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alfred Salazar : Your YouTube channel sucks ass!!! KING OF RANDOM ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

tr0n : Things like this make me wonder how many hundreds of years of prison time i've racked up in my teen years...

TheBackyardScientist : Pretty much why I haven't been uploading recently. The main stuff I want to do is not suitable for a suburban backyard, and the grind has really gotten to me. There's only so many things I can pour molten aluminum on ya know? I also had the police pay me a visit a few months ago and tell me to stop annoying my neighbors, cause if they had to open an investigation I would be in trouble. And the FBI asked me to remove a video because they just did not want certain information so readily out there. So yeah, i'm feeling the chill, and on top of demonetization issues im losing motivation.

guitarstitch : I figured he'd run into trouble when he was lighting off propane in what appeared to be a public park with kids running around in the background. What a tool.

chbrules : Grant is a turd. I cringe when him and Cody do things together. Cody is such a cool dude, and Grant is just a royal turd.

Paul's Garage : You want me to dislike? Well I thumbed *up*. So suck on that.

Milk Manson : Watching the dude handle a gun is cringe worthy.

NiLBoG : Subbed. Good content.

Andrew Kline : Holy shit, the random dude himself just posted a half hour long vidjeo, i don't think he mentioned his legal troubles once. Admittedly, I couldn't sit through the whole thing because half of it was shilling his new "how to be successful" e-seminar.....

Siana Gearz : So you think Grant might throw his apprentice under the bus and get a new one? Interesting line of thought, something to watch out for. But you pity the family, you say it's not their fault, and yet, nobody in the whole family talked sense into him all these years?

Comba : I honestly used to really like Grant's content 3-4 years ago when his videos weren't forced garbage. In the past year or so he's changed his channel to cater to children and has moved towards daily bullshit. Pretty sad how his channel has turned into "WOW EXPLOSIONS AND FIRE GIVE ME AD REVENUE"

IamaDave : We must never forget the great moose explosion of 76' where a disgruntled lumber jack, driven mad by raising coffee prices and a monopoly on maple syrup, manufractured an I.E.D. out of used Tim Hortons containers, a Roots sweater, silver medals and other unknown substances, senselessly took the lives of over a dozen moose. It was this tragic day that led to the banning of explosive devices here in the great white north.

Moritz von Schweinitz : You could also argue that, with 8 million subscribers, he has a higher level of responsibility regarding how he deals with explosives and such things.

Rick Howell : I stopped watching "The King of Random" when he started doing stupid shit while reloading ammunition. There is a reason that there are specifics for different weights/calibers for realoding. He would ignore all the informaiton about it, potentially creating a round that would explode in the firearm. Because of all the noise in the comments, I am sure that the comments I made on his videos were never seen.

Hand Tool Rescue : I guess I can't restore that 1940s nuclear bomb this summer.

samlol23 : Your channel and Grants cater to entirely different audiences in my opinion. There is a place for both on YT. I enjoy both of you for different reasons and I’m a 52 year old dentist-not a kid! Keep up the great work

DMAN22yeah : He just released a video where he "explains" where he went, no mention of this

Jason Moonsmith : Why is someone who has kids automatically a good person? The Turbins had 13, and they are very bad people. Parent does not equal good.

Michael O : Cody does his dangerous experiments out in bumfuck no where. Grant does his in his backyard of a residential neighborhood.

tsmithkc : Sounds as if KOR discovered the difference between deflagration and detonation. You know, there might be a video in that for a responsible youtuber.

Aaron Hargett : I agree with AVE, I originally subscribed to him to because his videos used to be good but now he is too animated and isn't being safe.

Blakehx : Moral of the story.... keep your neighbors and especially the freakin' government out of your business!

TheMilitantHorse : I won't take the fanboy stance and start crying and cursing at you for going after KoR for his channel now. I personally am not a huge fan of the way it changed, though I'll still watch him because I still like some of the content. But hey, to each their own. Channels like yours are for straight forward handymen, people who typically prefer a challenging project. Grant's was different. He started as an everyone channel, a simple DIY channel for simple home life hacks. And he got famous. And he went over the top. And, he has stated before, he still enjoys working on the channel. So, he'll stick around and fix what he can. Still, the popularity of his content speaks for himself. Channels that go wholesome and not mainstream like yours usually belong to a niche group of fans, they don't appeal to everyone.

TheStruggleville : Let's just hope this doesn't blow up like the Pewdiepie, Logan Paul, Mike Martin (Daddy-o-five) and whatever other controversies have popped up lately on Youtube. This stuff keeps up and non of us will be monetized.

Robin Turner : Random blowings up remind me of a true story from the past. Plagued with moles on his allotment a chap decide to produce a few bangs to scare them away. So he "liberated" a bit of what he knew to be explosives from where he worked and set it off in a hole one afternoon. The 10ft crater it caused sure got rid of the moles...blew the windows out in all the houses in the neighbourhood and drew the attention of the local constabulary... He'd used a half pound of the stuff they use to initiate a nuclear reaction in a warhead...potent? Hell yes...his plot looked like the Somme. Funnily enough he got away with it, claiming it was an unexplored bomb from WW2

Daniel Thomas : Glad you covered this, his channel has been going south for years, which is a shame. His 'experiments' were getting more and more idiotic so I'm not surprised he ended up hurting himself. Was just a matter of time.

ArcticMayhem : I have kids (6/7) that used to love King of Random stuff back when he was doing cool stuff that they could do, but I stopped letting them watch after he devolved into just blowing stuff up.

Altr_H : Codyslab and aVe collab pls?? 🤔🤔

Gear Down For What? : I did a community post about this, I would of done a vijeo such as yourself, but its hard to be as punctual as uncle bumblefuck.

Phill Holland : Wow, and I thought it would be the backyardscientist first.

Dick Chappy : King of Random better be the King of Not Dropping the Soap in prison.

David Larson : Thanks for this. I used to watch his channel until he posted some bullshit pseudo-science and tried to promote it as a legitimate experiment. It's clear to me now that he's simply been stealing other peoples work without any understanding of what's actually going on. I refuse to watch any of his stuff now.

Daniel Torrelio : The last guy I'd troll is AvE, you might get pinned and liked and then the lynch mob ensues!

Fireship1 : I’d unsubscribe, but I’d miss the bumblefuckery! I guess your stuck with this cranky yankee! 😉

Zach Cochran : If you're 37 and you haven't figured out that it's stupid to blow stuff up in your yard, and even stupider to film it, then you're due some time in the pokey. And I like Canuckistanians just fine, but I can't even cross the border to your fine northern wasteland with nail clippers, and you come here and blow crap up? Not cool, friend. Also, South Jordan isn't the back of beyond either. There are more than 3000 counties in the US; Salt Lake county is the 39th most densely populated. He's smack in the middle of dense suburbia, with kids all around (we have lots of kids here too, what with all the Mormons.) But here's the thing; we've got gigantic deserts and salt flats within an hour of this moron's house. We've got gun ranges and other places where you could probably do "experiments" with proper precautions. Hell, we've got reasonably friendly cops in most towns who might be willing to even help out. Why be a moron about it?

Bob Billy : Ave, quit being a narc bro. It's a free country ffs.

Jake Tow : He won't even discuss it on his channel, he's afraid it'll soil his reputation on YouTube. Funny.

ding : Just for laughs I went and google kor and one site said that that explosion was heard by the fire brigade before they were called if that's the case he is damn lucky they didn't send him to gitmo 😂

Francis Ferry : Yup. Used to be an entertaining show. Then it was all ad-generation.

Richard : Wondered when his neighbors would get upset...

Tim Miller : So what exactly did he get in trouble for, a dry ice bomb?

CLureCo : I am surprised that more of these ppl haven't been charged, I've seen so many felonies committed on tube it's not funny. Mostly explosives, and I know, because I looked into getting a fireworks license at one point. Very costly, and they don't play when it comes to explosives. Hell, according to law, at least in the US, it legally a felony to make Armstrong powder. High explosives are a no no........knowledge is power, and ignorance has sent many a ppl to prison.

Dave Erving Evader Knives : Not to mention Cody actually studied Chemistry and knows exactly what he is doing. Though honestly I don't know what Mr' Random's education was, but lighting an "Unknown Powder" doesn't sound too educated to me.

Slagon Drayer : AAAAHAHAHAA!! King of Douchebags taken down by his own hubris. I've hated that guy from day one, his thumbnails alone are cringeworthy. Cody'sLab is an awesome channel, even tho he almost took his finger off with a butter knife in nitroglycerin.

Rusty Gear : My old father used to say: "Son, beware of shit greed leads you to."

Alex Miller : Grant should have just gone to the desert like he does in some of his other videos if he was going to blow something up.

Ana L. Beads : I been telling people for years he was gonna get busted for the explosives he was making...

Existenceisillusion : You forgot to mention Applied Science @ 7:17

firecrow 797 : i think cody has licenses for blowing stuff up....doesnt he own a mine?

MagicHands Salvagery : I agree that the information he provides is potentially dangerous. Falling into the wrong hands and when people misuse that info for violence.