The hardest problem on the hardest test

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Catherine x : *In class:* 2 x 2 = 4 4 ÷ 2 = 2 *In test:* The circumference of a circle is 92cm, the radius of a circle is 83cm. What is in my back garden?

VDR : God take me please.. why do these things exist where I exist..

ElectricYoshiHD : Class: 2 + 5 = ? Homework: (y-1)2x-3y = 64 Exam: You have 5 apples, you give one away, calculate the mass of the sun.

Antonio Hernandez : Question: Probability that this tetrahedron contains the sphere's center? Me in the test: Yes

Herr Hurbig : The biggest irony is that I’m watching this instead of studying for my math final. I’m doing math instead of math.

Taran Van Hemert : this video slowly blew my mind.

Max Miesen : This guy is amazing at explanations. If he can teach the hardest problem this well, imagine what he would be like as a high school teacher.

Lucas Pont : Yeah mate I first have to figure out what the question means lol.

Mono : Why am I watching this at 1 in the morning

Antriksh Sharma : Well, only if I had a 3D Imagination with scales and graphs

William Wesemann : Johnny has 19 bottles of dish soap wait why does Johnny have 19 bottles of dish soap *mind yo business david!!!*

Clorox Bleach : This comments section should be a goldmine for r/iamverysmart

Imperius Rex : In class 2+2=4 In exam A plane is going at a speed of 800m/s at 40,000feet what is the name of the pilot

eber : this is just like the test Naruto where he left everything blank

Ethan Hunter : I'm being 100% serious when I say that this video was more meaningful and interesting than everything I've experienced in the last week combined. Thank you.

Luke Waggoner : Can I go home

BeanMarioCow : *In Class:* 4 - 3 = 1 *On Exam:* If the probability of Pi(2) + 72.37*6 [38^2+4.22E], why did my wife leave me?

SerjEpic : I hate math why am I 9 minutes in this video

Josev : The link doesn't show the solution to the last problem, so in case anyone is wondering, the solution is 1/4.

Paul Paulson : Now i expect 11 more videos 😉

Behind White Lines : Me: Reads hardest question 13 times Me: *turns in test*

· BlueShine · : Why is this in my recommended... And why am I watching it at 3am...

Kyro : 10:55 look in the middle column of that patron list. Markus Persson? Is that NOTCH sponsoring your channel? Holy crap, that’s amazing!

GAME FEVER SP : If it's 4d sphere answer will be 1/16

channel kanta- : I have discovered a truly marvellous proof of this, which this margin is too narrow to contain.

ManEatingPlant 123 : The answer is 3, 2 +2 is 4 - 1 that's 3 quicc maffs

A.RIVAL : This seemed so hard at first, then it became so easy to understand! You're a great teacher!

Mohammad Alawadhi : Each student has a 25% chance of being circled because he has a 50% chance of not being peaked at from each side (0.5)². So we simply expect that 2 out of 8 students get circled. EDIT: Typo

Decidous : Oh shit it isn't multiple choice...

No You : Idk what any of this means

Ronan Sullivan : I think I have a simpler solution to the problem. In order for the tetrahedron to have the center in it, the points must not be isolated to one hemisphere. If they are then it will not contain the center. The first point is the reference and from it you can set a random hemisphere. Since there is a 50/50 chance that a point will lie in one hemisphere or the other, then 1/2 ^3 = 1/8.

Charbel Eid : each student has 1/4 chance of not being cheated on since there is 1/2 chance for each one of the guys sitting next to him to turn towards him. 1/4×8=2 so 2 students... Ok compared to the putnam problem this is childs play🙂

Dill Pickle : I genuinely want to know, what’s the significance of knowing how to solve problems like this?

dan1235 : Why do we even do this??

Pulkit Garhwal : Great! Now I can't answer 1+1

ibraheem gamer : Dave have four apples and joe have tow eggplants so what is John doing home

LegendaryVegeta : are you serious 2 out of 120 wtf

Student Vlogs - Dylan : Was this video in Chinese or Mandarin?

aLazyFreak : I am by no means a mathematician, but doesn't it make sense to think of the circle in terms of the power used to find its area? For example, in a two-dimentional circle you use the power of 2 to find its area, so the probability is 1/4. Would it be a viable solution to first find the root of that probability (1/2), leaving us with a one-dimentional line and then calculating that probability to the power of 3 (the power used to find the area of a sphere), thus getting the correct answer of 1/8?

8bitmagic : That was awesome

5.000 subscriptions with no videos : I absolutely hate *maths*

William Wesemann : you lost me at "math"

GameTass : Brain.exe has stopped working

Deepak Nãrayanan : *Elegant* btw

EmberDrops : You are an amazing teacher! I'm in high school and I understand the problem and solution :D

Dying Horse : Class: 10+1= Homework 90(2+7)x10=? Exam: If you buy ten bags of candy for 3$ , what did i dream about last night?

SuperStriker7US Team Name:The Last Bosses : i would have guessed this exact number XD

Derp Beef : Not as hard as the pacer test

Nico Mila : Im not a great fan of maths but damn this was interesting

Light : I hate the fact that I know 2 guys that could solve these or harder questions easily... I hate them and love their intelligence at the same time