Dave Chappelle - Talks about sick Hollywood environment

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lovelyti2002 : dave chappelle is the truth, he saw what was going on and got the fuck out of hollywood, i will always respect him for that. the 3 people who thumbed this video down, are brainwashed morons...just saying.

Kaemajii : "the worst thing to call somebody is crazy, it's dismissive. I don't understand this person, so they're crazy. That's bullshit. These people are not crazy, they're strong people, maybe the environment is a little sick." thought provoking and very real. so much respect

Fluffymuffy Pelican : DAVE chappelle has seen the light!!!!

Rensune : Hollywood is run by Leftists: of course it's sick.

DaOrigTruthSeeker : There is a comedian I saw some time ago on P Diddy's "Bad Boys of Comedy" and he is a outstanding voice impressionist. He did a stand up on that show where he said he was in Hollywood and he had never seen so many homosexuals in his life. He said actors who are super masculine in movies are as queer as a 3 dollar bill in real life. He said too much because I have not see this guy since he said that. The fact that he is super talented has not helped him. He revealed too much and they must have pulled the plug on his career.

TheEschwank02 : this is how conspiracy theories start. "we dont know so we're gonna make shit up"

Blessedup Dc : Kanye West

fargoth7 : He's talking about pedophilia

Ally D : The Illuminati isn't a thing, people. Surely there's more going on in Hollywood than we know, but that doesn't mean there's a new-new-world order with terrible motives and all that bullshit. It is what it is: there's just things going on behind the scenes, likely independent of a reptilian shape-shifting warlord. -_-

WakeUp OrDieTrying : he said that the illuminati controls the entertainment industry and force people to do stuff they don't want, if u don't want to cooperate with them then they punish you. if u need more info about this kind of subjects then you are more than welcome to visit my channel.

BrotherHairless : Entertainment to sports and now today's so-called news media is about nothing but propaganda and pure old fashioned deceptions and absolute distractions. Every day discussions will more than likely end up with some reference to a celebrity or Hollywood. Try to inform people about just really how sick and distracting and corrupt sports and Hollywood is and they want to kill you. My daughter came home one day with homework in part having to watch 'South Park' and do a report on it. In the old days politicians used to steer clear of Hollywood types, today there isn't much difference between the Federal government, the White House or Congress. Hollywood and other filth plus the wealthy and Israel of course, have more say and rubs butts or shoulders with the elected scum than we the American people. Simple cure. Time and time again all those celebrities, rappers, actors, slut whore actresses, even Dr. Phony Phil says not to get engrossed in Hollywood, turn off the media, or allow your kids or yourself too much TV time. But he says to be sure to watch his program. Oprah reported on talk shows to never allowing their children to watch much TV or get involved with media too much until they are older.  Too many drugs, too many lies, too much homocrap, bestiality and etc. And it still sells like Oprah the hog does and her buddy the DR. Oh but watch her show since it's oh so honest and worthy to waste time watching. So just stop supporting anything to do with Hollywood, stop buying! Stop thinking what the claim that 'everybody' is some sort of fan and it's the cool thing to do, or not allowed to play with the herd. F-em. The majority are sick, very sick. Love communism, are all warped sexually and even have those private high dollar speak easy bars and hide-outs where they can go purchase little girls and little boys or their pick of whatever animal they want to have sex with. Hell, there was even a documentary on it last year and talking to some women and girls about the acts, performances with animals and stars they do. And how most of Hollywood and anyone connected to it are extremely perverted. So much so all the worlds billionaires go there to spend big bucks to play. One secret club charges fifty thousand per year just to join so you can play with Arabs and other sickos from all over the world and with OUR politicians who visit there. Nothing honest, factual, or truthful comes out of that hell hole, nothing. Even though they claim it's historical but far from it and the sheep fall for it all.  Of course all the special interest groups, GLAAD, PETA and others won't like it and label anyone against the perverts and scum in California, LA. Nothing but evil on that coast. Dumb ass American people.

Crass Envy : I knew 10 girls that moved to L.A. after high school and became addicts when they found out there was a red pill. Anybody know a similar story?

Ol Jerz Bastard : I have experience working with a few so called "elites" and even hanging out with them outside of work. Ultra-liberal leftist shit for sure. Its scary as shit hangin out with them knowing how much influence they have.

quitters remedy : I'm so used to hearing Dave Chappelle say punch lines that when he emphasizes on something serious and then pauses, I almost instinctively feel like it's time to laugh.

ray brown : 10 people hit the 'dislike' button. I totally understand. I hit it every once in a while 'by accident' as well.

highsteel240 : I'm not making this guy anymore than who or what he is. A funny comedian, that's it. If you wanna look deeper into it, read between the lines you go right ahead. I'm just going to sit back and laugh.

Salty Shunk : Israel as a country didn't even exist until a few decades ago. You're Palestinian.

WAR CRIME : Illuminati trying to do what they do best and dave knows that and he didnt give in thats why he left comedy

Nicolas J. Malcom : Kanye2016

julie sheme : Entertainment and those silly shows we watch and sports are nothing but distractions from bigger problems of the world D;

zQuestionsleep : Jesus, what is wrong with you people? You immediately jump on the illuminati bandwagon at the drop of a hat. Hollywood has been known as an unhealthy environment for people for a very long time. The stereotype dictates that everyone there is shallow, self centered and unempathetic. This is nothing new.

Lucky Luchiano : Henry Weinstein...but liberals blaming president Trump

Sovereign King : Yes and when there is no money, who's still in power? lol And of course the illusions are key, why do you think everyone still goes to work everyday, working their ass off, not realizing what they're earning doesn't mean jack shit? We're living the monopoly reality.

Sovereign King : The illusion of money = power, no money = power. So in other words, the illusion of money is keeping us enslaved in the corrupt system and when the economy collapses, we're still enslaved and poor. Illusions are the key to everything.

k5lta : thank you,but people just don't wanna belive,but the nonbelivers will see

CulCre : My point is its all Hollywood, all those movies I named were released through big Hollywood production companies. Non-of them were indie films. Hollywood puts out good shit & bad shit just like everything else, its just about knowing what the bullshit is & what isn't. Dave the truth though, major respect to that man.

CulCre : I dont think you know what you're talking about. You need to watch a a wider range of movies I think, or maybe just look at certain movies from a different view. Theres plenty movies that have a great message if you just look for it. You ever seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Click, Why Did I Get Married, or low budget films like Kids & Raising Victor Vargas. I agree there are alot of bullshit movies like you said about making the army look cool. But thats with everything, some good & some bad.

J-Miss : @ReyesRobby : This is one, IF NOT my favorite speeches. But I'm curious if you could forward me any known material that helps you come to this conclusion. I ask because I research much material from Spirituality to Religion,Freemasonry/Symbolism/Satanic-Luciferianism etc. & currently I've been stuck with what seems to be the assumption of Christ being the ONLY way out; but this has it's hindrances w/ me. I do understand slightly though... With the perspective of Matreya, 2012, Aquarian Age, etc.

shadowtiger18 : @McNugget06 I don't think you understand, everyone who spoke up against the illuminati have been called crazy, alot of other horrible things happen to them too and I have always suspected that Dave was in fear for his life because of his erratic behavior

AQUA QUEEN : They are trying to brainwash us all people listen n understand be smart all these distractions smh

Ricky Gill : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OniNubupbQ4&feature=share

Salty Shunk : Take off the tinfoil hat, fuckface. Jewish people fell into that kind of financial and media power because nobody would give them real jobs, and gave them the shit nobody wanted to do...basically, bankers and entertainers were the landscapers of the early 20th century. They owned that shit and did well. As far as the whole "Jews are the reason there's conflict in the middle east," no. It's the US government taking Israel from Palestine without permission, so they could have easier oil access.

PapaMagnum : Wow. I loved this clip!

Salty Shunk : That brings its own can of worms. Hollywood people and critics are vicious but at least they're polite. The average person who hasn't seen daylight in a few weeks is not nearly as as nice with their harassment, and there's not much you can do about that short of showing up at each of their houses and beating the shit out of them, and for that you'd need a lot of plane tickets.

starchmonkey : Thanks for using logic and reason in your post. The illuminati is a weasel word used by teenagers, that undermines his actual point.

Brendan Casey : wow, i never thought demons ran hollywood, but he is totaly right about sickness

Beuzer0 : I'm not a native English speaker, can somebody help me to understand more clearly what he said by summing it up? Thanks.

etmax1 : Protesting without violence is far more powerful than violence will ever be.Ghandi proved that when he took on the British empire and won. When you use violence you turn public opinion against yourself, without violence everybody that relates to your plight will be on your side.

picture me trollin' : White people still don't get what he really meant because even white Chappelle lovers practice racism that they calculate to get away with. When black talent thrives, whiteness and racism will come full force. So when he caught the white dude laughing at him in a racist way, he decided right then and there that white people didn't deserve high quality comedy. Whites still don't get it. You laugh at black genius and brilliance then the next thing for you is not witness, receive or capture it at all. System Shut down due to racism.

c2g1980 : @theunknowncove Very true. There's also no such thing as an entire race being black or white. We all have ethnic backgrounds but what makes some1 black (evil, unfortunate, wicked, unruly) & white (pure, clean, fortunate, good etc...) is that person's mindset & heart. Subconsciously white has feeling of being right, superior & can do no wrong & black is just bad by definition. These people running this ship are getting what they want accomplished until The Father says no more.

c2g1980 : @boognishishere I agree w/u but sadly the more I read The Father's Word the more I understand. People do not care. If they cared any less they would have negative care. He says the wicked will continue to do wicked. I was well not if people put the word out & let all our friends & family know, wrong! They all looked at me like I was crazy & went on w/their porn, drinking, movie watching lives. No1 cares but a select few who 2 travel the narrow path 2 righteousness.

the Jinn : Allah guides who He wills. I praise Him for bringing me out of the Church and into the deen of Al-Islam. Alhamdulillah! Jazakallah khair.

the Jinn : Dave Chapelle is a Muslim. Peace.

the Jinn : Muslims aren't the terrorist extremists Mainstream Media and bigots are making us out to be. Before you start, I'm white and born in America, born into a Christian family. Peace.

the Jinn : The faith of a man goes hand-in-hand with their actions.

carmello12 : Talking in code helps nobody

Stephen Bored Man : Maybe? It is

BlankTheBeast : coestar

Shimdidly : Dave makes one short comment about Mariah Carey being naked on TRL, and it's the 3rd suggestion down on the right.

HandsupLX : your ears, there is something wrong with them.