The Search For Clout: What is Clout? How to get Clout

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This is a quick video about clout. The search for clout. Clout is everywhere. You've probably heard of people gaining clout, clout glasses, clout goggles, and other clout related stuff. If you have had questions like, such as: "what is clout", "how to get clout", or other clout related questions, then this video is for you. Or if you just want to watch another random video, then you can watch it. I hope you enjoy and make sure you Subscribe, Like, and comment. Reward for watching the video: Instagram: Music: #clout #whatisclout #howtogetclout

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Maydel Boza : R.I.P. Lil Peep and XXXTENTACION

Low Key Funny : I clicked off when he started singing bank account

Nelson Umanzor : Clout chaser

ThomasTheDankEngine : Clout is lowkey handicapped

Adrian Marin : Clout gang


Josue Martinez : I came here after watching BigDawstv on Youtube. The 5 Milliin subscribers video.


XHAXTY : RIP XXXTENTACION (Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy)

emily gammer : Thanks bruh cool video btw❤❤ R.I.P X

cy4n Jajten : i keep hearing the word and today i got in a fight and beat his ass and now someone said i have alot of clout for my school and i guees i have clout and respect

ernest the god : My clout is crazy

Emily Roe Bro : CLOUT. -Xxxtentacion

NaturalPhysx : Jesus is the most famous person on earth, and mainstream media wasn't even invented yet. Just hear say. You can be tremendously famous and not even be on t.v.

jewel babe : NOW you have clout for making this video haha

OZIAS : Why do you keep saying CNOUT? We wanted to hear about the word clout...

Noah Jenkins : Lil mosey?? Clout or Fame?

depress-o bean : OoF rip x

CoolChairDude Vernan : But 21 savage has alotta clout bro

FIGHT RAB : Miss the 90's so bad 😂 This is cringe

Conor Doyle : The dreaded clout chaser

Cat boi : *C L O U T*

Marcos Mora : 5:06 Clout Chasing?

Oupzii The Killah : C L O U T

LtG Soul : I live under a rock........... that’s why I’m here

Adelpha Thompson : is this xxx

official evelyn yt : I am earlyyy. 21st Like

Yeral Vargas : Drake's good, but not the goat.

Dreyou Dixon : Almost sound like X

Jake Bamber : So confusing

Joshua Medina : Drake is the greatest artist of all time huh? Based on what??????

First name Last Name : Nah clout is just clout

Morris : Drake the greatest of all time? 😂🤣

Wolfy_pawss : Clouttr

The Monopoly Troll : @Chillest Memes Yes! I agree.... Drake is the best artist of all time not and Michael Jackson.

ItzEvanFTW : I bet you won’t pin this 😉😉😉

s a s h a x b x b y : Uhh

loli : L I L B A R N A C L E edit: if you heart this i will post tf2 gameplay to my youtube channel

[MangoliCaveman] : I don’t think I want clout. Seems kinda retarded