GTA 5 - All Character Switch Scenes
GTA V All of Trevors Character Switch Scenes

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This video shows all switch scenes between Franklin, Michael and Trevor that can be seen in GTA V FRANKLIN SWITCH SCENES 0:05 After Complications 0:27 Tanisha & Franklin 1:02 Lamar's fights 2:14 Throwing cup 2:29 Traffic jams 3:12 Leaving clubs 3:45 Denise's House scenes 5:02 Chin-ups 5:16 Pickup lines 5:45 Leaving Smoke Shop 6:31 Cleaning Bagger 7:00 After Father/Son 7:17 Lamar vs cops (after The Long Stretch) 7:49 Playing with Chop 8:12 After Marriage Counseling 8:21 After The Jewel Store Job 8:50 After The Hotel Assassination 9:17 Vinewood House scenes 13:11 After Blitz Play 13:18 After The Merryweather Heist 13:26 After Hood Safari 13:42 After Blitz Play 13:51 After I Fought the Law... 14:01 After Caida Libre 14:13 Playing with Chop in Vinewood 14:24 After Predator 14:32 Hayes Autos 14:55 After The Paleto Score 15:04 After Derailed 15:12 After Monkey Business 15:18 After Cleaning Out the Bureau 15:28 After Architect's Plans 15:39 After Planning the Big Score MICHAEL SWITCH SCENES 15:50 Phone call at the park (after Complications) 16:23 Leaving Dollar Pills 16:58 Leaving a Motel 17:31 Phone call at Prosperity Street Promenade 17:58 Sleeping in the car #1 18:15 Contemplating the sea 18:38 Traffic jams 18:56 Sitting on the hood #1 19:16 Sunbathing 19:33 Cigarette throw #1 19:57 Arguing 21:19 Leaving Golf Club 21:42 After Father/Son 21:51 Bored on the sofa 22:32 Mourning the boat 22:55 Drinking a coffee 23:17 Dinner with Amanda (after Marriage Counseling) 23:58 Arguing with Amanda 24:48 In bed with Amanda 25:24 Dropping Amanda off at Little Portola 25:57 Dropping off Jimmy / Tracey 27:49 After By The Book 27:57 Waking up screaming (after Did somebody say Yoga?) 28:56 Cigarette throw #2 29:14 Leaving Von Crast Hotel 29:27 Leaving the Tivoli Cinema 29:53 After Blitz Play 29:59 After The Merryweather Heist 30:06 Cigarette throw #3 (after Caida Libre) 30:19 Drunk at Yellow Jack Inn 30:31 Sleeping in the car #2 30:43 Sitting on the hood #2 31:22 Trevor's Trailer scenes 33:08 After The Paleto Score Setup 33:19 After Derailed 33:32 After Surveying The Score 33:43 In bed with Amanda (after Reuniting the Familty) 34:02 Giving money to Jimmy / Tracey 35:13 Dropping Amanda off at Portola Drive 36:07 Riding a bike with Jimmy 36:50 Arguing with Tracey 37:41 Gaming 38:26 Sunbathing 38:38 Watching TV with kids 39:39 Yoga 40:10 Sunbathing with Amanda 40:45 Good dinner with Amanda 41:17 Talking to the studios assistant 41:49 Arguing with the studios guard 42:01 Leaving stores 42:20 Drinking a coffee at Bean Machine 42:42 Walking by Meteor St. 43:16 Having a launch with Solly 43:36 Arguing with a bouncer 44:12 At the studios with Jimmy (after Legal Trouble) 45:01 After Lamar Down 45:10 After The Big Score TREVOR SWITCH SCENES 45:23 Chasing NPC (Zancudo River) 46:23 Police chase (Gran Senora Desert) 47:20 Police chase (Senora Frwy) 48:27 Outside Hen House 48:53 At Paleto Pier 49:13 Sleeping on the railway 50:02 Waking up #1 52:06 Throwing up 52:49 Trevor's Trailer scenes 54:33 After Fame Or Shame 54:40 At McKenzie Field Hangar 55:03 Floyd's apartment scenes 57:03 Annoying sunbathers 57:38 Arguing at the gym 57:48 Being rude 58:26 Choking people 58:56 Throwing thug down the bridge 59:36 Scaring hobos 1:00:14 Under the Pier 1:00:57 Leaving the morgue 1:01:42 Trash can 1:02:06 Smashing guitar 1:02:45 Blocking tourist 1:03:36 Outside the Casino 1:04:00 Outside GWC Hotel 1:04:24 Tai chi 1:04:38 Chasing NPC (storm drain) 1:05:14 Police chase (Elysian Fields Frwy) 1:06:00 Scooter Brother 1:07:35 Outside Split Kipper 1:08:01 Outside D.O.T. 1:08:22 Forced to leave 1:09:13 Scouting places 1:09:47 Stripclub scenes #1 1:11:13 Waking up #2 1:13:32 After Three's Company 1:13:41 After Hood Safari 1:13:48 After I Fought the Law... 1:14:00 After Eye in The Sky 1:14:08 Annoying cyclists 1:15:09 Flying 1:15:48 Waking up #3 1:17:44 Waking up #4 (after Predator) 1:18:31 Inside the Meth Lab (after The Paleto Score) 1:19:01 Stripclub scenes #2 (after Hang Ten) 1:20:31 After Surveying The Score 1:20:40 After Pack Man 1:21:12 After Reuniting the Family 1:21:48 After The Wrap Up 1:21:59 After Lamar Down 1:22:09 After Planning the Big Score 1:22:17 After The Big Score 1:22:37 After Mrs. Philips =================================== GTA Series Videos is a dedicated fan-channel keeping you up to date with all the latest news, video walkthroughs and official trailers of the most successful video games published by Rockstar Games, including Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, L.A. Noire, Bully and many others. This channel is in no way tied to Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive. Follow GTA Series Videos on: || YouTube || Google+ || Facebook || Twitter


Serpent Peacecraft : 1:16:55 I didn't know Trevor could rap!

Ben Antonson : 40:14 I have never seen this one before...

Issa Abu Shreef : 59:25 "The little bird will never learn to fly if he isn't pushed out the nest" 😂😂

ihab.h97 : 51:17 Trevors Canadian came out lmaooo

AHappyBlackGuy : 16:50 Michael you savage lmao

Cobra Cartel : 1:16:33 did Trevor just see his own death? Didn't Think I'd get this meny likes

DIYForReal Gaming : 23:23 I always killed Amanda during these

Fikri Fadillah : 42:45 Inner Michael: "Begone Thot! "

Princess Wolfy : Franklin is obviously the most active person. He stays in shape, he cleans.. but he’s not very social. He only seems to have Lamar and he’s always just keeping Lamar out of fights

Michael Gray : 53:47 gameplay trailer memories

Bettie Moeckel : Franklin: 0:00 - 15:46 Michael: 15:46 - 45:19 Trevor: 45:19 - 1:23:09

Fahri Adam Aronggear-Adamy : 57:43 😂😂😂

Defender : 45:19 - thats where the video starts :)))

SausageFruit : 1:22:37 That was the sadliest scene in the whole game, I feel sad for Trevor. "Uhhhh aghuhuh... Mommy."

Issa Abu Shreef : 1:04:06 "I got a drug habit that would put your problem celebrities in the ground!" 😂😂😂😂😂

shred : 1:08:25 Sounds like a different voice actor.

Keito The Kite : 2:26 *by donating $1 you can end coffee abuse today.*

The 3ms : Holy Shit Franklin out of all them has low self esteem? 4:30 the book says "100 tips to improve self esteem."

hemotatti : Love how franklin throws his drink with trick, Michael tosses it like trash, Trevor breaks it on the ground. Shows their personality

Xavier the Boxing Nerd : 33:57 is legendary. They had to have added that after the game came out

D'jango Markov : 1:19:40

Shake hir : So nice to see Michael and Amanda being loving with each other

Robert Popescu Criss : 55:29 kratos (god of war) confirmed

Negin : 16:17 😂😂😂

realsdjdjjd : 46:39 the sheriff is floating lmao

Ronnie Richardson : Out of all three of them, Trevor's switch scenes are my favorite, I remember switching to him the first time and outta nowhere I'm being chased by the cops lmao.

Chris's Films : 40:18 "I'm kinda late for a meeting" by meeting, Michael means murdering innocent people

Johnny Boy : *T h i s m o t h e r f u c k e r c l e a n*

CHEETS 39 : 37:17 *Should I put my K/D ratio on my resume?* The hell is jimmy signing up for

Pinkmaroon : 1:22:02 open season reference

SausageFruit : 1:06:01 "We are scooter brothers. Scoooooter brothers.... ay slow down scooter brother ... we are brothers on scooter ... Come on, scooter brother. Let's go, scooter brother" Still the best Character Switch Scene.

james derbyshire : Nearly all of Franklin’s ones are the same

Cody McGlaughlin : 1:16:55 is the best quote I have ever seen

joshua holmes : 1:06:09 the only one people care about.

Zekken : In 46:37 you will see a fiying cop car

MotherFuckerJones : RDU rush hour in a nutshell, "18:40"!

Simple-Commentator-not-really : Can you imagine a remaster of GTA III, San Andreas and Vice City all in one, and Claude, Tommy and CJ all having unique switches?

LIRR Limited Productions : 6:07 Franklin get so excited😂😂😂😂

MoviesNGames007uk : Wow incredible attention to detail. I can't imagine how long it took for you to find them all. 😲

MarcosJ.J : **walks out drunk OF A 24/7**

Plotagon Poppy : The fact that their is basically an hour and a half of 10 second clips shows how amazing gta 5 is in a nutshell

Ian Ramos : 1:17:22, there's a possibility that Trevor would wake up in the similar dress without underwear (might need 100% completion though). Frightening but Hilarious!

MetalFan : 9:14 voice crack?

шоколадное мороженое : 57:52 good one

Sprite Cranberry : I feel like if Franklin was real he would be the guy I would have couple of beers with.

DJ MJ 'slatt' : Gta 3 - best cars Gta vice city - best city Gta San Andreas - best story Gta iv - best gameplay Gta v - best multiplayer Gta the ballad of gay Tony - best guns Gta the lost and damned - best characters Gta China Town wars - best antagonist's Gta vice city stories - best nostalgia Gta liberty city stories - best missions Rockstar did well.

Youtuber #87725439 : Michael’s scenes after his family reunited make me so happy to watch

nasanel : All Trevor does is wake up in a weird ass place with no clothes drunk or starting a fight lol and franklin is probs smoking or drinking and looking at cars, and miachel was sitting, relaxing, or talking to his waifu

Cinnamon Roll : Gotta give Micheal credit, hes trying to be a good dad and husband, especially after his old stunts and new ones