The $800M Robo Taxi That Could Beat Uber

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Music Pills : I really don't understand all the mean comments below. These guys are just working hard trying to save time and maybe people with this project instead of you that just watch things on a screen. Shut up, we'll see how it will become in the future, then we'll judge. Everybody laughed at mobile devices when they came out and see where we are now, stop being skeptical

Chaitanya Singh : something tells me that once developed, Amazon's gonna try hard to buy this Edit: I said Amazon specifically because that's what Bezos has done all these years, he just buys something (store or anything) and then scales it so that it reaches everyone (except the original bookstore, he built that)

Nacho TV : Once robotic cars take over..will they no longer allow regular cars?

Max S : glowing green liquid tubes on show i'm sold

FPVREVIEWS : Wonderful Company and Video about it! Exceptionally well made! Subscribed! More of this type of coverage, please!!

Ekanem Ukpong : No more driver's licenses. No more getting pulled over by the police. This tech can save lives

Maxwell Miles : What a time to be a hacker.

phuck ewe : Make one with a bed so I can sleep a few more minutes on the way to work.

Chris Sexwale : You know you're screwed when you buckle up and suddenly hear "Mr Anderson, let's go for a ride..."

Midnight Cravings : What happens when AI fail or gets hacked? 🤔

RahimMRyan : This would never work in India !

Father : Try that successfully in a snow storm and I will be triple impressed. :-) Great stuff though ... ^____^

MRios1128 : Fk Uber

Abdu : I love it when money is laundered in a " creative way ".

BlastYourMind : The ending was brilliant !

Johnathan Andheather : Robots are coming. Humans need not apply.

Mind Made Design's - DIY : Nice to see, but I like to drive my old car without software sh*t

Rich RC : Damn that demo was garbage. Not 'smooth' at all. Like a student driver or worse. Hesitant and dangerous.

KK Hickey : A car that doesn't drive defensively like a human would scares me. That car almost pulling off to the side of the freeway and coming close to a stop just to merge and then watching it stop in the middle of an intersection were two times I saw on this video that could very likely get you into an accident (and get killed at freeway speeds)

Lachlan Perry : Wow! As an Australian I am really inspired and excited about the future of Zoox

Chad Kovac : Finally, I live in the future!

Mr. D : i would pick an aggressive AI, all these slow A$$ moving drivers need to move out the way or stay the FÜK home!!!

Carolina Hernandez : It will be good to present a demo driving at nights. To see if it works the same way.

JasonSt : does this mean one day we wont be allowed to drive a car manually because of safety issues?? i dont like that,,because i love to drive..i dont want a freaking robot to drive me around.

Christopher Sanchez : wha if a kid jumps in front of the car, does it avoid the kid and crash or hit her and save the occupants?

J D : I will never trust my life to a robot vehicle

Infinite Capital : Holy crap 400 employees doing what?????

pietkrijger : u imagine how NUTS your brain is doin all these calculations automaticly making u able to see couple seconds in the future and yet we use only 80% of our brain capacity

PRI - SONIC : It this car brought in India... AI/Robot will kill himself after seen the the traffic and roads..!

Derrick Truong : **gets hacked like in the movies** boom goodbye

Karsen LH : They say it merged onto the highway smoothly except it merged as smoothly as most of the idiots near me, @ half the speed of the highway, abruptly slowing already moving traffic. So annoying so he gave space and the AI took too long to merge over so he ended up just going around... Then we see the AI in the left hand passing lane going (likely) under the speed limit as people frantically attempt to pass lol. I guess if I can take a nap through it all I don't really care. :)

Young Allen : Taking away american jobs

nagualdesign : Managing to raise $800,000,000 of investment is an impressive achievement in itself.

Snow Man : I am happy to be alive in this time. I think fully autonomous vehicles will not necessarily be released first by the big names but by underdogs like zoosk. And the question of what happens to older cars is "whisper". You will find out next 6 years. It will be the answer to the question of autonomy and it regulations

DOC7ORT : Would Al Robotics takeover our jobs, before driving us to them...

mixed emotion : Try in rainy days. Fog. Winds.

Anon Anon : Self driving cars are the future. Compared to the tens of thousands of car accidents each year in just solely America, there is massive applications and potential.

Grim Reaper : Nice, more people out of work.

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : more self driving cars means more hackers that can cause more damage

Gustav Vasa : Tax the robots higher than humans.

crazycutz : Best soundtrack ever..

V.S.S.K : Mad Maxx

Marven Wilson S Donque : ahhhh tesla?

Matthew Vukalovich : HA i have been to the factory. its really cool

Pasan Dassanayake : This is fascinating. All the best guys.

Chaitanya Singh : Uber ain't gonna be taken down that easily unless something else is more convinient and cheaper Edit: of course non driver cars could be more cheap but the reason Uber (and it's versions in markets other than NA) isn't going to be taken over is because driverless cars on a massive scale is still far away

voice of truth : That's just begun. Thanks

Finger banging Your mom : They raised 800m. So what

Michael Sanches : How do you charge your electric car in an apartment complex with only outside parking lot parking and two cars per apartment. Let's say, an apartment complex with 100 apartments and 150 parking spaces with 150 cars plus 50 cars parked on the street. How do you charge your car each night? Autonomous cars should be easy to develop. It is the infrastructure that is the key. Notice that they didn't go through residential areas. That is where the kids/pets get killed. I want to see that test rerun on that runway (fenced in) with a few dozen cats, a few dozen dogs, a few dozen rabbits, and a couple of rhinos. I can see people playing with the autonomous cars by simply walking in front of one and not moving, totally confusing the car. Regarding accidents - who pays? Right now, the driver is liable for a legal amount and then the state pays the rest. For example, an accident that results in burns or paralysis cost about $2 million per victim. The insurance pays $300,000 and the government then puts the victim on Medi-caid for the rest of the lifetime care because we don't want drivers saddled with unpayable debt due to "driver error." However, there is no driver error, so the car manufacturer will now be liable for the lifetime care as it will always be car malfunction. This is an issue that will need to be addressed. Example: The diesel scandal. What if a car manufacturer is found to cut corners that causes accidents worth $6 trillion in medical care and the company is only worth $100 billion? But, with all the idiots looking at screens while driving, we need them ASAP.

Andrey M : I want to see what car will do if it gets flat or exploded tire while driving 60 miles in hour !