Police save man "Tan" from lynch mob with London Red Bus at speakers corner

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Wolfsky : everybody is tuff in that crowd cuz its one guy ...what a bunch of wankers...

ypso : What were those apes so upset about?

Raj Borborua : The crowd was offended and blood thirsty but somehow they did manage to show restraint although few among them tried to get physical.


SM Jishan : negroes !! at their best!

name less : Respect to that guy. That crowd shows how polluted that country has become.

Thomas Ting : ok so basically... im a MONKEY

Trevor Hamilton : Yawn yawn

hej Von lolenberg : somalians r ugly af

Klash Song : Can someone explain what happened here? What did the Asian guy do?

david haythorne : No freedom of speech with a black crowd

Tiger Cub : This is Londonstan! ADIOS UK!

Jack jakijan : All bech Motherfaker😎😎😡

HudsNick : If I have a gun I will kill these guys one by one without a single racist word. haha

afs200vr : Can someone please explain this situation?? Thanks!

grzegorz grzywa : that simbol is older from germany :) stiupid cuuunts without school

jamie cleary : Who is Tan? Wtf is this video

Tristan Craske : All them grown ass men talking like 13 year old little 'rudeboys' and acting hard. How embarrassing!

Stephen Foley : Again all the "innit bruvs" being absaloute wasters as usual

Gebert Amrang : The Asian guy is cool 😎

Bobby Silver : Thank you Tony Blair and your open border and multicultural policies. Treasonous Cunt.

My Miles : What’s happened?

Gebert Amrang : Is this African countries?

Wheyooo Bro : Bring back the crusades.

Hood Kings : Cowards, the whole lot of em

Keith Hynes : Who let the animals out of the zoo?

jack chan : What did he say to get these people mad ?

TheAsiaCentury : Why is that chinaman wearing red

nuurG : Who is he, and what is it about?

Gary D'cruz : Bunch of cowards, take him one-on-one, like the old days, the better man wins.

Owzmo : London isn't apart of England anymore. Trump needs to help us build a wall around it.

cool : multiculturalism in action...

Vicrytt Ry : Is this African ?After Asian man in car, changed hands to a white man. Is this NEW AFICADON?😁😂

dan naylor1 : Well it's definitely not England

Savio Rebello : He should've used kung fu

The Juice : This is a true representation of black people. Not what the fake news mainstream media tells us. Primatives.

Orange Ranger : They should borrow some of our finest from Baltimore PD to deal with these crowds.

FREE WEST PAPUA : What happened?

Bile God of Light : Ah yes true equals to the White race

kickin bak bickbak : this is not a nazi swastika its a buddhist swastika search the diffrence but the guy wearing it may still have thought it was a nazi swastika

Adam Jones : Man has balls of steel.

Eddy H : he is not racist. He speaks against a religion, not a race.

hobbes296 : Wow. He may have been a terrible racist preaching hate, which I do not like. But there is no need for that giant mob going in on one man. Be the better person. What is the police weren't there? I feel like they would have beat him within an inch of his life and not seen the problem with it.

Fiko Safra : Lol kill hate with more hate, great going people

Grant Webb : They wonder why most people in uk avoid london

Tim Small : Don’t forget the march on Sunday to show these corrupt politicians we don’t want them

Jake Roscoe : They all didn't do nowt till police was there

Skids All Day : Import the third world, become the third world

Axel : I love they way they chant “freedom of speech” however their opposition doesn’t have it??!!?? LONDON HAS FALLEN!!! Thank you LEFTS👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Giallo & Eurocrime World : London looks like a zoo.