Banfield rips Ansari story writer over insulting email

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TheMaloney : She ripped her a good one

Jacob Winners : I think the story was more meant for the National Enquirer

David Igboanugo : My God! What a child! That author is actually worse than I thought she was.

paul stillman : Ms. Banfield is absolutely right. Btw 50 is the new 25'

petev23 : you go Ashleigh!

Rod McDonald : Lady you look great for any age.

stanleycoleman : Of course they would "publish it again in a heartbeat". This woman's "worst night" ended up being the best thing that ever happened to this small unknown website. People should address the exploitative nature and conflict of interest surrounding THAT.

Sally Choo : Kudos to Ashleigh Banfield ! I completely agree with her, Katie Way had cause great damage to the MeToo movement.

Marc Touss : ohhh ashleigh pwned that little girl... sweet.. ash is totally hot by the way..

Taisha Reynolds : I see the third-wave feminist are so extreme they're coming at second-wave feminists I see the me-too movement time's up movement have women turning against each other lol

King landlord : I would much rather be in relationship with a 50 year old career woman that knows who she is and what she stands for than a 22 year old child that is still trying to find themself.. stand your ground Ashleigh..

paul stillman : This young girl attacking this woman's age and appearance is so Donald Trump.

Izzy Hernandez : Fuck Katie Way, just another stupid third wave feminist. She, in addition to "Grace," deserve backlash to their careers for this article

Whitney Pyant : Huge kudos to Ashleigh Banfield. You go girl!!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Hiphopanonymous : Date with Katie Way: end up in prison for microaggressing her and violating her "safe space" simply by having the nerve to exist. Date with Ashleigh Banfield: hear amazing war stories and actually be interested in what she has to say. As a millennial guy, I am only dating cougars from now on. End of story. 3rd wave feminists are, in their words, "just...ugh!!"

Shanette Quao : I'm 19 and I was so disgusted by Katie's email! Ashleigh was one of the reporters on 9/11! It's unprofessional in the least, and calls into question her journalism. Can't believe we haven't even finished January ....

tomy9878 : Katie’s letter sounds like a ignorant YouTue comment

Nebzz : Hopefully nobody is stupid enough to hire Katie Way. Can you imagine someone so terrible tarnishing your companies image?

Troy Turner : Katie Way and "Grace" are sorry excuses for women and undermine what the #MeToo movement is trying to achieve.

Russell Kimmel : Ashleigh is intelligent, beautiful and an accomplished woman. The other girl, Katie, sounds immature, trashy and jealous.

4tech69 : Katie Way is also known for such riveting works as "Am I high as shit, or do these celebrities low-key look alike?"

Albertus Vergilius : The irony. I hope that Katie Way's career gets tanked.

Shannon Drullinger : The difference between feminists and the garbage modern “feminist movement” that permeates our culture today is so remarkably vast. The reason people my age (35+) and women 50+ get so agitated with millennial “feminists” is because it spits in the face of the women before us who fought so hard to make the world an easier place to be a woman. Our system is still deeply flawed and the conversation about consent is desperately needed, but the flippant, ridiculous, I’m-prettier-and-younger-than-you-so-my-point-is-more-valid-than-yours narrative is disgusting, frustrating, and absurd. “Babe” may have put themselves in the conversation, but they also revealed themselves to be more interested in having people view their trash site than actually advancing the conversation of sexual impropriety in America.

Street Gato : I saw that CBS interview with that Katy Way, she looked and sounded like a batshit entitled millennial

red corvette : Yes she is fine at 50? She didn't crack. And her contributions. Young lady take a seat she may steal your man

Amanda Tessmer : "...I was brown-haired for a while when I was a war correspondent interviewing Yasser Arafat and in Afghanistan and Iraq, Gaza and the West Bank. Google those places." *BURN*

Renee Parker : You rock, Ashleigh. I'm 62 and feminism isn't about tearing other women down, to prop up any one woman.

tipoomaster : Damn Ashleigh's awesome.

Azez Nassar : She is looking good for 50! drag that reporter

Jasper Jamm : without taking sides, katie way comes off incredibly unprofessional and petty with her comments on banfield. i'm very disappointed that it was this woman way who broke this story. she has taken away any credibility she might've had from the beginning.

Chauntrell Wright : #goashleigh 👏🏼👏🏼😁

Kman8962 : They still try to make Aziz sound like some type of predator. I'm for women rights. Equal respect socially and professionally. But this shit is getting out of hand. Women are not helpless. They have the power from jump street. The power to say no, to not have the date, to leave the date, to never go to the apartment, to not give oral sex TWICE. Only when this power is forcibly taken away or ignored are we talking RAPE, ASSAULT, HARASSMENT. Now it seems like regret for consensual sex is trying to be added in the category.

Moseh Freeman : Bill Cosby : "Jell-O anyone?" 😳

WorldPrez : Aziz did absolutely nothing wrong in this case, Ashleigh's response has been amazing! Great job Ashleigh!

Lorenzo Herbert : Ashleigh shut them down go girl !

THE BLUE WAVE IS COMING : Meanwhile back to the real news, trump will DIE from a HEART ATTACK by 2020, MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!

Agatha : Ashleigh Banfield is all class.

Bhamski Bam : 3 months ago you were ready to burn every man accused of even looking at a woman provocatively, since Roy Moore ended up losing it would seem the entire tone has shifted. Guess it just depends on whose being accused. If you want to know who really damaged the me too movement, look in the mirror. You over extended yourself to get what you wanted, and now you’re retracting from all the statements you made in the last 3 months. Ridiculous

eerereps : 2:03 someone call the Burn unit...

Azez Nassar : I dislike CNN as much as fox news but props, that whole story is bs

indianmota : She spoke against IRAQ war when it was not fashionable! You go Ashleigh....

John : 50 and SLAMMIN...

JazzNikole : Gooooo Off 👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌

Nerf Herder : "Google those places..." lol, brutal.

Dajana Adams : Grace aka Abby Nierman could have left at any point in time! Instead she chose to destroy someones career. She does not deserve to remain anonymous.

Ketroc : If you read the rest of her email, she sounds even more like a child.

Olayiwola A. Alara : Banfield, from the begining of this accusation, you have chosen every word you used wisely. Period.

N St-L : You go girl! See... this is a great female role model to look up to. What is happening right now is way too important to allow for individuals to risk drowing the movement down to get visibility. Thank you Ashleigh Banfield. Also, " really"?? I mean really??

Moseh Freeman : In other "shithole news"... 😳

Mlogan11 : Katie Vs Ashleigh: Winner: Ashleigh by overwhelming knockout using Katie's own VERY POORLY chosen words against her.