Nathan For You - Man Zone

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ubermensch826 : this show captures something deep about the human condition

Kosky Power : what's your favorite pazish

Doug : You know what I could go for? A mother effin beer!

to Infinity and Beyond : That first guy was more awkward than Nathan xD

Bubblz-G : I felt like Nate was learning how to talk to men xD

Jake S : This show makes me cringe into oblivion, but I love it.

ww wifi : It's a room with a guy in a blue shirt inside, offering you a beer and talking about ejaculation while you significant other is shopping - let that sink in for a minute

qurazy : The only flaw in this idea was Nathan himself.

Mongo Lu : Best part of the show is always how awkward and borderline gay it makes you feel.

Squiggy2010 : You have to pull out bro.

Exigentable : this is the best show you produce, please don't cancel it

MrHazey123 : "Big tackle coming........there we go"

lil Gal : I act similar to Nathan when I'm trying to interact with guys.

R wix : I love watching royalty free football, i.e. USFL highlights from 33 years ago.

Katie Rose : "A mother F'in beer." X,D

Wonder Bread : this dude has borat level of character of commitment

David Kimbel : I swear this guy is a male version of Tina from Bob's Burgers...

FY Sookoo : I honestly think this is a perfect idea

ryan sanders : i love the nazi guns on the wall

Johnny Threefour : Don't let this bro hanging, dawg. Know what I mean?

SplinteredX : "big tackle coming... there we go"

Nathan Beckles : Guy on top... girl at the bottom LMAO

Wes best : Would be more effective with weed

The Religion of Self Actualization : you know what I feel like, a mother-effin' beer

Sal Trivedi : Didnt know Nathan was from the hood

Zthestory : It's so hard to watch sometimes

Samantha Shelley : Nathan is my spirit beast.

Phil Bengtson : Not gonna lie, he's actually on to something with this idea.

goosegetsloose : This show is the greatest. So glad they made a new season.

Kevin F : "Whatever, you pull out your fine right"- Nathan Fielder

riadam riadam : he's so good at taking the situation to the most awkward, its pretty impressive.

chronoslv3 : Sometimes I get real close. lol

harry joe : Why did they have not one but two mp-40s?

Noah Barbosa : "you know what i like more than anything?" me: "oh god is he really gon--" "s e x ."

Andrew : I know their trying be cringey but I have to pause the video every 30 seconds to let my cringe levels decrease :I

Don Ron Drungus : "There have been times where I have been able to ejaculate in another position. Especially since i'm older and fatter, it's pretty much the only position that's worked for me"

Trace Bell : "Tampa Bay Bandits vs Houston Gamblers"

smirch : Nathan knows exactly how to make any situation incredibly uncomfortable.

Advantageous Mutation : this is one of the most uncomfortable cringy things i've seen in my life.

LandRunProductions : I hope they never cancel this show. Pure, distilled genius.

Lucas Ferreira : nathan fielder & kyle mooney collab when?

Adam Blister : "Sometimes I get reeeeaaalll close!" Goes in for high five. LMFAO!

Georgorowsky : I love how Nathan hangs up those german mp40s his jewish grandpa stripped from dead nazis

Evil Gary : Just two guys, bro-ing out, talking about sex. Very manly in the man-zone. Hahahaha.

The Gaming Maniac : the cringe is real xD i love it

Bax Mrackney : Crack dat shit

Chicken Permission : Lmao when he rubbed his shoulders!!!!

wadaledu : sometimes I get close, you know what I mean? Sometimes I get real close XD

Suspicious Tumbleweed* : A shaken up Natty Lite. This is such gold!

Don't Try Hard : Nathan looks like bird person