GTA 5 - All Character Switch Scenes

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Ben Antonson : 40:14 I have never seen this one before...

MoviesNGames007uk : Wow incredible attention to detail. I can't imagine how long it took for you to find them all. 😲

Megadriver : I think you missed a few from Michael's scenes. Michael giving a drunk Tracey some money. Michael calming Tracey about her eating disorder. Michael drunk near the desert bar (when he is with Trevor)

Marston : Trevor switch scenes are the best hands down

JokeBo : *t h i s m o t h e r f u c k e r c l e a n*

Cobra Cartel : 1:16:33 did Trevor just see his own death? Didn't Think I'd get this meny likes

Niall : You missed one, re-do the entire video my friend.

Bettie Moeckel : Franklin: 0:00 - 15:46 Michael: 15:46 - 45:19 Trevor: 45:19 - 1:23:09

JM C : And some dumb people saying that gta lV is better.... Details in gta v are insane

D'jango Markov : 1:19:40

Shadow Of The Night : Michael’s scenes are so depressing

Daniel : 46:59 HE SAID IT

шоколадное мороженое : 57:52 good one

television and cheese : 01:06:02 Scoooooter Brooothers !

AHappyBlackGuy : 16:50 Michael you savage lmao

DJSiQRiQ : Everytime I log on - I hear; "Man, I'm drunk - but I ain't getting any drunker"

The Amazing : Five years later, I still find ones I haven't seen before. Amazing

MotherFuckerJones : RDU rush hour in a nutshell, "18:40"!

SyaninSs : Absolutely detail

HeelMH : 37:17 Tryhards in real life

Ayyoub : Rockstar games 😍😘😗😚

The Dark Derp : We are scooter brothers SCOOOOOOTER BROTHERS

Defender : 45:19 - thats where the video starts :)))

Yoni Gur Arie : 1:15:53 God please no

Caillou's Mutter : it must have taken so long to record this... thats what i call dedication

Serpent Peacecraft : 1:16:55 I didn't know Trevor could rap!

shred : 1:08:25 Sounds like a different voice actor.

HK Leon : 1:02:11 😂😂

SausageFruit : 1:22:37 That was the sadliest scene in the whole game, I feel sad for Trevor. "Uhhhh aghuhuh... Mommy."

LibertyMan2020 : You're a good kid, Franklin.

Robert Popescu Criss : 55:29 kratos (god of war) confirmed

Michael Gray : 53:47 gameplay trailer memories

The 3ms : Holy Shit Franklin out of all them has low self esteem? 4:30 the book says "100 tips to improve self esteem."

Shawn Flatters : 17:16 what the actual Fck micheal

Craig Paterson : I came here only to watch Trevor's ones 😂

Galo Galoso : 5 years later and we're still talking about GTA. No wonder how Rockstar paid the works very well.

qz3r Ř : 53:47 *WTF*

joshua holmes : 1:06:09 the only one people care about.

Zekken : In 46:37 you will see a fiying cop car

Keezy Mann : 29:49 Michael farted lol.

William : 40:12 What?! I played mostly as Michael . And i've never seen this cutscene. Never. *Does it happen after doing certain thing?

RodSk8Dude : 55:25 Trevor with that beard calling someone "boy". If only he was also bald at the time.

Capt Recker : When the GTA:O servers are down for two days straight, so you record every damn switch scene.

Issa Abu Shreef : 59:25 "The little bird will never learn to fly if he isn't pushed out the nest" 😂😂

the best : 9:20 ok that is the new girlfriend?

Sebbromlg : Oh shit. The effort is unreal here. Nice.

Aran Ryan : 29:47 was michael showing his distaste for modern movies by making a fart sound or did he shit himself?

Войн Мандалора : *NIGGAAAA*

Nor-MaL : You forgot the one where trevor howls like a wolf.