Police save man "Tan" from lynch mob with London Red Bus at speakers corner

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Straight Out of Camera : Is this London or Zimbabwe?

Skids All Day : Import the third world, become the third world

Giallo & Eurocrime World : London looks like a zoo.

Brian Hawthorne : That's a "Buddhist swastika" totally different meaning. He also has a picture of buddha on his shirt. The swastika is used by many other cultures. Hitler made it infamous and made it a hate symbol. The one he is wearing also faces the other way. For London being so culturally diverse, they are pretty uncultured.

david haythorne : No freedom of speech with a black crowd

Sheshounet : Well, they don't like buddhism that's all

Bobby Silver : Thank you Tony Blair and your open border and multicultural policies. Treasonous Cunt.

Joe Blogs : I just can't believe that bus was on time

Eminator Studios : So since there has been a lot of confusion as to what the circumstances for this were, I will try to sum it up from what I understand. So the asian fella is part of a clan who are labeled as extremist and racist Buddhists (you can find them on youtube preaching hate). That has nothing to do with the swastika he is wearing, which in Buddhism is just the sign of good luck and in the course of history has been used long gone before the third Reich, but with what he was saying/doing/preaching beforehand (?). So this group of people gathers out of anger and follows him, turning into an angry mob. Now in this scenario there really aren't any good guys. The Asian dude is part of a racist clan, tainting the image of Buddhism and the mob is an agressive mob. Im just glad this is all that happened since looking at the discussion this has started on it's own this would've been worse if it actually would've turned into a lynch mob. Feel free to correct me if I got anything wrong and/or feel free to add anything such as facts that I missed or sources that further give context.

name less : Respect to that guy. That crowd shows how polluted that country has become.

The Juice : This is a true representation of black people. Not what the fake news mainstream media tells us. Primatives.

Axel : I love they way they chant “freedom of speech” however their opposition doesn’t have it??!!?? LONDON HAS FALLEN!!! Thank you LEFTS👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Keith Hynes : Who let the animals out of the zoo?

dmt : These guys are so tough that when things went bad in their home countries, they ran away and left the women to sort it out.

Don't look now : R.I.P London.

BANE JONES : Man has balls of steel.

John Holland : Multiculturalism has never worked dangerous times lie ahead

Grant Webb : They wonder why most people in uk avoid london

Fiko Safra : Lol kill hate with more hate, great going people

Martin Worship : This just shows what mob mentality and ignorance can do. Are they all really that ignorant that they don’t realise the guys a Buddhist. 🤦‍♂️

USA Rocks : That's why I like trump.

Dublad32 Eire : Lol hahahaha clowns v one man 😂 😂😂😂

Rob McKinnon : All those immigrants that don't work. Glad your taxpayers are doing something saving other immigrants

grzegorz grzywa : that simbol is older from germany :) stiupid cuuunts without school

Nick S : You import the third world, you become the third world...

Kai Gardner : What’s the context?

Dévd Jemáz : i dont think he is racist, the mob are just sensitive snowflakes that take his words literally and dont see the message..

Gary D'cruz : Bunch of cowards, take him one-on-one, like the old days, the better man wins.

SM Jishan : negroes !! at their best!

Quincycle : Wait, what?? Pause the video at 2:03 . His shirt says 'Dharma Wheel'. The Buddhist Dharma, the path to enlightenment, the path of egolessness and compassion. Are these people attacking a peaceful Buddhist?

Vairis saffad : Those damn Asians and they're grooming gangs

regular everyday normal modafuka : "Diversity is our strenght"

spawntrooper : speakers corner is there to say you pace without being mobbed , everyone has a right to say what they want there for a none hostile conversation/dialogue...so anyone notice if your not Muslim or black or are one side minded you cant say anything there anymore, why become of a group of people and its always the same type of people....see how life is developing now,and i bet not one of them in this video how worked longer then a year, served in the armed forces or any force for that matter, and just complain about anything except about them self....shame

afs200vr : Can someone please explain this situation?? Thanks!

Ping Ting : I don't agree with multiculturalism... I don't like its results

Owzmo : London isn't apart of England anymore. Trump needs to help us build a wall around it.

Prince Marak : Europe has become Africa and Muslim hometown 😂😂🤣🤣

mark sutton : I'm ethnic English and ashamed. What has happened to my home country.

Dejan Vezmar : When you once controled 1/3 of the world,and now the third world controls you.

RedDeadRevolution : another day at the public zoo known as london.

Jake Roscoe : They all didn't do nowt till police was there

Langdonfairchild 1ST : England was lost along time ago.It will get very much worse in the next ten year's. Are soldiers died in vain.

Marvel DC : The Asian guy is cool 😎

Adam Smythe : Londonistan can't manage speakers corner no more. Can't have a first world country with a third world population. This is what politicians wanted for UK. This is their policy. Not an accident

Wizard : So many tough guys when they're in a crowd together

Simeon Selmon : Police should carry guns against people like this

Gamma Slick : lmao this title is so bait. he said the N word and called a black guy a monkey and many more things too

Ebola _ small dick : The swastika was originally a Buddhist symbol for prosperity, this man is probably a Buddhist.

Bob Bob : WTF even is a lynch mob?

Peter IcYou : With a nazi symbol and neo Marxist tats, I really don’t think he is a Buddhist..