive : Screw dat bridge i ain't crossing that in my life like EVER!

Solus : Just wait and there will be an actually crack and the tourist will ignore it.

Momo's Momo : It's very dangerous for someone who don't know that the glass cracks up when you walk on it. The management should tell the people about this before they walk on it otherwise it can lead to some bad consequences . If I didn't knew about that , I would have sure got a heart attack 😟😟😟

Arcasting : Reminds me of Ice Cracking while fishing..... crazy stuff

gibby Gibson : It's like Jurassic park all over again.

Tahlia Santos : I get scared of being in those tunnel/bridge things at the monkey playhouse bc when I was younger some guy and his friends shook the bridge (it isn't very stable) and I almost fell

Western Sparrow : MADE IN CHINA !!! :-()

TimtheEnchanter : *Insert grandpa simpson walking in and out gif

kyle james : Bunch of assholes, it's great 😂

Astinmations : I cant wait for the moment that glass really breaks and nobody cares...

TurboGuard : Being in China, its only a matter of time before it actually fails and kills them all.

KK EAZY : The fact that it's made in China would scare the life out of me

どら猫 : Just a prank, bro

UnPhayzable : Time to add this to my *Fuck No* list

Crispy Bacon : But what if it atcually cracked...?

Sheeza Ashraf : How was made bridge in dangerous mountains ohh.

Bappi Bappi : Fucking stupid 😣😣

Min Yoongi : Oh hell no : They probably have to clean a lot of poop off of that walkway from everybody crapping themselves

Sumit Kumar : Shouldnt he be trying to grab on to the railing instead of getting on all fours ?

Laila west Unforgettable potato : What kind of special affect is that

Laila west Unforgettable potato : Lol 😂😂😂😂

BitterVoid : What kind of sick human being makes a bridge that fake cracks over a deadly valley

Chris Atherton : The first guy's reaction was everything 😂

Asker Annesi Sevill : Asalım bayrakları🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷VATAN İÇİN😀

Maisie Dawson : What happens when it actually cracks?

Thee apboss : How to spot a gay in middle of crowd

Laila west Unforgettable potato : I'll tell you a great one but I'm deathly afraid of heights so I don't even know how I'd even get up there without freaking out like that before I even got halfway up the top

C : Hell nah to the nah nah

Hannah Mcginley : Fuck I'd be 🏃 like Husain bolt lol

killian ivan : Fake

Numero Uno : That guy is me

CAPTAIN C REXFIELD : Would of had a heart attack right on the spot.

gogotrololo 619 : I T ‘ S J U S T A P R A N K B R O

rose angel rose : really it's terrified 😱😱😱😱😱😱

Verrückte Tierwelt TV : Nothing better then prank chinese people

DIRT RIDER : You can't see through it once it's all cracked.... What the fuck is up with that, takes the whole point out of it.. besides that would be damn fucken scary

Jack Roche : The thought process of the fucks that make this must be I wonder if I fucking started wacking people with a lead pipe if that would be a good prank also the way they say this shit is viral go fuck yourself of course it did someone could have got a fucking heart attack or somthing.If someone runs up and shoves a gun in my face and I act scared but its a prank how exactly is it that im seen as "falling" for a prank its mental.its people reacting logically to a situation...fuck this

trilxgy : fuck that bro i got anxiety by jus watching this shit 😕😲😳

killa nova : GOTT'EEEMM!!!!😆😆😆😆

Thomas Mcbee : Wtf omg

Anastasia Smith : Why i have trust issues

Emm Diestro : i swear i rather choose a hanging bridge than that prank