Klay World: Dr. Bob Saves the Day

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Snooperking : God damn, I remember watching this in 2006 when I was 10 with all my friends and we would always laugh our asses off, thank you robert benfer, I remember you as Knox Korner, but wow thank you so much, this just brings back those memories of a happier time in my life. Wish you could make some more, but I understand life gets in the way, but thank you for all your hard work, you were one of the ones who inspired me to start stop motion in 2009 and now i'm a bit busy to keep doing them, but for a while making stop motion videos was the happiest time of my life. Thank you just want to let you know!

trapiac : All aboard the nostalgia train!

DoctorSargeMD : the very first Klay World video I've ever seen when I was in middle school xD

SudokuBrony : "I'm drinking your Coco-Cola! Now shut up!"

Intergalactic Human Empire : Rest In Peace Baloney Guy "He just wanted his co co Cola"

KoolredfoxPlays : Has anyone noticed that the red Klay Men are unusually smarter, and the green Klay Men are unusually stupider? xD

Rory White : This was seriously my childhood

AnimeXtremex : is it sad i still say co-co cola? xD

King Kickass : Dr. Bob is love. Dr. Bob is life.

Otacon173 : After all of the years watching this, I have the urge to say every line while watching!

KendraSays : Favorite line: Get off me you freak. I don't care if you're in trouble or not, you don't touch me that way." Nolstagia feels!

Cara G : The first time I watched this I was six.. And now I'm fourteen... Where do the years go...

flamingskull888 : My, Coca-Colaaa. This episode gets more hilarious evreytime I watch it.

Allen Buckman : I first saw this video 12 years ago. even now, when I see Coca-Cola, I want to say co-co-cola. Thank you for my childhood Robert.

Kri : 1:51 might be the greatest moment in film history.

Hiyogozii zuii : dude this shit. bring back those 5th grade feels

Bookshnaw : i remember my friend showed me this website called youtube along with klay world and asdf movie in like 3rd grade it was awesome now i watch everyday this brings back lots of memories

SurrealLumberJack : Wow, it's 2016 now and I feel the nostalgia just flow into me from these videos. I remember when these were new. God times have changed

Squishysforbreakfast : Ten years later and I still remember every line. Fucking coco cola. Knox and Newgrounds. Pure Pwnage came out a couple years after. Classic era in webisodes. Cheers.

Skinny Zach Films : Oh look! There's Bob! The god of Klay World.

captaintaco2345 : This was the first Klay World video I ever saw. I remember when Knox's Korner was a thing.

qb300 : coco cola....baloughnee..... best..plotline....ever....

Jack Culbertson : Best Klay world by far...

Carson Key : This takes me back to when I would look up vids of girls making out and get Rick rolled

Jeff Steelflex : who's watching in 2017!?

Daniel Perez : I... I just wanna play Halo....! D:

Kat WhoKnows : Your channel was my  l  i  f  e when you first started making videos.  I haven't seen them since 2008.  Still rad as heck though as well as your old ones still making me laugh. Great channel!  Much appreciated for your hard work!

Warrenfanguy205 : Ko ko ko laahhh! Lol, my goodness I loves these! I remember seeing this stuff since 2010.

TheLordSnowbro : 10 years :((((

Parker Young : K O K O K O L A

Achak Snowball : I love Halo it's so fun!

Yat Fai Lam : That's the beginning of the main antagonist in the Klay World.

the Tortilla man : I want to play halo!

zombies fan Malcia : the operation was a failure XD

Yotrex GamingX : You wanna eat the ballooony

Wolf shadows Gamer : Its 2018 and I'm watching this

Duncan Miller : Ah, Coca-Cola and Bologna. Reminds me of the good old days.

Jacob Caswell : Wow this is so old that he has a my space link

Gunslinger : Camera Shaking Simulator 2004

Theresa Langentern : still laughing like an idiot

lego878 : rip green and red klaymen

Ernesto Reyes : dude this is funny but I don't get the point of the video

Shark Cannibalism : I started watching this in 2012 and I'm rewatching all this and I'm laughing more then before

Julien Olguin : close up green Mann 2:06

#441 : I REMEMBER WATCHING THIS WAY BACK WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT! Lol I don't know why it crossed my mind to find it but I'm glad I did!


Star Butterfly : #klayworld

Danish Mapping : is it a coincidence that I was drinking coke during this video XD

Chelsea French : I still have to pronounce it co co cola so thanks ;)

Mumako : I STILL say co co cola after 12 years of watching this.