The worst time to put a commercial ever (watch to the end)

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Dan Lee-Archer : So 5 years is a long time for a video to go viral, I am as confused as all of you :)

Maxamed Ali : Me inside: you're going to hell for laughing at this Me outside: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

Wholesome Lad : Wow someone made kids inspired by their favourite burgers

Rage X : im sorry god i laughed so hard


Elzeta : Mommy said I can be anything I want *So I decided to be a Hungry jack's Hamburger*

Frost the fucking idiot : Did anyone else get here from their recommendations?

//Pastel Orchard// : The little *girls* are so cute, they come in pairs. They are very special little *burgers.*

Jeff : Thanks Youtube algorithms, don't know what I would do without you.

Delyc Heruta : That escalated way too quickly

wolfguy23 : * sees the Hungry Jacks commercial * :) Wow, now I want to try having THAT meal for lunch- * sees the conjoined twin toddlers * Oh... O.o; Never mind, I’m not hungry anymore.


Amateur Professional : That's extremely creepy! I know it's a coincidence for the two to happen side by side but damn that's like something straight out of a horror movie. I'm talking about the burgers of course.

Aryadwika Dinu : 2012: 2 views 2013: 196 views 2014: 487 views 2015: 2749 views 2016: 8345 views 2017: 25787 views 2018: 99999999999999999999 views

nhgfd juytre : They say two heads are better than one.

K J : *"They're special little girls"*

IllegallyMamaWeegee : *Shows double burger offer* Mmm, I could try that. *Shows the hardships and risk of conjoined people* I feel so bad for them.

Diego Aracena : HOW didn't the programmers realize??!!!

Super Luigi : *So cute* -They come in pairs.-

Kermit on weed : Is this video from heaven or hell?

keivan hamidi : **recommanded for you** ._. TRIGGERED

LSSJOrangeLightning : Why is this in my recommendations? I don't watch stuff like this.

Zane Wong : Well that got depressing very fast

ShadowWhelp : In literature, this is called "Foreshadowing."

Superhero123Kaleb : Why is this just now getting recommended well it's blowing up let's wait for Justin Y

Some one : Rewatched a few times, gets me every single time. I am going to hell I guess.

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : Haha, 1 ticket to hell please..


Shrek - Sama : Well... Who's hungry?

Captain Raz : Not clickbait!!!! Thank you sir

Teezi : *Anyone else started scratching their heads now?*

hypergalaxy8 : Why is this in my recommended 5 years after it released?

Senura Kaduwela : This video is only recommended for cold hearted people 😂

Basically Trending : *Hungry Jacks ‘Inspired By Conjoined People’

maxx unlimited : T H E Y A R E S P E C I A L L I T T L E G I R L S next on 60 minutes

neo : It's called subliminal programming this is why people shouldn't watch TV. It's satanic inverted brainwashing through the subconscious mind. Clearly in this example they are making you lust after those burgers telling your mind that you want to eat that. Then right after the mood was set in they flip to the next commercial showing to babies looking quite similar to those burgers subliminally trying to make you crave for the consumption of human children. What I'm trying to say is the elites control what is being played on your TV so this was no coincidence at all. I mean sure nobody is gonna flip a switch in their mind and immediately crave to eat babies right after seeing that, but it's definitely a small build up and a reminder. Think about it guys, we are human computers and our mind is like a hard drive that downloads everything it interacted with or experienced on day to day life.

Unicorn Workhorse : Which one is the ad

Choip : *$4.95*

Toot : Why does god allow this? *takes a bite out of the child* GOD WHY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY GOD!

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Are the kids also edible?

Trolligarch : I'm going to hell after this

Potato Man : Damn... *now that’s a lot of damage*

Sienna Keno : *HHAHAHA I CANT* 😂😂 *But I feel bad for the two kids* 🙏

Darren Dill : $4.95 for that, that's the most shocking part of this video. Did anyone else notice. And this was 5 years ago.

Cheese : Who else saw this on their recommendation page?

DammitSinged : _Yikes._

Captain Qwaz Caz : Cannibalism is illegal.

•CHISA SAN• : I just watched's in my recommendation

Vincent : Oh hi Youtube recommendations

Logan East : Oh my gosh I get it now