Minecraft Giant Ass Taking A Huge Dump
Minecraft has evolved

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I just wanted to have a little fun with Minecraft and I thought I'd build a giant butt, which could also take a dump. It's me just having a little stupid fun :) Enjoy~


_ : *What if we use 100% of the brain?*

Александр Шишкин : That's what I call *EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA*

diarrhea_gurl : *Now back to* "Why was this in my recomended list?"

Legal ZA0 : This was recommended to me way too many times FINE YOUTUBE I’ll watch this GIANT BUTT take a Minecraft dump

Top 10 Archive : This is the single-greatest use of the game Minecraft I have ever seen.

Errðr Fa!lz : Nobody: Minecraft people:

Minegamer : *makes original comment* *people notice original comment* *People steal it* *comments no longer original* *waits for next comment trend* Cycle repeats.

Joaquin Cartoons : Me: *What if we use 100% of our brain* *THIS* *GUY* :

Achido : This is why we will not survive the zombie apocalypse

bone moisture : peak of human evolution

Memes For Depressed Teens : This Is Weird Reccomendation, Butt Okay.

Nerd cat : 1990: there will be flying cars in the future 2013:

tim_dim_the_nuderu 29681 : International bruh moment

Enver Hoxha : 1970: There will be flying cars in the future! 2013:

Dolan Dark : But why?

Kamil Kluczewski : Nobody: Not a single soul: Nothing: Youtube's recommendations in april 2019: *this video

Derpy Bread : When you dont know what to do with your life 13min later........ Hey guys i decided to make a huge ass and destroy whole village because i have nothing smart to do with my life.....also keep up the good work

JosephGamerX 2 : You know this guy is something a scientist himself.

Adam : *T H I C C*

ISukATLife : “Minecraft is a game without limits” Notch.

to.haiderz : when minecraft hits puberty.. 😂

Jaida Givens : Nobody: YouTube recommendations:

Shaggy : *_absolutely nobody:_* *_YouTube Recommendation:_*

eli-boy 747 : World Edit openes up a great variety of building possibilities to more experienced players. Alternatively...

Teixeira : The way he laughs at the dump like he's really proud of what he's done

c0l1n_M4 : “Today I wanted to make a giant ASS” I wake up everyday thinking the same thing man.

Red Bepis : nobody: youtube recomandations: sandstone shiting on village

MrWhatdafuBOOM : An intelligent human being spent time on this.

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : Perfect video for the bathroom Thank you YouTube

Big Boy : No nut november is off to a difficult start

U Suck : accurate. my ass is made up of two cylinders just like this I-

Ford Knievel : Wait a minute… THEY DIDN’T WIPE!

Oof .mp3 : "Humans will have flying cars in the future!" Look at where evolution got us, fellas.

Little Dumpling : We have beaten slavery, endured WWI and WWII, many Jews and soldiers killed, many innocent people killed, twin towers collapsed killing many people and killed osama bin laden, just to create this............BEAUTIFUL CREATION, It was so worth it

Sanghelian Spartan : The mic quality brings me nostalgia

Mr Commando23 : Where ant man will go in Thanos in Endgame

Shadow Strike : 1947: there will be flying cars in the future. 2019:

UHF : I would like to thank YouTube for recommending this masterpiece to me after 5 years.

Yen the smiling dinosaur : Thank you youtube,very cool

ExplodingPikachu747 : 1950: I bet we'll have flying cars in the future! 2019:

I. R. : 1980: we'll have flying cars in the future 2019:

Dark Master Overlord : 1985: I bet there will be flying cars in the future! 2013:

Little Bendy : Welcome to To Season1 Episode 1 Of I watch random crap

Layme : Thanks YouTube recommendation section, very cool.

Jacob Gálvez : Nobody: YouTube Recommendations: **This video**

Şahan Osmanoğlu : thank you for this informative and educational video !

Macedthur : *You are Banned from the christian Server*

john c : Almost forgot to watch this one today

AirFelix : Ant-Man is taking notes....