Smooth Criminal But Every OTHER Other Beat is Missing
Smooth Criminal but Every Other Beat Is Missing

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You requested it and I delivered. Original:


BurnedSoap : Who would win: Mooth, or a Smiminal?

Spooky Spookleton : Annie are you Annie?

The Lonely Dewott : 124% more aggressive than before

77x5ghost : the drummer needs to calm down jesus christ

Donut : *S M I M I N A L*

TheHooDooGuru : A man aggressively assaults a bucket as a man has a stroke into a mic the song

Timothy Hensel : You just reinvented industrial music

brady : *Hit by, You've been hit* *_A Smiminal_*

Father Enrico : I hear this song when my dad and my mom argue

Tux : That *OOOOOOWWW* at the beginning scared the shit out of me

gpoop23 : This actually bangs wtf

Someone You Don't Know : "Are you annie?" "Annie are you annie?" *Invasion of the Bodysnatchers* *The Return*

The Banjo Order : I came in expecting some garbled mess but i should have know a Michael Jackson song still sounds good even when it's cut in half

Angie : lyrics: AOWH! Cha! Sha Dah, Garret to the uh-oh was a sale on a crash in AH How a peh he let a bleh on the car CAH If it do he could see was the neck Pharaoh to the back she was strut it was hurt Okay Annie a chew-oh, are ya ready Okay Annie a chew-oh, are ya ready Okay Annie a chew-oh, are ya ready Okay Annie are you whoa, are you Annie?! Annie are you whoa will you tell that you whoa (NA) On in the broke that he stroke a crush Annie Annie you’re a part in the blart on the car (bleh) Run into the bed, he was struck, it was your Okay Annie are you oh, are you ready Okay Annie are you oh, are you ready Okay Annie are you oh, are you ready It by you been HH [thud] a smiminal AAH Em into the ah it was simple but a bleh (dah) Parachute a did sounding hard in tummy dib Okay Annie are chew woke, are you any (Annie) Annie are you woke, are you woke are you Annie (whispers of the damned souls of Annie) Annie are you woke, are you woke are you Annie (more whispers) Okay Annie are you, are you ANNIE Annie are you whoa will you tell that you woke (DAH) Found in the whoa daddy stuck a crash Annie Annie you’re a par let the blood on the car (LEH) Gun and to the bed it was strut it was yuh Okay Annie are you oh, are you Annie Eat buy, you been stri [thud] a smiminal AH! [let one its get clear REED] aAH! WOO! WOO! WOO! Ah! AEEEEH! Annie are you whoa (OH NO) will you tell that you whoa no (OH NO) Found at the crud (Aah) that he struck a crash Annie (Aah) Annie you’re a part (Ooh) let the blood on the car (Ca-CAah) Run into the bed (Not MEe) he was strut it was ANNIE Annie are you walk (That Annie) that you talk that you want (That Payback) (That Annie) Round at the walk (WOO WOO) let leaves talk a crush Annie Inich you’re (ON IT) apart let the bluh on the car (WOO WOO WOO) Un into the bed it was struck (ON IT) it was yuh-Annie (hAOW!) WHOO! Owh! AH!

Lazy Squid : That guy is going nuts on the drums.

EveryOtherBeat : You've been hit by SMIMINAL-

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : The Sonic rush soundtrack in a nutshell

Pixel : *aggressive marching sounds*

Jeremy Boateng : *when u stub your toe* 0:00

TV By the Docks : This is what a beating from a passionate mother sounds like.


SwallowFox : The chorus sounding like someone brought out the good belt

Thomas Byrd : I can imagine the deummer aggresively hitting the same drum every beat

zl3m : the most aggressive snares, beats, and whatever ive ever heard in a piece of music

CebuliX : Now turn it all into g major and you have the soundtrack of hell

rake Ere : Am I the only one who would listen not just for the meme?

Zurgo Pussysmasher : I came in expecting it to be cursed but it's actually incredibly good.

Tohru Is our god : *A SMIMINALS RAW POWER*

Tommy Margaris : this is a completely different song from the other one

Black Sunday : 1:41 That clap sounds like the spider man cheek slap meme

TheLapTopX20 : Every other beat: Sneaking mode Every OTHER other beat: Alert mode Edit - why so much likes its too much of a niche joke

Testicular Prolapse : This is actually kinda catchy

MikeGamePro : Rest in peace kick drum, you will be missed.

Memeious Dogeius- YT : play this at x1.25 speed 👍

Lord Fadora : The TRUE final battle against Michael Jackson begins...

AlexZebol : Are you wookie? *proceeds to slapping*

Antony Yang : Smiminal got me laughing the hardest in probably 2 years

Phoenix : *A SMINIMAL*

ɐuuɐʎɥs : This actually sounds pretty good. Idk why though..

Taluigi : I just love how the beat sounds like gunshots

Nevaeh Dolan : Some one call North Korea’s army they should march to this beat

Nem87 : Rip me. I got jumpscared at the 1st second. Headphone users, beware :')

BadPunzLord : This sounds like a sort of military march MICHAEL JACKSON,OUR FÜHRER

Donald Bradley : Somebody should splice this in with the other one. Manually.

Yusfilino : .....avoiding copyrights by skipping every other beat that's why he's called..... _A Smooth SNIMINAL_

Surreal Boy : Sounds like a Hell March


Metaluigi Dahedgehog 28 : SMIMINAL

Chillingmjt Anims : I dont think annie is ok