Minecraft Giant Ass Taking A Huge Dump
Minecraft has evolved

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I just wanted to have a little fun with Minecraft and I thought I'd build a giant butt, which could also take a dump. It's me just having a little stupid fun :) Enjoy~


_ : *What if we use 100% of the brain?*

Александр Шишкин : That's what I call *EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA*

Kitten Fluff : *Now back to* "Why was this in my recomended list?"

Nerd cat : 1990: there will be flying cars in the future 2013:

Legal ZA0 : This was recommended to me way too many times FINE YOUTUBE I’ll watch this GIANT BUTT take a Minecraft dump

Minegamer : *makes original comment* *people notice original comment* *People steal it* *comments no longer original* *waits for next comment trend* Cycle repeats.

Errðr Fa!lz : Nobody: Minecraft people:

Achido : This is why we will not survive the zombie apocalypse

Memes For Depressed Teens : This Is Weird Reccomendation, Butt Okay.

tim_dim_the_nuderu 29681 : International bruh moment

Joaquin Cartoons : Me: *What if we use 100% of our brain* *THIS* *GUY* :

Kamil Kluczewski : Nobody: Not a single soul: Nothing: Youtube's recommendations in april 2019: *this video

Top 10 Archive : This is the single-greatest use of the game Minecraft I have ever seen.

Derpy Bread : When you dont know what to do with your life 13min later........ Hey guys i decided to make a huge ass and destroy whole village because i have nothing smart to do with my life.....also keep up the good work

MarioGamingking 2 : You know this guy is something a scientist himself.

Adam : *T H I C C*

Enver Hoxha : 1970: There will be flying cars in the future! 2013:

bone moisture : peak of human evolution

to.haiderz : when minecraft hits puberty.. 😂

c0l1n_M4 : “Today I wanted to make a giant ASS” I wake up everyday thinking the same thing man.

Red Bepis : nobody: youtube recomandations: sandstone shiting on village

Shaggy : *_absolutely nobody:_* *_YouTube Recommendation:_*

Dolan Dark : But why?

eli-boy 747 : World Edit openes up a great variety of building possibilities to more experienced players. Alternatively...

Oof .mp3 : "Humans will have flying cars in the future!" Look at where evolution got us, fellas.

User Account. : Except I'm gonna go higher IM TAKING A BROWN STINK ON THE MOON

Toasty : accurate. my ass is made up of two cylinders just like this I-

eggplant : “Minecraft is a game without limits” Notch.

Alex Robinson : Nobody: YouTube recommendations:

Jacob Gálvez : Nobody: YouTube Recommendations: **This video**

MrWhatdafuBOOM : An intelligent human being spent time on this.

Jaida Givens : Nobody: YouTube recommendations:

Big Boy : No nut november is off to a difficult start

Dark Master Overlord : 1985: I bet there will be flying cars in the future! 2013:

ExplodingPikachu747 : 1950: I bet we'll have flying cars in the future! 2019:

Ford Knievel : Wait a minute… THEY DIDN’T WIPE!

Lazy Reaper : Each day, we stray further from god.

A Black Genie : Who got this recommended half a decade later?

神奇海螺俱樂部 : The biggest fart ever! Oh WoW

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : Perfect video for the bathroom Thank you YouTube

14/가지 : OK YouTube you got me this time

Shadow Strike : 1947: there will be flying cars in the future. 2019:

How to properly clean your metal computer : I’m holding back tears... this video is so powerful

Amy Sulser : This man is a legend😂😂😂

No4 : I would like to thank YouTube for recommending this masterpiece to me after 5 years.

Shreddin Eddie's Games And Vlogs : I lost faith in humanity...

Thomas Scripts : I love my YouTube recommendations now

M M : *what if we used 100% of our brains*

Orange_ : Damn boi he *T H I C C !*