Minecraft Giant Ass Taking A Huge Dump

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Nicholas Sexton : So, this is what the minecraft community does with their time. Cool.

How to properly clean your metal computer : I’m holding back tears... this video is so powerful

Ilham Syaiful : you just destroyed my no nut november bruh

MR KILLER YT : Why is this in everyone's recommendation

KodeyX GT : Man to hell with Fortnite, Minecrafts where it's at

very sad : peak of human evolution

Justin Y. : imagine living in that village.

Karan George : Roses are red Pigs are Plump *Minecraft Giant Ass Taking A Huge Dump*

Mowgl- j : 4138, an other-worldly aircraft lands on the now lifeless earth, searching for any clues as for what used to exist here. In the distance, they spot a shiny material in the ash. It is a USB. Going back millions of years technologically to play what's on that USB, they listen in suspense and exitement. **Video Loads** "*Ok guys today were going to take a giant dump out of a Minecraft ass*".

Austin9090 : God left the server

Dolan Dark : But why?

Ip Vincent : haters say the ass is fake

guyaGT : 1975 - there will be flying skateboards in 2018 2018 -

TrawlrZ : You get like 5+ hours on Minecraft ,and what do you do? 0:08

C E A S A R : I lost No Nut November.

Dank Matter : A legendary video found by the power of the YouTube recommended section

CSL Blizzard : Best recommendation by YouTube so far..

Mileena GamerYt : When you can’t download fortnite

XxMemeWizardxX PS2 : Thanks YouTube very cool

Alan Ornelas : Anyone here from Recommendations?

Natutale Natura : *Me when I fart*

kremit the frog : This new generation concerns me greatly, the generation who will have grown up watching this

IceyWood : thank goodness its december

Zero : weird flex, but ok

Confezzled : I was born in the right generation

Steam Powered Maniac : The absolute madman... he did it. He actually did it.

_ Klondank_Bar_ : I learn way more from this guy than my science teacher.

Lefdety : Just lost no nut.

Ezny : I mean, this is better than cringe fortnite clip vids being recommended to me...

Handz 0n Trigger : Why was this recommended to me? Youtube, explain

MTT - Viper : This is quality Minecraft gameplay

Masterhalo012 : This video talks to me in an emotional way

Nebulous Black : I'm actually here because of a tweet saying it keeps getting recommended. Shout out to Dolan Ducks Twitter

Overgeek Gaming : Thanks Dolan Dark

Lovely Lauren : It's 4am wtf am I watching

Flex_soft A : 1950’s: “I bet we’ll have flying cars in the future.” 2018: “ *Giant Minecraft Ass Taking Huge Dump* ”

Cabbage Bean : *🅱illiagers*

DimentionBuild [GD] : When you have nothing else to do in Minecraft

LukeIsChilling : *Scientists in the future cannot explain what has happened in this video.*

Santa Hoovy : Good to see the Minecraft community is doing great

_ deeiva _ : When your alone in your server and bored.

Someone you don't know : Now this is something I want to see

Nish Limbu : YouTube recommendations is doing wonders right now

FunkyDemonCat : Who's dad is this.

Twatical : Please just stay away from me and get out of my recommended

ThaBraunChicken : Remember toilet paper, water and soap.

sub for no reason at all : What has the Minecraft community come to

Byron Garcia : After you eat Chipolte

Spilled Milk : explosive diarrhea

VazzyCow : *This.... Now this, is epic*