Minecraft Giant Ass Taking A Huge Dump

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Top 10 Archive : This is the single-greatest use of the game Minecraft I have ever seen.

Flater : This is the best recommended video I've had so far and also the best Minecraft video.

Alex Dumitru : What the hell am I watching I have an exam tomorrow...

Westromek X : I am happy we use technology that way

Not a Prophet : 11 PM: Just one more video and I'll go to sleep. 3 AM:

Dolan Dark : But why?

M M : *what if we used 100% of our brains*

Beef Stew : You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.

Guns N' Games : 1920's: 2000's people will have flying cars! 2018:

MyShoeFellOff : Welcome to episode 213 of *WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS*

bone moisture : peak of human evolution

Phatkid : I think that's enough internet for today...

1000 subs with one video? : -why is this in my recommended?- *why hasn’t this been in my recommended until now?*

Galaxy Flowers : *_Notch’s mission has been accomplished_*

Tutorialmaker5578569 : Doctor : You've got 2 minutes left to live. Me : *Play this video*

How to properly clean your metal computer : I’m holding back tears... this video is so powerful

Fierce Pierce : *This is what Albert Einstein watched while creating the Bible*

Spider Killz : That's enough internet for today

White Rice™ : Top 10 Overpowered Anime Characters

OceanBlueMoon : We just *shred* the anus

Jolly The Elf : 1:04 is what your looking for it would be much appreciated if you thank me with a like or something else

Can we get 10k subs without a video : How it feels to chew a 5 gum

nate rhoades : Lets see what's in my recommended today...

chiiro スペース : Now this, this is real *QUALITY CONTENT*

Critz : "its just shred the anus, this human is probably dead"

can we get to 10000 subscribers with no videos : hello people from the recommended

Simon Wegmann : *Butt* Why ?

frickaroni : Now you can do this with brown concrete.

Gilmar : I just finished highschool and I should be looking for a job

a fking egg : Number 19 Taco bell brown water

Shriyanag Y. : Hahaahahahahahah this is the best video I’ve ever seen, a minecraft butt pooping on some innocent villagers 🤣

mad cat : why am i awake its literally 2 am and im watching this shit and why does it appear the 10th time in my recommendation tab even if i marked it as not interested

Emre Utkan : i dont need to look at my pc's clock to tell its 3 AM

Saul cool912 : And i thought it was a ball sack...

Yen the smiling dinosaur : Thank you youtube,very cool

Lemon Doge : *Inserts explosive diarrhea joke*

DylanDino2017דילן : "Your scientists worried so much worrying about if they could, and didn't stop to think if they should

Salty Tea : I thought it was made my sand but it’s a stone sand kinda xD

The Privateryan5671 : 1:03 *When you have too much Taco Bell*

Dank Matter : A legendary video found by the power of the YouTube recommended section

Teej : God utilizes his powers for fun (Circa: 2014)

Rares Andrei : Is that a butt?


James Allen : This is 1000IQ stuff

Confezzled : I was born in the right generation

Oh Yeah Yeah : Oh yeah yeah

Little Pickle : *diarrhea explosion* _literally_

Afrael Wolf : Ifunny sent me

ᔕᑌᗷ TO ᒪOᖇᗪ ᑭEᗯᗪIEᑭIE : Oh yeah yeah

Handz 0n Trigger : Why was this recommended to me? Youtube, explain