Zombieland / Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls

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WithaNameLikeSwan : This intro was so bad-ass it ruined the rest of the movie. Wasn't a horrible movie but, nothing should follow an intro like this one.

Bluegrass 7 : your looking at the ALL TIME GREATEST zombie movie beginning ever made

Old Couches : So are we just not gonna talk about the zombie stripper?

CobeOfficial : Why is this pitched higher than the original song?

Вилли Костиган : Скоро всей вашей Америке кирдык!!!!  Мы знаем, по ком звонит колокол!!!! :)))

Mysterry Man : They need to make a Zombieland movie showing the collapse of society just like this intro.

John Exemplou : resurrects from the cemetery with ripe breasts and in a bikini, but men still run away from her? humanity is doomed!

Voracious T : when you and the squad are walking into uni towards the exam room

Ladies Man 217 Sun-Luc-Dong : Maybe Rainbow Dash and Megatronus Storm witch is my character should evacuate ponyvile but the zombie pony's will be stowawayed in the trains carriage if rainbow dash and i spots the zombie pony's they'll be right behind us then we must jump off the train but they will be right behind our tails then we have to go even faster than them so they need go through the portal to cantarlot high school so I have to disguise rainbow dash as a normal person if all of the zombie pony's come through the portal as a bunch of zombie teenagers and if they are heading towards the school they have to barricade all the doors and windows until rainbow dash and I get a sample of the deadly zombie virus from them to make a vaccine so it could make rainbow dash's friends turn back to normal and then I can use my amnesia mist on them so they would lose their memory of being a mindless cookie eating zombie pony.

joshua fuentes : prison break

Isaak Erlandsen : Best movie intro of all time

Dave ballsack : Good Looking zombies, well done

Rise Nation : Tuned????

joshua fuentes : drug deal gone bad me

Megan Phillips : haha love it

Diana Milena Valencia Giraldo : Me quiero ver esta película en 3D

josh storms : Even if this was intended to be a full on horror film and not a comedy, this intro would have still kicked ass

TheArnienator : Ganz net, aber die Art, wie die Produzenten das Lied für den Film verstümmelt haben ist mehr als grausam. Die hätten ein Paar mehr Zombieszenen bringen sollenm und das ganze Lied darauf einspielen sollen. Aber das Lied selbst ist übergöttlich!!!