The hardest problem on the hardest test

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Catherine x : *In class:* 2 x 2 = 4 4 ÷ 2 = 2 *In test:* The circumference of a circle is 92cm, the radius of a circle is 83cm. What is in my back garden?

Antonio Hernandez : Question: Probability that this tetrahedron contains the sphere's center? Me in the test: Yes

Mono : Why am I watching this at 1 in the morning

Max Miesen : This guy is amazing at explanations. If he can teach the hardest problem this well, imagine what he would be like as a high school teacher.

Behind White Lines : Me: Reads hardest question 13 times Me: *turns in test*

Taran Van Hemert : this video slowly blew my mind.

Imperius Rex : In class 2+2=4 In exam A plane is going at a speed of 800m/s at 40,000feet what is the name of the pilot Edit: thanks fr 400 likes damn

BeanMarioCow : *In Class:* 4 - 3 = 1 *On Exam:* If the probability of Pi(2) + 72.37*6 [38^2+4.22E], why did my wife leave me?

Mandy : The real genius is the guy who made that question 🤔🤔

Luke Waggoner : Can I go home

VDR : God take me please.. why do these things exist where I exist..

NotDanny : Test: What is the probability that this tetrahedron contains the sphere's center? Me: . . . false Harvard: Bro, you want a scholarship ?

No You : Idk what any of this means

Grytb : Hardest question ever: Why T-Series exist ?

William Wesemann : Johnny has 19 bottles of dish soap wait why does Johnny have 19 bottles of dish soap *mind yo business david!!!*

Ethan Hunter : I'm being 100% serious when I say that this video was more meaningful and interesting than everything I've experienced in the last week combined. Thank you.

Glitchy Jelly : Is it bad that I actually learned from him better than my math teacher?

Matt T : *Class:* 2+2=4 *Test:* P ?= NP

Tomoya Zahard : Why is this in my recommended... And why am I watching it at 3am...

Pixel CHRIS : *Preparing for a test in class:* 10+2=12 56+5=61 *Test:* The road is 500 meters long.How many llamas are there?How big are the koalas?What is the chance of getting a taco?

Paul Paulson : Now i expect 11 more videos 😉

KennethFrom YT : *In class :* 2+2 = 4 2×2 = 4 *During exam :* If a car accelerates 50 kph for 1 hour, what is the brand of the car ?

Cullen Miller : Don't have a clue why this was recommended to me, but thank you YouTube.

Smart Enough : I am one of the most stupid people in maths. I study physics at university and I don't even like it(I don't really like any subjects so I just selected anything & now I am doing my second year). I always wonder how I pass in physics(pretty good grades and I do understand it but in maths it takes me years to understand the problem and I do usually get 50/100 or in the 50's (if i'm lucky)but most of the times in the 40's. Then I have to do the subject again in order to pass it). I don't know why I have issues with maths. (Imagine the chapter named mapping wouldn't even get in my head).

Mohammad Alawadhi : Each student has a 25% chance of being circled because he has a 50% chance of not being peaked at from each side (0.5)². So we simply expect that 2 out of 8 students get circled. EDIT: Typo

George Farah : Fastest 3 things in the universe: 1- light 2- universe expansion 3-me clicking on a 3blue1brown notification

Dying Horse : Class: 10+1= Homework 90(2+7)x10=? Exam: If you buy ten bags of candy for 3$ , what did i dream about last night?

William Wesemann : you lost me at "math"

Songtsen Gampo : Q. What is the probability that the viewers can solve above problem? A. 1/current view count B. 2/current view count C. 0 D. No answer.

Brandon : Easy. It's in the center or not. 50% chance.

ElectricYoshiHD : Class: 2 + 5 = ? Homework: (y-1)2x-3y = 64 Exam: You have 5 apples, you give one away, calculate the mass of the sun.

Александр Мельгунов : It becomes way harder to understand , if you are from Russia , but tomorrow I will try to give this task for my teacher )) it will be fun )

A.RIVAL : This seemed so hard at first, then it became so easy to understand! You're a great teacher!

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Wait, they put numbers on the test?!?! Screw that

CG- Cool Gamers : In class 2+2=4 In test 2×2=4 and why polar bear is dead

Student Vlogs - Dylan : Was this video in Chinese or Mandarin?

dan1235 : Why do we even do this??

Tomas Bez : The overall mass of a toilet is 12kg. Find the acceleration difference of an iPhone dropped into the water, then use it to calculate the wave frequency of a 4km pulsar in the middle of your nan’s house.

Marco Hernandez : Math= mental abuse to humans

The Dominator : Best comments section on YouTube :)

GameTass : Brain.exe has stopped working

muradali bolat : bence cevap 1/8. çünkü 2. boyutta toplam 3 nokta vardı ve hareket ettiremdeğimiz noktalar ise 2 taneydi.bunun anlamı kaçıncı boyutta isen hareketsiz noktaların da boyutun numarasına eşittir . örneğin birinci boyutta bir hareketsiz bir hareketli nokta olurdu ve çember bir çizgi olacağında merkezi içine alma ihtimali 1/2 oludu yani ikinci boyutta (1/2)^2=1/4 olur buna göre üçüncü boyutta (1/2)^3=1/8 ihtimalle merkez dört yüzlünün içinde olacaktır

ibraheem gamer : Dave have four apples and joe have tow eggplants so what is John doing home

Angel Larracuente : 2D = 1/4 3D = 1/8 4D = 1/16 And so on? So that means every dimensional level you step on ever-divides the probability of capturing the center by 2.

Matthew K. : In class: 6+4=10 On test: If Johnny has 6 apples and Peter has 4, what is the color of Jupiter’s 12th moon?

5.000 subscriptions with no videos : I absolutely hate *maths*

xxxigua : The answer of the last question is 2, as each student has 1/4 probability of being circled, therefore, the expectation among the 8 should be 8 x 1/4 = 2

Eric Khaing : Ppffft...hard? I could do these questions in my sleep. Could you explain this one more time tho?

No Face : Why am i here? I went from watching dogs to interviews with justin biebers mom to this.... Ill stay with "Top 100 things you didnt know about dirt"

Extra Fishes : I would’ve just said 1/3 cuz it’s a triangle