Nathan For You - Man Zone

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Nathan transforms the back room of a women's clothing store into a manly hangout room for customers' boyfriends. Watch the full episode now. No TV provider log-in required: The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows available now.


ubermensch826 : this show captures something deep about the human condition

Maurice Flores : I love how Nathan's form of comedy is so simple and awkward. It makes the show look like he is just making up shit as they are recording.

Doug : You know what I could go for? A mother effin beer!

Wonder Bread : this dude has borat level of character of commitment

Jake S : This show makes me cringe into oblivion, but I love it.

Maple-pancakes : I felt like Nate was learning how to talk to men xD

Squiggy2010 : You have to pull out bro.

to Infinity and Beyond : That first guy was more awkward than Nathan xD

Exigentable : this is the best show you produce, please don't cancel it

MrHazey123 : "Big tackle coming........there we go"

qurazy : The only flaw in this idea was Nathan himself.

ww wifi : It's a room with a guy in a blue shirt inside, offering you a beer and talking about ejaculation while you significant other is shopping - let that sink in for a minute

Mongo Lu : Best part of the show is always how awkward and borderline gay it makes you feel.

R wix : I love watching royalty free football, i.e. USFL highlights from 33 years ago.

lil Gal : I act similar to Nathan when I'm trying to interact with guys.

FY Sookoo : I honestly think this is a perfect idea

ryan sanders : i love the nazi guns on the wall

Nathan Beckles : Guy on top... girl at the bottom LMAO

The Religion of Self Actualization : you know what I feel like, a mother-effin' beer

Wes best : Would be more effective with weed

David Kimbel : I swear this guy is a male version of Tina from Bob's Burgers...

SplinteredX : "big tackle coming... there we go"

Johnny Threefour : Don't let this bro hanging, dawg. Know what I mean?

goosegetsloose : This show is the greatest. So glad they made a new season.

Sal Trivedi : Didnt know Nathan was from the hood

Evil Gary : Just two guys, bro-ing out, talking about sex. Very manly in the man-zone. Hahahaha.

Zthestory : It's so hard to watch sometimes

riadam riadam : he's so good at taking the situation to the most awkward, its pretty impressive.

chronoslv3 : Sometimes I get real close. lol

Adam Blister : "Sometimes I get reeeeaaalll close!" Goes in for high five. LMFAO!

Advantageous Mutation : this is one of the most uncomfortable cringy things i've seen in my life.

I ain't sweating over it : "Whatever, you pull out your fine right"- Nathan Fielder

Trace Bell : "Tampa Bay Bandits vs Houston Gamblers"

Andrew : I know their trying be cringey but I have to pause the video every 30 seconds to let my cringe levels decrease :I

harry joe : Why did they have not one but two mp-40s?

Don Ron Drungus : "There have been times where I have been able to ejaculate in another position. Especially since i'm older and fatter, it's pretty much the only position that's worked for me"

smirch : Nathan knows exactly how to make any situation incredibly uncomfortable.

Phil Bengtson : Not gonna lie, he's actually on to something with this idea.

Samantha Shelley : Nathan is my spirit beast.

LandRunProductions : I hope they never cancel this show. Pure, distilled genius.

Lucas Ferreira : nathan fielder & kyle mooney collab when?

The Gaming Maniac : the cringe is real xD i love it

jluis90s : tables were turning with the last guy lmao

heath : lol theyre drinkin natty light

wadaledu : sometimes I get close, you know what I mean? Sometimes I get real close XD

Beach Queen : This is just like a guy I dated he was so awkward around other guys had no idea how to relate to them. He wanted so badly for them to like him but it was so cringey things he said and did to try to fit in. Nathan actually has more confidence here.

Chicken Permission : Lmao when he rubbed his shoulders!!!!

Syd tthe kid : "Don't leave this bro hanging dog" 😂💀

Ice King : "Watch the full episode now. No TV provider log-in required" That is said in this video description but when i click on it, it tells me this... "PLEASE SIGN IN WITH YOUR TV PROVIDER TO UNLOCK THIS EPISODE" seems legit