Cyberpunk 2077, as told by Ciri
Cyberpunk 2077 as told by Ciri

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If she doesn't have a cameo, there will be riots. Music: "Dystopia" by Hi-Finesse (you might have heard it in the Doctor Strange trailer)


Pedro Viana : I can almost picture the main character entering a bar in CP2077 and noticing some dudes in the back playing a strange card game. Then you ask one of them "what are you playing?" and the guy says "it's called Gwent". You "never heard of it" and the guy "a strange white haired girl that used to come here taught me"

Solidrev : The magic of this developer is insane

Nasu : I fully expect her to make an appearance in CP2077, but i'm pretty sure she won't be anything more than a well hidden background character that only most observant people will be able to find. No Quest involving her, no conversation of any kind with her. Just an easter egg.

Josh Wilson : Wow I just expecting some ripped audio over the trailer but damn this is amazing. CDPR could have used this themselves. Great job man.

Acetyl CoA : Tweet it to CDPR!

Af0 : Ciri: It's also an FPS. Geralt: Now I know for sure you're just foolin' around.

Kaftann : Wow.

manwiththemachinegun : If you haven't already, you need to send this to CDProjekt. Great work!

Michał Wnuk : I'm starting to like this trailer more and more

Felipe Carvalho : You sir should have a better job! Wherever it is you work now, you're underpaid!

Darkholow : Hearing this during my Witcher 3 playthrough gave me chills because I knew she was talking about Cyberpunk 2077.

Grumpy ol' Asian : The sound and syncing in this is amazing. I feel like I'm in the theater watching a movie trailer.

The Sword's Path : To be completely honest, this is a hundred times better than the E3 one.

Tuco Benedicto : It's genuinely amusing how her description of our world (well, for the most part, bar a couple of futuristic yet plausible touches) makes it sound as an absurd, impossible place from their perspective, way more bizarre than the MAGICAL fantasy setting they are living in.

Evan Davis : The part about "waging war from a distance" makes me realize that fantasy characters would be so confused by modern combat tactics, even if they had access to magic. Think about it, all battles in worlds like the Witcher's take place up close and personal, wielding swords, covered in your enemy's blood, usually on land belonging to a powerful nation. Here, even the closest gun fights can happen from yards away and wars are usually fought far from the people who started them

John Doe : Great editing, dude! Looks more "unique" than original trailer ;-)

madman123456 : Problem with the many worlds ciri can travel to is the question why she didn't bring anything back. When Avalach and Geralt travel around they can keep their stuff. Ciri could've brought a syringe full of nanobots to give geralt new ability slots :D

NightHaunterFanboyNumber1 : Imagine Eredin wandering around Night City with poorly drawn ilusration of Ciri asking people: " Excuse me sir.... One moment please. Haven't you by any chance seen this girl ? It is realy important for me to find her"

Haris Hussain : This. Is. Amazing.

Octåvius Çaesar : fucking. chills.

CyberlekVox : I'd love if CDPR used this as an official trailer. Phenomenal work, great job!

Smasher : This was simply amazing. Thank you for this.

Luke Taylor : Sharing this with every person I know who's even remotely into The Witcher, Cyberpunk, or CDPR; this trailer is THAT good.

Geralt of Rivia : Geralt’s voice makes me wet.

liam ryan : My soul just left my body.

bakersmileyface : Geralt. A mutated dude who kills dragons for a living with a non-biological daughter that can travel through space and time with magical teleportation abilities doesn't believe in a world where everyone has flying machines.

theshadowcult : This is fantastic, cd project needs to see this!

J Farrell : Very well done! I agree with those who think Ciri will make an appearance, but not in a quest or anything substantial like that. A glimpse, a clue she's been there. A very satisfying Easter egg.

Nick Adams : deepest lore

Celestial Dragon : This deserves a million views, I swear. Was very underwhelmed by the new trailer, and now I really wish they had the balls to use Ciri's lines to narrate the trailer as sort of a fun easteregg, but I know they never would. This is just spectacular, and the editing is on point. Such a simple idea executed so flawlessly.

Impersonal66 : This could serve as an official trailer

Kumu : Holy smokes, dialog, music, all seems so perfect. Master work my dude.

josh ch : I love this, almost makes it feel like a Witcher 3 sequel Lol. I think if they gave us some kind of DLC episode where we play as Ciri I'd die from the hype before I could even play it.

Alihan Şimşek : ciri easter egg will 100% happen in cyberpunk imo.

Thomas S : This is better than the actual trailer. Great work!

Andrzej : o żesz kurka, jakie to dobre az pitok staje

Tiago Goll : Despite some lazy frames that should've been cut from 1:11, this was a well cut video.

Birtek : Video loop perfectly matched with the music tho.

Feerd.inand Genzz : Your editing is insane... feels like an actual trailer & gave me goosebumps. Amazing.

BlackH : Epic. Great Trailer. CDPR should watch this and hire you. Greetings from Poland.

Osykaar : Masterpiece, you should work in CDP

Kalenz : Imagine Ciri brough back a gun. That would have helped at Kaer Morhen!

matrioh : Holy shieeet man! THIS IS BETTER than official one!

Twig Woodman : No hyperbole... this is the greatest video game trailer I have ever seen (drawing from the love we have for Ciri and Geralt) ( and the excitement of a new unknown adventure) A++++

ThePonz87 : well... this is so COOL!!!

Victor Kimani : this trailer a bit too much.

Paris Caldwell : This feels like the trailer to a game I'd like even more than the Witcher or Cyberpunk. Completely awesome.

3beyondthesun3 : Professional video. Hats off to you, sir.

Spike Spiegel : can imagine the wild hunt showing up at a night club asking around about an ashen haired girl